Top 20 Best blog sites list for beginners to create websites.

While choosing a platform to create the best blog sites for websites we get plenty of suggestions of CMS, WCMS, and Framework CMS.

And it seems difficult to find out which will be the best platform to start your blog sites or you can say websites.

Mostly there are plenty of platforms to create an awesome blog site to manage your Websites content, templates and layout.

But in this post, I have just mentioned 20 blog sites platform via a short description.

To get the right platform to create a blog site or website according to the business profile.

Let’s have a look at what I have for you?

Top 20 Best blog sites list to empower your blog via dynamic website (Info-graphic).

List of blog sites to create a professional and dynamic website.

Here are the list of some top used CMs (Content management system) to create an awesome blog.

Drupal –blog sites

Official sites-

Drupal is a content management system and one of the best blog creating sites.

Where you can create an outstanding and dynamic blog via using drag and drop features.

It provides a theme that lets you manage your content and presentation via flexibility.

Drupal is open source content management systems that provide free services to his user to use his dashboard interface.

You can get more than 2400 free community-contributed themes to use and free open source software that can be used by individuals, group and users.

Drupal is written in PHP languages and distributed under the G N U-General Public Licenses.

Drag and drop features to manage layout and site administration and Available in 100 languages.

It was initial release on May 18, 2000.

Operating system – UNIX like, windows.

A theme is more than 2,400 free community-contributed themes to use.

Developer (s) -Drupal community

Type –Content Management system.


Official site-

WordPress is one of the most popular open-source content management systems which cover 60% of the worldwide website.

It provides a platform where you can get thousand of a freemium and free plug-in to manage your site and to create dynamic and professional websites.

And using those plug-in you can extend the features and functionality.

To use word press platform you need to select a theme to present your websites or you can create and develop your own custom theme for your blog sites.

You don’t need to be professional in programming languages to use WordPress Dashboard and features.

And you can access via multi-user and multi-blogging.

Initial release on May 27, 2003, and contributed in PHP, HTML, and CSS.

Operating System-Unix- Like, Windows.Available to use as Blog Software, Content Management System, Content Management Framework.

Distributed under GNU- General Public Licenses.

Weebly-blog sites

Official site-

Weebly is known for providing a platform to create e-commerce and integrated marketing websites.

Actually, Weebly provides hosting services to his user to manage e-commerce storefront blog sites on the webserver.

And it is one of the most lovable hosting services for awesome features like- Drag and drops, automatically-generated mobile version blog sites and unlimited storage.

Weebly provides a platform where You can get professional Domain which ends via .com,.net,.org,, and .us, etc.

The initial release on March 29, 2006.and known as Webhosting Services.


Official site-

Wix provides a platform where you can create or build a dynamic website and facebook page.

It is cloud-based blog site to create websites related to culture performance, artist and business, etc.

Wix provides a free and freemium service to his user .where as a free user you can access Wix features via limitation.

It is known for its multiple features via online drag and drop tools to create HTML5 Websites and Mobile friendly blog sites.

The initial release in 2006 and provide a service for Website builder and web hosting services.


Official site-

Joomla is known as an open-source content management system that provides a simple interface dashboard to his user to create awesome blog sites.

It provides a third-party extension tool and thousands of templates to use free and provide a Directory of 8000 extension tool to manage or customize your blog site interface, design, and layout.

And working under the graphical user interface (GUI) to create or manage layout and other features like font and color etc.

Via including outstanding features like page caching and RSS feed etc.

And Available in 70 multilingual languages. Which is written in PHP and welcome via a cross-platform operating system?

And published in GNU General Public Licenses. initial release on August 17, 2005, known as a content management system, Content management frame Work.

blog sites list to empower your blog 1

blog sites list to empower your blog 2

blog sites list to empower your blog 3

blog sites list to empower your blog 4


Official site-

Blogger provides a free platform to his where you can create a blog and share it to Social Sites.
Actually, it is a Google product and Available in 60 languages.

Blogger provides free templates via outstanding design to create a blog via using Drag and drop templates editing interface.

It also provides a platform where you can create your own templates via using CSS.

You can create 100 blogs for a particular account and write an unlimited blog post for each and every blog site.

It is a blog hosting site written in python and Initial release on August 23, 1999.


Official site-

Medium is an online publishing tool where you can access via registering a sign up free Account to use this blog site platform.

To use this platform you need have to register via Google Gmail, Facebook or via email address.

Actually, it is a short blogging platform which is similar to twitter and tumbler in some cases.

And mostly medium platform is used as a Social, journalism and short magazine, etc.

It is an online publishing tool that was initial release on August 15, 2012, and Mostly known as a social media platform.

Ghost org

Official site-

Ghost is known as an open-source hosted blog site platform and written in a javascript language.

Actually, it is a cross-platform which is distributed under the MIT Licenses.

Ghost org is a proper SEO built platform that was initial release on October 14, 2013.

Square space

Official site-

Square space is blog sites that provide a platform and known as a publishing tool.

It provides a platform to manage or create a website and hosting and provide the best service for an online store or e-commerce blog site.

Which provides a platform to build a Dynamic and user-friendly website.

It provides a simple interface Dashboard platform to his user.

Where you can get features like Module templates, style editor, templates Switching, customize the content layout, and custom CSS, etc.


Official site-

Django is known as an open-source content management system to create a professional website.

And it is the one of the best content management systems (CMS) to create a blog site website For Marketers and Business leaders.

Django is known for his drag and drops features which have more flexibility to use and customize templates and layout.

And Django provides features SEO called an SEO tool.


Official site-

Penzu is a microblogging platform which is known as the cloud base Diary platform.

Where you can keep your all documents and short notes safe and private in a secure server.

It is mostly used for a blog site to create or build entries or upload images and share the post with others.

Penzu provides free and paid services to his user wherein a pro plan you can access via Customization features.

Like-changing font, color, and theme on your personal and secure website.

It is a blog site of Type –private diary and was founded in 2008 and available in App for Android and ios devices. best blog sites

Official site-

Svbtle is a blog site of blogging where you can read and write your thought as a writer.

You can get Svbtle blog sites to help you to get or generate Ideas and publish your thought worldwide.

Through Svbtle you can get writing experience and format your blog post via using markdown easy to use learn and write tool.

You can get an innovative Dashboard interface on Svbtle which provides a platform to the redesigned theme.

Webs best blog sites

Official site-

Web blog sites provide a platform to manage your website via web hosting services.

You can get access via a free and paid account or you can say it is fermium tools which provide a hosting service to host your website.

The best thing about is it provides a platform where you can create or design your website.

Actually, you can say it provides professionally designed templates that are free to use.

To use these templates you don’t need to do extra coding on blog sites. provides or you can say welcome via plenty of features services like –Domain registration, Web development, Web hosting, and online advertising, etc.

It was founded by key people David brown in 1999. best blog sites

Official site-

Jimdo is known for Web hosting Services which provide services in four free and premium plans.

Wherein free services you get free Jimdo services and Free Web hosting Services and in the premium plan, you get Jimdo Pro and Jimdo Business.

Jimdo is available in 8 languages like- German, English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Italian and Dutch.

It is one of the best blog site platforms for those users who are looking to create Online stores and e-commerce etc Website site.

And Available in Application Android and ios and was founded in February 2007.

Type Pad

Official site-

Typepad provides a hosting service where you can publish your blog site to the worldwide internet via using Typepad platform.

It is the most loveable hosting platform by the Organization and social media company to host their blog and commercial websites.

Typepad was launched in October 2003 and known as a blog hosting service.

16-Typo 3-

Official site-

Type 3 is an open-source content management system and also known as a web content management system to publish your blog sites.

It is known software for his flexibility of the one-click installation process. which was Initial release in 1998.

Typo3 is written in PHP and works as a cross-platform. it is the most useful content management and web management system to manage or build a small or large corporation.

It provides a platform where you can get the number of extension tools to manage your design and layout to create a beautiful website.

Released under GNU general public license and available in 51 languages.

Open CMS best blog sites

Official site-

Open CMS is a content management system that is Alkon software distributed under the GNU – Leser public license.

Which is Available in java programming language via java and XML platform.

Initial releases in 1999 and the open CMS software run via the web browser.

Open CMS provides a Drag and drop features to manage your website Interface Directly on the web page.

It is a cross-platform Publishing web browser-based content management system.

To use an open CMS platform you don’t need to be expert in coding languages.

It provides a feature to manage your templates or layout without coding via WYSIWYG editor.


Official site-

Dot CMS is known as a Java-based open source content management system and distributed under the GNU General Public License.

It was Initial release in January 2009 As an API Based CMS and Layout API.

The best thing about Dot CMS is it provides flexible features drag and drop to manage or control your templates and layout.

Actually, it is a cross-platform which provides a platform to remotely manage your Web content.
Available in Multilingual languages.

Kentico best blog sites

Official site-

Kentico is known as Web Content Management System Which was initial release on August 1, 2006, and was developed by Kentico Software.

It provides a platform to create a dynamic website for online marketing and e-commerce etc. via using Kentico awesome features.

And also offer a Web content Management system like-WYSIWYG editor tool and platform to create multilingual content.

Kentico offers five functionality Areas to manage Kentico CMS like- Content management, online communities, Intranet and collaboration, online Marketing and e-commerce blog sites.

Types of support CMS, WCMS, E-commerce, online marketing platform and distributed under licenses Free Edition, Proprietary.

Pulse CMS best blog site

Official site-

Pulse CMS is a software that is designed to create or manage a small website.

It provides a features WYSIWYG editor tool to edit and manage your content, Media Manager, Gallery, and Backup system, etc.

Pulse CMS is written in PHP and distributed under license of proprietary.

To use the Pulse CMS platform it required Apache and PHP 5 and pulse CMS doesn’t require a database it used a flat-file.

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In this post, I have mentioned some useful information about blog sites via a short description.

On the worldwide internet, there are plenty of blog sites or content management system to create a dynamic Website.

But I have mentioned some of them which are useful to get going via your new website according to your business profile.

For any query or suggestion feel free to comment on the comment section box.

The information source is from Wikipedia and other web research-based.

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