Keyword Seo for online business in 2021(Beginner’s guide)

Keyword’s Seo

Best SEO practice to do Keyword SEO for your online business and Product & service-related blogs or websites.

How to do Keyword Seo implementation for online business in 2021(Beginner’s guide)

Keyword SEO is the kind of tactic that nowadays every online marketer used in their content to improve their website webpage ranking by targeting a particular keyword (Main business keyword) and enggage more organic traffic direct from google search.

Well, there are many benefits of using keywords SEO tactics that every SEO specialist used to implement into their blog post while writing SEO optimized content.

And get listed on google search engine and other search engines with targeting focus (Main) keyword search terms. but before let’s talk about what are the keywords.

What is a keyword and it benefits?

We all know that all particular thing, the place has it name and we used that name to point out our calling purpose (Means a group of characters is called a word and that word describes the name of particular place or thing.

And on the internet or you can say in the digital marketing world (Name)of a particular thing is called a keyword.

Means a word and word phrases that describe the purpose of your blog content can be called keyword SEO.

Now Keyword SEO is the insight (impactful part of search engine optimization) and SEO experts use this keyword SEO technic to get listed on google search engine first-page results.

Well if you are a beginner in this digital marketing field you have to know how to find the right keyword for your product or services.

Cause audience used to take the help of search engines and other social media platforms to get info related to particular products or services.

And the search terms that visitor used on the search result to find their product or services related info is called a keyword (Search engine optimization).

The benefits we get using or implementing keyword and Sub keyword (Related word phrases {search terms} (Synonyms) that used instead of focus keyword.

Help to get more chances to rank on search engine Let’s have a look example of keyword Seo implementation.

Here in the screenshot of the Google search console, you will see there are more keyword and sub keywords that make your blog content appear on search engine search results.

Screen shot

Means the keyword and sub-keywords (Synonyms) are search terms that people used on search engine from all around the world and people used different type of word phrases and search terms to find relevant keyword related information.

It shows that well SEO optimize content has many possibilities to get appears on google search engine first-page result.

If the content is well SEO optimize or you can say a content that has better keyword and sub keyword implementation, empower the power of keyword density of particular webpage.

Important of keyword Seo

Running a business website is interesting but to achieve the purpose of your business website you have to know the importance of keyword Seo.

Website is the medium for your business to grow online to sell products or services in the digital marketing world, but the thing is most of the owners of the business website fail cause of not having keyword optimize content.

Well, there is more than two hundred ranking factor that helps to grow your business online and one of them is keyword implementation (A most important factor).

The truth behind every successful business website their content is SEO optimized with keywords and similar keyword word phrases (search terms).

Means people can find your business website not only by searching for particular keywords there must be more possibilities with other sub-keyword search terms to get find your webpages on the google search results.

And therefore many SEO experts believe that having sub-keywords on SEO optimized content provides more valuable content to the search engine.

That is the reason why they used keyword research tools to find plenty of relevant keywords and sub-keywords to implement on their blog post.

Here is the list of some keyword research tools that help you to find the right keyword for content marketing.

15 keyword research tools used by marketers every year.

Impact of keyword in Content

Keywords have a direct impact on your business landing webpages, which Means more keywords density more possibility to get appears in the search result.

But having more main keywords in your content may badly affect your audience to get a better user experience and also get the penalty from search engines.

And it may cause to drop down your web page ranking some where below the 100 page result.

So in case, you need to have keyword research tools that help you to find the more relevant similar keyword related to your main keyword.

And implement those keywords into the content in a suitable place that not affect your audience user experience.

Well, Google has algorithms that work with search terms, which Means google sort your webpages through crawling and indexing.

And make it visible to google user to show the most relevant result on SERPs.

If your webpage is indexed and having proper SEO optimized content that describes the search engine about the keyword (Search terms) can be used to make it visible in front of Google users.

In this process, keyword density plays a major role to tell the search engine that there are more similar keyword phrases that meet the audience search terms.

To improve keyword density keyword everywhere (keyword SEO tool) helps to find more relevant keywords by spying your competitor (Already rank for that particular keyword) content keyword density.

Here is the toutorial you might be interested and realize the power of keyword density,

Keyword everywhere cheap keyword tool review

Doing keyword Seo brings the possibility to increase the webpage ranking, Means how many time your webpage appears using keyword search terms from your blog post (It is count as organic traffic).

As you improve your webpage ranking and get listed on google,s search your organic traffic will grow rapidly, and the organic traffic is the relevant and genuine traffic (Whose intention are clear to get convert).

And that is the reason why Seo expert’s first priority is to focus on the right keywords (keyword that has low competitor, High search volume, and low Seo difficulties).

You can use ubersuggest chrome extension which is free to use or Ubersuggest premium Seo tool

Types of keyword that you might know.

We already talk about keywords and search terms, but different people from different countries use different search terms,

THIS means I am searching for (What is Seo) and a person from other locations from worldwide use search terms (What is Search engine optimization).

Here the main keywords are the same but search terms are used differently, three-word phrases, and five-word phrases (long-tail keyword).

Means there are short-tail keyword and long-tail keyword but there main (focus) keyword are same.

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Impact of short tail keyword and long tail keyword in blogging

Short tail keywords are the most valuable keyword and therefore these one-word or two-word phrases keywords are high volume search results.

And these keyword are highly competitive keyword (Means not easy to rank ).

But in other factors, long-tail keywords are specific keywords,(easy to rank), Cause such keywords are converting and user-friendly keyword that shows the visitor’s search intent and has a great search volume.

And the best reason to use long-tail keywords is that they have low competition and low SEO difficulties.

Means doing proper way on page optmization can also make your webpage visible on search engine first page result.

That is the reason why Seo expert and Affiliate marketers used theses keyword as a focus to rank for particular keyword search terms.

For example:- (Dog shop) is a short tail keyword and has a high search volume (Which is not easy to rank for beginners)

But Dog shop (Particular place),Bull dog shop,Dog food and madicine shop ,Variety of dog shop ,etc are the keywords directely shows the buyer intent.

Means customer intent is to have information ,Buying intent related to dog.

So having a high possibiltes of keyword seo provide a value to your audience and full fill their wishes about what they are searching.

Dose Using Focus keyword Multiple times bad effect in Seo

Yes, Implementing lots of the same keywords in your content bad effect on growing your webpage, Some times you can lose your webpage ranking on the search engines.

Cause in the eye of search engine your webpage get listed as a spammy keywords content and recognize that your webpage has no good user experience.

That is why Google latest updated algorithm foucus on E-A-T,

How to create content that google wants by Moz

Which shows the trust to be keept from website owners to their audience.

Smart way to do keyword seo research

I believe that having the right focus keyword and doing keyword Seo makes your content Seo friendly How to write SEO friendly content.

But finding the right keyword that easy to rank is too hard to find, but there is a smart way to find it easy to rank a keyword.

There is a Seo tool called Ubersuggest (Cheapest tool), Which provide a facility to hack competitor ranking keyword which are easy to rank and has low Seo difficulties.

Or you can search manually with the help of google where it provides a suggested list of trending keyword that people are searching.

Manually searching on the google search box you will see below of the search box there are more suggested keywords and at the bottom of the webpage there is a suggestion of LSI keywords particular keyword search.

Smart way to do keyword Seo in content

Well if you are a beginner then you should know how to implement keywords and sub-keywords (Synonyms) that not bad effect on your webpage ranking.

In my experience, your focus keyword implementation to your blog post, Not to be for impress google you have to focus to your audience need.

Means if you have quality content that visitor looking for then automatically they stay and spend a long time on your webpage.

And such kind of content behavior full fill the google EAT Process, Which is now mandatory for every webpage owner who are looking to grow their business online.

Well here keyword implementation in your content have to be fair to use.

Let’s have a look at how to implement keywords that helps you to grow your business webpage ranking online.

Smart way to do keyword SEO google and for other search engine

1-Using the focus keyword at the beginning or at the middle of the title tag, but there are myths, if you have a high authority website without a focus keyword you can rank your website.

Cause your content meta description help to understand the search engine what is your focus keyword.

Exp- When you search keywords everywhere Ahref and ubersuggest rank on top first page result their title tag are without focus keyword.As you see in the below Screenshot

Well, they have meta descriptions where they mention the focus keyword, which helps to rank instead of having a focus keyword in the title.

But as a beginner using the focus keyword at the beginning of the title tag provides an opportunity to easily get found on the search result.

2-Using focus keywords in meta description or you can say excerpt help to improve your user experience and also good effect and make it easy to search engine to crawl and index your webpage.

Having a focus keyword 2 times into your Meta tag or Meta description is enough to be safe in white hat SEO.

3-Using Keyword and Sub keyword (Similar keywords) for empowering your webpage content keyword density, well if your content keyword density is powerful.

You get more opportunity to rank your webpage from other other sub keyword that you have implement in to your business web page content.

This is the one of the great Seo keyword method that every Blogger ,Content marketer and Affiliate marketer must have in their content.

Cause Some time you choose the wrong keyword as a focus keyword, which Means a Keyword that has high search volume and high SEO difficulties.

But having keyword density of Similar keywords in to your content have the opportunity to rank for those keywords and increase more vistor to your webpage.

Their are free and paid Keyword tools that provide more suggested keyword Like (Ahref,Ubersuggest,Keyword everywhere,Semscoop and Semrush.

In my oponion use Ubersuggest Chrome extention .which is now alternative of keyword everywhere and free to use or you can use Semcoop which provide 50 Suggested keywords for free.

4-Using the Focus keyword into your first paragraph and the last paragraph makes your content search engine friendly that helps to easily get crawled and indexed for a particular Keyword.

Your main keyword is a focused keyword using more time in paragraphs may badly affect your webpage, If your content is long length content (1000 – 1500) then 7-10 keyword is enough.

Instead of the focus keyword, you can use the sub keyword to empower your content keyword density, but keep it user-friendly.

5-Using focus keyword in Heading tag is old Seo tactic and still have a direct impact to your webpage ranking on the search engine.

But the Myth is there are high authority Site that are ranking without implementing focus keyword in sub heading.

Cause they already ranking for cornerstone article that build a brand ,and google recognize it this is a brand of this particular focus keyword.

So it is not easy to understand google search engine algorithm,but as a beginner you have to foucus on implementing foucus keyword in sub heading.

And mostly in cornerstone (landing Page) article (Post or Page) Which keep you safe with keyword cannibalization

6-Using focus keyword in visual content help to get search listed on the search engine, Here visual content means like Images, video, and infographic.

Implementing focus keyword to visual content Alt tag and in Description more value your content and help to increase your web page search visibility.

But notice that implementing more keyword in alt tag may bad effect to your web page ,for example if you have 10 images in your content.

Then it is not necessary to address all images Alt tag with focus keyword ,You can use sub keyword (Similar keyword Synonyms) related to main keyword.

In my opinion, if you have 10 images then using 3 alt tag in images are fair to use, Make Sure that that first and last paragraph image has focus keyword Alt tag.

As a Seo advice

Don,t believe that having content with stuffed keyword makes it easy to improve your webpage ranking on Google or other search engines.

Write content for the audience and doing keyword Seo and internal linking to your other content is enough for on-page Seo if your content focus keyword has low SEO difficulty (Below 20%).

Then Promoting your blog on several Social Media Platforms helps you to increase your webpage search visibility on the search engine.