How to start Affiliate marketing beginner Guide 2020 ?

Affiliate Marketing is a platform where user share product link, .if any buyer purchase through your link, merchant pay some commission in your favor.

Perhaps you can say, Affiliate marketing is a platform which provides an earning source for a professional blogger or website owner.

You can also say that it is an online earning or making money online platform.

It provides an earning source to sell other companies or merchant products or services and earn a profit.

Via each and every product selling through sharing or promoting product links in your social sites or website and blog.

how to start Affiliate marketing as a beginner in 2019 ?

How to get a startup with Affiliate marketing in the Digital platform?

  • If you are serious about, how to work via the affiliate marketing field, the first thing you have to do is, doing research about your niche, select a product-related niche, you want to sell.
  • The next step is to find or research for the different Affiliate programs and products in which you have a command.

Attract the buyer to buy, via reading your review or content of the product you sell.

While having a huge competitor in online marketing or digital marketing.

it seems difficult to choose a right Affiliate program to tie up as an associate.

But the best way to use the right Affiliate program, which has to do some research to find out.

Affiliate services are the huge demand on the internet and provide a product at a reasonable price for the buyer.

Search what other users, which type of product link sharing on their campaign as an associate.

  • Now you have completely set up your, what type of niche you have to choose and which is the best Affiliate program services to tie up as an Associate.

Now your next step should be building a platform, where you can promote or your product link to get passive income.

There are many ways, where you can promote your product link Have a look.

Website building –

If you have enough money to pay, the website is the best platform, where you can engage in traffic via relevant visitors.

and easily promote or share a link via giving a reasonable review or with providing quality content.

Here enough money to pay means, that while building a website you need a domain name and hosting to buy.

There are many service provider, who provide a platform to build a free website and earn money.

But this kind of website identifies like a fake, people are not interested to visit such a site and ignore as a fake website.


If you don’t have any idea how to create a free blog you can visit through a link.

how to create a blog on blogger

(there are many subdomain service provider but I mention blogger platform).

After website, it turns to (subdomain provider)blogger

It is a great platform for the user, who is not capable to buy domain and hosting, Google provides this service as a free of cost.

where you can easily create a free blog and earn passive income.

But if you have the cheap amount, then you can buy a domain and add it to your blog Address.

and have set up with blogger hosting (blogger provide free hosting to use), it makes your blog look trustable to the visitor to visit.

Social media-

social media is the most powerful resource for traffic generating in the Digital market.

it provides a platform, which is free to make a campaign and engage traffic.

As an associate, you can share your product link on the social platform, which is related to your campaign.

But here you have to give a short review of your product, and why it is beneficial to buy.

just you have to convince the buyer to buy the product through your link.

Provide excellent content

Now it is time to get in touch with the targeted audience.

To engage traffic on your blog or website or in a social campaign.

First of all, always give a priority to write unique and quality content.

It makes a brand authority site for your niche or to your campaign.

Actually (content is a king ) so always provide useful and genuine information to your readers.

That visitors can find useful information from your site or social site for what product or service information, they are searching for.

Product reviews-

This is the most important part if you are willing to be a brand affiliate marketing associate.

While writing a product review, always be careful about unusual information.

Collect information, which is the latest updated review related to your product or service.

Product or services oldest update and latest update both are similar company products or services.

but the latest update should be in favor of the latest update by pointing out what new changes the company made with the new version.

and why it is beneficial and profitable to buy, comparing the older versions.
Point to be noticed

While starting writing content or review as an Affiliate Marketing Associate, your niche plays an important role.

You can find many companies that provide a product with the same niche.

so always be care full to don’t compare with the same niche other company products.

Always compare your product with company older product or older version giving a positive review(the older version was too good but new version welcome with new changes.

which is very helpful and too great according to new generation consumers/customers.

that’s it you have given the best attractive review to any buyer to buy your product.

and Automatically you built a great impression as an affiliate marketing associate.
keyword research.

While writing a blog content keyword placement is a one and the only key.

To tell the people that what type of product or services review you are providing to visitors or buyers.

How to do keyword research?

Here Keyword research does not mean doing scientific research for the keyword, the keyword is a simple tactic.

where you have to find the best keywords related to your content. Some point is given below have a look.

  1. first of all check the keyword, what people type on the search bar while searching the product.
  2. which type of keyword other users used to promote their product, which is similar to your product.
  3. SEO friendly or user-friendly keywords.
  4. Using a keyword, which has low competitive and high CPC (click per cost).

There are many free tools (google keyword planner, keyword every was), etc and paid tool(Ahrefs, buzz sumo), etc.

Writing an Evergreen content

Writing evergreen content basically has the potential for the information.

That will be always In his age and will be useful for the Audience for a long time period.

While writing evergreen content, research keyword, which value will be in lifetime period for Audience.

Before planning to write evergreen content, the most important thing is to carry out extensive keywords.

How to Build an Audience for a new site?

Building an Audience brings a great opportunity to be a successful affiliate marketing Associate.

Social media

First of all, you have to create or sign up for some social platform from, where you can engage in traffic and make or built a campaign to promote your blog or website.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and several other social media platforms, where you can engage traffic according to your Audience.

Building up a relationship with the engaged and interested following on social media bring great opportunity to bring relevant visitor on your site.

Once you get started with engaging traffic on your website or blog, you can promote your product link via sharing on a social media platform.

A few tips if you don’t own any website or blog, you can promote your product link in social media and earn passive income, when any buyer buys your product through an affiliate link.

If you don’t have any idea about social media marketing, then search on the internet just type.

How to do affiliate marketing with social media you will find a much more relevant website.

Where you can find genuine information about Affiliate marketing with social media.

Email marketing

Email marketing is in great demand and email list is crucial for every marketer to get engaged traffic for their business or company.

You can encourage your Audience to sign up with email and subscribe to your website or blog to get an update of the new post directly through email.

It is a huge benefit for products or services to promote on your website or blog and get to instant touch with the targeted audience through the email process.

Doing SEO (search engine optimization)

SEO (search engine optimization) is a process were every professional blog or website dream to see their post or content on a search engine’s first-page result.

While having a huge content-based competitor in the search engine, it had been too much stuff to rank on the search engine’s first-page result.

But if you have quality content in-depth then you can get ranking on the search engine first-page result.

For every blogger or content provider, the first priority is how to get in the eye in the search engine Algorithm.

Basically Doing on-page SEO and off-page SEO is the best way to a recognized search engine, that you have unique content information related to this keyword to the user.


Actually, this is a paid platform and useful for those Affiliate Marketer, who can pay the massive cost for advertising their site to increase visitors.

Paid advertising in social media is a good place where you can promote with paid advertising to your site and drive more traffic to a sale.

You can also use SEM(Search engine Marketing) if you have any queries about what is SEM then go through the link.

Overall we completed how to be an Affiliate Marketer? now start to get in Action.

Start to write a product review.

If you are a beginner and you are interested to be work as an affiliate marketing associate.

Then probably you have to be sure that you have deep information and knowledge to compare each and every other product related to your niche.

Your Site must be clear about your product, that what type of information and review a user can get from your site while visiting your site.

Your review should be in positive, that you can easily get in touch with consumers/customers.

How to write a product review?

Product review is the most powerful platform to engage with other visitors to introducing them.

which product is in a good performance and in bad performance.

Generally, you can give one or more product reviews from one site, but your review must be related to your niche.

While starting to write a review, first of all, select all or some products.

which is in trending and then selects one of product and starts to writing review.

Some type of review have given below have a look

Writing a brief concept based review

This type of review is generally written in mostly one or two-paragraph, with giving a star rating, mention the image of a product and a link of the merchant site.

While the user reading your review, click on the product image, it redirects to the merchant site dashboard.

Writing a brief description based review

Actually this a product interest-based review, cause, here the user can’t find all question answers.

It depends on the user’s interest if the user is interested in your product.

it will be redirected to the merchant dashboard to find more relevant information related to the product.

with clicking on the redirect review link.

Which product is highly recommended

Star rating performance, this type of review attract the user that how this product is performing.

and this makes the user more likely to get more information about the highest rated product.

Content-based review

Actually, the content-based review is the depth information review, where you have to provide depth information from start to end.

It gives a flexible root to enjoy reading for the reader to get more information about product review step by step.

You can also give two or three product reviews in one post and give a user a choice to select one of them.

Which is reliable to buy, for the same product from a different company, with showing images and placing product link and providing information about an updated offer or upcoming offer.

Does it seem that you have got enough information on how to start Affiliate marketing?

What is the Affiliate program to startup?

Pay per sale or cost per sale

Actually this a most powerful platform where you huge money with sharing or sending a customer to the merchant website.

If the client buys or purchases any product you earn revenue or passive income from the merchant.

Actually, various affiliate programmer provides a commission with some percentage and some of them provide a direct sale as a fixed rated commission in favor of, while any buyer purchases any product.

Pay per click or cost per click

In this platform, an Affiliate marketer gets a commission, while any client or user clicks on the link, which redirects to the merchant website.

It works as an impression when any user clicks on the link and stay at least thirty seconds on the merchant website.

No matter how much the user spends on the merchant website after thirty seconds you will get the commission from the merchant as they mention in the agreement.

Pay per lead or cost per lead

This a lead generating platform, here affiliate marketing associates paid for sending a visitor to the merchant website.

and sign up and fill up the information request form on the merchant site as a lead.

There are many affiliate program running on the internet, you can choose any one of them doing research and reading.

their agreement and review and find out is that useful to tie up with the affiliate program as an associate.

List of Top some affiliate program

  1. Rakuten marketing
  2. Shareasale
  3. eBay partner network
  4. Avangate
  5. Amazon .com
  6. Cj Affiliate
  7. Click bank

Although doing Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn revenue, it cause the affiliate merchant to offer an affiliate marketing platform.

Where you can sign up and start selling their product or service with giving a relevant and user-friendly review.


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