Siteliner review : duplication checker & free site explorer tool

Siteliner welcomes via an SEO tool that checks plagiarism explore duplicate content checker and the plagiarism checker that helps to improves your search engine ranking in google with crawling your web page content.

Revealing key issues that affect your speed, while indexing on search engine results. Siteliner is a free tool for checking plagiarism and duplication checker free tool and flag all corrupted and broken links.

And provide full website structure insight interface internal link and external links, check content duplication, etc, issues via particular URL in detail.

It is a very useful content duplication checker tool to improve your website page speed, Sitliner automatically scrolls down your website internal issues and shows inside hidden details.

You can use an online plagiarism checker site liner for free to use as a site duplicate content checker and known as the best content duplication checker tool.

For example – In your website duplicate page checker, which may affect your page speed (means bad effect for Seo.

siteliner SEO analysis tool is an advance updated external duplicate content checker tool .which shows redirect page and link, which are not indexable and block by Robert text file.

It provides one of the best features is that provides information about page power via a particular URL in your website details.

Siteliner additional features step by step Guide for duplication checker.

Nowadays most marketers are busy looking to grow their business in digital marketing and they don’t give too much time to improve or check out their website page speed.

But some of the marketers are too serious about their business website speed. cause they know that slow loading website page, slow down their business and effect to revenue and income sources.

As a blogger, we put more of our time into writing great SEO content and doing SEO and SEM framework, image setup, and doing an infographic to improve web page rankings on google.

And that why we need an SEO tool checker, which shows all interface features via separate and particular URLs to improve issues that going wrong and making your website speed slow.

SO siteliner is the best SEO tools to duplicate content finder online that explore your website speed ranking via immediate key features and the explorers that make you advance.

Additional Features of Siteliner

  • Duplicate content
  • Broken link
  • Page power
  • Report

let’s have a look at how siteliner features check content duplication in websites.

First, go to the search engine browser and search, you will see a dashboard where you can copy and paste your URL or submit your URL and click on go.

After submitting URL Siteliner it will automatically explore your website structure and analyze all the issues that you have on your website.

Siteliner website duplicate content checker online tool shows all details for a particular page like post pages, broken links, redirect links, duplicate content issues, and much more, etc.

It does not just scroll down a website it also shows a diagram of particular issues, that you will see in the circle infographic area.

where it shows each and every page’s issues separately and in particular page diagrams like indexable pages, redirect issues, robot text, and error of page links, etc.

Siteliner crawls down website issues and shows in the infographic in a circle of duplicate content issues. Sitelinear analysis all duplicate content, content, and unique content.

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Search engine analysis three types of Seo content

If you want to check the duplicate content look and after your website issues that having duplicate content, common content, or unique content. just click on the URL, which is shown in the down table summary.

It will redirect to the new interface, where it shows which content page used duplicate content, common content, and unique content.

And also show more related details and information about each and every single page details, which pages are having issues for inedibility in the search engine.

siteliner free check of plagiarism and duplication checker to analysis all website and duplication check details of each and every duplicate content, common content and unique content details separately and it also compare with other related website and shows the power of Keyword ranking.

Duplicate content seo checker

Content that is found in other places or another website, which matches one or more than one time on your website.

Siteliner shows the exact report detail of duplicate content matches on your may be your own content match.

Google doesn’t a penalty for duplicate content but it affects search engine page rankings on google for better understanding you can also read

Siteliner is one and only free SEO tool, which has such great quality that putting up an URL it automatically scrolls your websites and shows all issues of content, pages, redirects pages,
And much more etc.

Check duplicate content in website & Check copied content website

Duplicate content should be in your pages and in your post content and such issues make your website slow down in speed.

Sitlener shows the exact location for each and every post and page URL which has issues of duplicate content.

Once you submit your URL on the site liner search result box and as you click on go it scroll down each and every duplicate content issue inside your websites.

And those issues you can see in the summary left side on the table view.

You have to simply click on the URL which are listed in summary and showing duplication issues.

Siteliner shows the preview with title details on the right side that how many times you have duplicate common issues in a particular URL and the percentage of how many word match in your content.

For more details, you can see site liner guide.

Broken links

Siteliner analysis all website and explore all broken links, which includes in your post and pages on your websites.

its provide the exact report on which link is broken and corrupt and makes it easy to understand, where you can easily modify and make it better to increase your search ranking speed.

Mostly broken links are those links that do not exist on the web page and redirect to the 404 error .why it happens? sometimes when we customize or Re-submit URLs on our website.

The link is not properly linked to other pages and those links are corrupt and don’t show exact location or maybe error while deleting pages and posts and websites are no longer available.

Siteliner shows all broken links in one place where the siteliner Algorithm system automatically checks all website details and finds out which link has not in an exit or move to another place.

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Skipped pages

Siteliner scrolls all details about, which pages are skipped from your websites and are skipped for some reason maybe it refers to two or more pages with the same content with a different URL as a subdomain. Example:- HTML to

Such reason shows search engines that this content is available in more than other sources or maybe it looks like duplicate content.

Search engine skips those posts and pages in the search result, which have Canonical link element in post or pages URL for more information visit siteliner guide.

Related Domain or ( referred domain)

Siteliner shows your domain related subdomain. when if anyone searches for your website your post and pages, it redirects to your subdomain.

It is most important to scan all the subdomains on your site. Clicking on a row in the table and sets up a new scan for that subdomain,

Unless you have already scanned it in the past, in which case Siteliner will take you to the existing report for that subdomain. which you have entered in your site for more details read the siteliner guide on the official site.

Page result

siteliner scroll down all website details separately and give detailed information for particular each and every page URL.

To see scrolled pages result to click on the URL, which you want to check out detailed information to the box row in the site lines summary.

Where it shows details for all pages URL of the website is showing an error or having some issues.

Siteline shows Duplicate content

Siteliner shows duplicate content in your pages and exact report of duplicate content click on page URL for particular pages.

And you see the result of duplicate content and you will find that siteliner easily compares both or more pages that are having a duplicate content issue.

you have to simply improve your content by removing duplicate content from your site pages.

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Internal link in

Siteliner easily optimizes and scroll down the website’s internal structure and framework and sure that this link has interrupted and loaded more time to speed up your website in search engines.

You can click on the internal link which is shown by Siteliner and you will find all internal link which is broken or not linked properly on your post and pages sites.

Site  liner Shows Internal link out

Sitliner shows the details of interlink out, which Means outline from other properties, and those are corrupted or showing error and such issues are slowing your website speed.

The Siteliner provides an exact report with the title and broken links that are losing your website speed.

You have to simply click on the link, where it shows the internal link out is incorrect and automatically recognized and show in particular pages of post link which are showing an error.

Simply you have to improve your internal link out properly and make it visible to the search engine to rank your website.

Siteliner Show cached pages

Siteliner also so the cached pages, which are not indexed by robot text, actually sometimes by mistake of by your own self.

We no index in our robot text file some useful pages, post, tag, categories, etc. while setting up our no index pages to search engine to crawl your websites.

But site liner shows each and every post and pages power that has the capability to make your websites rank in search engines.

So clicking on the particular pages and post etc, you can see what pages are not indexed while creating and submitting your robot text file.

Siteliner shows all the results of your website to be used to improve ranking.

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Download option

This tool provides a feature where you can download sites report, current tables, and XML sitemap of your website in CSP or in Pdf file format.

Is siteliner free tool for plagiarism and duplicate checker for a website?

Siteliner which is the services of copy-scape becomes a very useful tool for every website runner no matter what type of website you are running.

It shows the accurate result of your website’s issues for each and every particular page which are making your website speed slow and Creating difficulties to rank your websites on the search engine.

Yes, this is a free tool, where it provides all Useful information for particular Websites and features to his free User.

but it also provided a premium platform where the user can purchase its premium plan.

Different between Sitliner free plagiarizing checker and paid premium User.

Actually, it provides a Free SEO tool known as plagiarizing checker to its user but it has some limitations the free tool.

Where users you can only see or access SEO tool Just for one time in 30 days but after 30 days you can again check your website issues detail.

But using a paid tool you can explore anytime 24*7 hours and check your website for full detail of issues.

As a free user, you can scroll down 250 pages of issue details but in the paid premium plan you can scroll down 2500 pages in time.

But I suggest that you always used a free plan and after some time if you see that this tool is a useful tool to improve and increase your website speed for SEO.

You can invest money to convert to the premium online checking of plagiarism and duplicate checker tools and improve your website issues that slow down your website speed.

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In this post, I have mentioned the free SEO tool, where you can improve your ranking with Siteliner free and premium paid tools.

And customize and improve your website issues and increase your website loading speed to make it light weighted smooth and visible to the search engines.

For any query or suggestion feel free to comment on the comment section box.