Top 10 examples of niches to Make tons of money fast.

Finding Niche is to difficult, cause user dont know which type of blogging Niche related field is good to start a blog and make tons of money fast. Actually there are different types of examples of Niches and has different impact.

It depends on what type of Niche related blog you want to start, cause different blog has a different purpose it’s about your interest, what niche related blog you want to start that make tons of money fast.

But before starting a money making blog you have to find out What Niche has a great impact on digital marketing and what users searching for on the internet, for reading.

Let’s start with basic

What is blog & Types of Ideas for bloggers?

In the Digital marketing world there are plenty of information available on the internet about what is blogging, Types of blogging, How to create a blog?, How to be a successful blogger?

If you are trying to start up your blog, you have to understand the fundamental of the blog Which is too simple.

Actually blog is a platform where users come from different countries from different religions to find out Particular niche related information on your blog.

So it means your blog must have quality content and enough in quantity, that full fill the user wishes.

Starting a blog is too easy but to full fill your blog content space, It might be difficult, if you dont have deep information about that particular niche.

What is Niche? How to be a successful blogger?

If you are a beginner and just started your blog to make some passive income from your blog then first of all your Niche selection is very important to blog about.

It depends on your interest in Niches, How deep information you can gain and How deep information you can share with your audience through your blog.

Note – Blogging is not a one day game it took lots of effort, time and courage of patience to make it visible on the search engine.

In a short way or in Simple manner blogging is not an easy task “Along you stand with the courage of patience, Along you will get to see the best result to taste success”

Blogging Ideas or examples of Niches:

Before making blogs there are some ideas/tips Which you have to quickly look before diving to write down your first successful blog.

A blog for particular Niche Dont mix up your content with different Niche, Keep Separate your Niche related content to make it easy for humans and to search engine crawler to crawl your web page content.

Post constantly “Means” if you are a beginner you need lots of content to write down and if you’re looking for monetizing your blog through Google Adsense or other ad networks.

Then 30 plus blog post is good to start up, which make sense to the upcoming user to find interesting stuff on your blog.

Provide deep information that users can stick to your web page, cause how long-time users stay on your site your content bounce rate will decrease.

This means you have quality in your content and such content are google search engine friendly and helps to improve Website page rankings on google.

Types of blog or Topic for blogging or examples of niches.

Personal blog

A personal blog means that your content will be visible or to whom you want to see your blog.

And to create a personal blog you dont need to have a paid platform, there are plenty of free platforms available to start your personal blog with their subdomain.

Like -Blogger ,Tumblr,Wordpress .com ,reddit and weebly etc.

But you cant use this blog for a passive income, Cause these types of CMS (Content Management System ) blogs are not Money making blogs.

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Business blog

This type of blog Website is used for particular business purpose, Means these types of blog Seo content are to attract customer to their product or services.

All content will be in favor of their particular business product or services, What the company offers to its customers.

And these types of blog content are created in the manner of targeting a particular age, Group, language customer.

Professional blog

This type of blog are way to make money online, cause this type are blog are a different type of niche blog which are used to monetize by the ad networking platform and earn passive income.

It is a full-time carrier blog Means Professional blogger dont do any business for an out Source income, they have full-time opportunity to earn money through blogging.

Without any boundation, Stay continued with targeting an unlimited blog niche to create content and make it visible publicly.

Niche blog

This type of blog are particular Niche based blog, and has great impact on the blogging field, cause such kind of blog sites are high paying blog.

It depends on what type of niche related blog you are passionate about, Most of the cases this type of blog has a targeted audience and similar to a professional blog.

Want to know more ? in brief about Types of blog visit

I think you must worry about what type of particular niche will be best for blogging …..

What should I write About & What examples of niches are good for Making blog?

Writing content is not an easy task, and to be familiar with content writing skill you have to choose your interest based blogging ideas.

There are different types of blogs that you can write about, it depends on your interest what you choose to blog about.

Well as I mention before that blogging is not a one day game, you have to post constantly to drive visitor or you can say engage traffic on your blog.

Writing a blog depends on your selection of Niche and there are plenty of blog niche in which you can choose one of them to write up up your first blog.

Wondering what are those niche & how to select money making blog niche, Just move on to the below paragraph I have mentioned the top ten trending examples of Niches.

These are the top money making examples of Niches, Which help to earn passive income through your blogging depends on you what type of money making niche you select for your blog.

Actually blogging is a technique of art, which means it depends on how deep information you can provide to your audience related to your niche.

Let me lift you out

Here I have the top ten trending Niche Which will help you to make tons of money fast & help to find out what will be best blogging profitable examples of niches to things to sell on your blog.

Top ten money making topic of blogging niche to get blogging ideas & how make a lot of money?

In this blogging field, there are plenty of Niches to blog about, but all examples of niches are not profitable to make some passive income through your blog.

And make blog successful blog , Niches selection has a direct impact on your blog. Means if you blog about particular Niche that dont have enough audience or no more people search for that Niche.

Then those types of blogs do not belong to stand for a long time.

Here are Top 10 examples of niches to find out which will be the best Niche to start your blog journey.

Food and recipes blog helps to Make tons of money fast

This is an interesting blog Niche and one of the powerful blog niche and Google search engines have millions of searches per month about food and recipes blogging.

That makes sense, Who dont love to eat spice recipes and dishes.

If you are interested in food Preparation and love to share different types of recipes Preparation, then this Niche has one of the biggest money making sources.

Food and recipe example of niches

Personal finance money for cash Niche

Blogging about the Personal Finance niche is too cool, cause nowadays people are too curious about their financial problems and looking for budgeting to improve their financial problem and more.

People look for an online solution to get advice to fix their personal finance issues, monthly budgeting, and loan, etc.

Money Making examples of niches


Parenting blog Niche to earn money online

Parenting is a profitable niche and most of the female bloggers create a blog through targeting Particular parenting Niche.

And the best thing about this particular Niche is Audience, Cause Parenting Niche has great female audience all around the world.

It is too easy to target your particular niche related audience, cause you dont need to target category wise age, group or particular country.

Your content will beneficial for all the mummy from around the worldwide to get some parenting stuff from your blog.

There are plenty of product available in the market related to parenting,You can promote them & sell through joining the affiliate marketing program.

Parenting money making examples of niches

Self improvement Niche blog to makes lots of money through employment from home advice.

Self improvement has great impact in the blogging field, People are too curious about personality and have a motive to get an idea to improve their personality.

Cause People want to feel happy, satisfied with life and want to live a stress-free life, Nowadays there are plenty of users who want to make changes with self improvement.

And if you have a blog about self-improvement then you benefit with huge passive income through your blog.

There are plenty of videos, ebook, and other content delivery sources which will help to sell on your blog and earn money online.

It depends on you what type of information you deliver to your audience you can directly target Particular Niche or you can use Micro niche for the example given in the Images.

personality development

Diy and Craft blog is Start something now Money making example of niches.

Diy and craft is ongoing process Niche and in this niche, you can blog about Home decore, Outdoor, How to clean up your room,  house bathroom and what are the material to decor your wall, Kitchen, etc.

Actually there are many types of topic to share on your blog, It depends on you how you can go through the blog.

It is a good money making blog niche, Earning sources are available through affiliate marketing or through ad networking like – Google Adsense & Media net.

Home Decor examples of niches


Fashion Blog things to sell through blogs different trending products.

Know days blogging is in trend people want to know what are upcoming fashion products & what are in demand and People love to buy the product through online marketing.

There are plenty of eCommerce sites known for providing different types of trending products, Like – clothes, Pyjamas, legging, Marriage trending dresses and event dresses for men and women, etc.

If you have an interest in fashion then it will be good niche to select to start up blogging, there are plenty of bloggers who blog about Particular Niche and earns a passive income.

Actually this types of the blog are review based blogs and easy to write content in favor of Product and attract the visitor by providing them information about upcoming and ongoing offers.

Fashion related niche

Beauty blog best making money for cash Niche.

This blog has kindly different formate of blogging Means you can blog through this particular Niche In short form content Known as review based content or either you can share detail information, known as long form content.

In short content, you can promote any particular product through review based content and in long-form content you provide full detail information and matters and provide a solution to attract visitors to purchase product through your affiliate link.

If you have an interest in beautician and your knowledged is well based on beauty and Skincare, etc.

Then this niche will help you to grow your business online and also help to earn passive income through an affiliate link or through ad displaying network.

example of niches beauty blog

Travel Blog easiest Money making example of niches.

Just an awesome blog, If you habitual and love to travel all around the world then it will a great opportunity to start a travel blog.

And the interesting fact of a travel blog is you dont have to gain information from the internet. You have to simply blog about travel and tour duration, information about top places that you visit and like most.

The hotel restaurant, and famous stuff on your blog, no need to being an expert, just blog about what you see, what you think about, How to reach out, all detail information about your journey trip and their expenses.

Cause more often people plan to visit some particular to visit on a summer holiday or on a family trip for fun,  but not getting enough information they tie-up with some nearest place to visit.

Travel blog encourages people, to get a visit to your recommended places, Cause they get relief of getting some deep information about a particular place to visit, which help them to make good preparation.Travel blogging niche

Lifestyle blog easiest way to working for amazon from home & earn Passive income.

People are too curious about Style, People love to follow celebrities’ life How the look,  How they decor their house, their travel, and their living style, etc.

And that is the reason why this example of blog Niche is being competitive, On the digital marketing world you will find plenty of blogs related to Lifestyle particular Niche.

But if you have a unique technique to attract visitor to your blog,  Then this blog Niche Provide plenty of income sources way to make money online through your blog.

Cause there are many products available in the online market to sell, you have to choose one more product to promote on your site and provide an easy way to purchase product through your affiliate link.

Dont know how to start Affiliate Marketing visit the link How to start affiliate marketing and find interesting A to Z stuff related to Affiliate marketing and start making a blog that benefits you to earn passive income.

Dont have enough money to create your own money making a blog just visit the link blogging for beginner Here I have mentioned how to create a free blog to make money online.

life style blogging niche

Health and Fitness Blog to sell thing to make money online.

Interesting examples of niches, Cause people are seeking information from online internet to keep their fitness well maintain.

And if you have knowledge of fitness trainer then this Niche will make you lots of passive income sources.

Cause know days people are suffering from different types of health difficulties may it be weight gaining problem, Fatness problem, digestion and many different types of health issues.

And to find a solution they finally move on to health care instrument, that means people are too curious about health care.

People look or search solutions online through reading blogs and find interesting stuff related to them.

health and fitness niche

How making lots of money through the listed example of Niches?

In this post, you willget an idea that what are the Money making example of a niche that helps to make tons of money fast.

Note:- If you want to make money through your blog then you need an audience to make things to sell and for that high traffic on your blog, through the google search engine or other search engines.

Want to know how to improve your web page rankings on Google, You must have a basic knowledge of What is SEO and How it works ? & best practice to use keyword research tool & SEO tool.

Well through given examples of the niche are easiest money making blog Niche, You can earn through affiliate marketing or other ads displaying network or from the other tons of money making sources.

Keyword-based interesting Stuff 


In this post, you will get to learn What is a blog? different types of Niche related blog Which help you to make tons of money fast.

All given examples of Niches are high paying niche and have great impact on digital marketing people are too curious about these Niches.

You can use one of them and start your money making blog and earn passive income through an affiliate link, Ad displaying network or from other money making sources.

For any query or suggestion feel free to comment on the comment section box.

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