Answer the public long-tail keyword research tool for website.

Answer the public has a great impact to find Questionable and long tail type keyword and it has plenty of monthly visitors directly from the search engine.

If you want to find relevant and more suggested Questionable keyword to express your content visibility on search engine then Answer the public free keyword research tool make it easy.

Actually, this keyword research tool is now going viral on the digital marketing world,

Cause of having a good performance result and easy to access features with the user-friendly dashboard.

Nowadays long tail keyword is having a great impact to get your content visibility on search engine results and have huge space in the search engine to get going your content to indexed.

But Now long tail keyword is growing a huge list of the competitor and, that’s why now it too hard to get the right long tail keyword, which exact match to your content., cause of having a huge list of long tail keyword.

And in this situation, you need to get the right keyword tool like “Answer the public” which is just only build to create a Questionable and long-tail keyword within a minute.

No need to find an extraordinary Keyword research tool, where you have to face plenty of formalities like register or sign up to get to access this free keyword research tool.

And that’s why I trust Answer the public free keyword research tool and find plenty of suggested Keyword ideas.

Let’s have a look,

Answer the public info graphic
Answer the public free seo tool

How to use Answer the public to build a strategy to find relevant keywords?

To use this tool you don’t need to be techie guy or expert in languages, Answer the public has a simple interface dashboard.

You have to simply put your keyword on the Answer the public search query box and click to search, and halt for a minute to upload all suggested keyword.

It will Automatically scroll down plenty of keyword ideas within a minute, and you have to just find out which keyword will be relevant for your content.

And the best thing about this free tool is high uploading speed and responsive site, where you don’t need to stay in queue and feel boring to get the site to upload your data.

“Means” some time while having access with free keyword research tool, we can’t get to upload and refresh keyword idea,

Cause of having huge traffic on that particular site and shows error uploading.

And in this case Answer, the public has thousands of daily searches but you can’t get to face “slow loading ” and “site not found” such kind of issues.

Actually, there is plenty of brand keyword research tool like answer the public and upload faster in your browser.

But they don’t provide a free service to their user and their charge is very costly to use.

Here Answer the public also offer premium features to his user but also provides a free platform to do keyword research. but the features are limited.

In the free platform, you will only know or you can say find the relevant keyword, but you can’t get to access to find target country-wise keyword idea.

Cause these features are the premium plan, if you find Answer the public keyword tool beneficial to find a suggested keyword idea, then you can go through the premium plan.

Here is the Answer the Public suggestion keyword idea you get to access using a free platform.

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How does Answer the public visualises your keyword?

How to use Answer the public

Answer the public provide a free and premium platform to his user and to use this tool you have to open Answer the public official site –

Once you open the Answer the public have to simply put your Keyword in the search query box and click to search.

It will Automatically show the full list of suggested keyword ideas related to your searched keyword.

And the best thing about this keyword is, you will get the result in five different formates, which is good to get those keywords, which help you to improve your content Heading and Keyword density.

Here are the Five formats of working method, which Answer the public support to generate keyword ideas.

  • Question Keyword
  • Preposition keywords
  • Comparision keywords
  • Alphabetical keywords
  • Related keywords

But to get an accurate result for any keyword you need two more free keyword tools to find search volume, CPC and competitor details.

1- keyword everywhere –

Keyword everywhere is free keyword research and known as the extension and add on tool, but it is only useful for those users, who used chrome or firefox browser.

Actually, keyword everywhere is helpful to get an idea to find Keyword metrics for any particular, to learn more about keyword everywhere you can go through the link.

Keyword everywhere free keyword research tool to empower your keyword density.

And the best thing, Keyword everywhere supports Answer the public Dashboard .”Mean” you will get the Metric of search volume, and CPC in the same place and in the same dashboard.

2- Ubersuggest –

Well, ubersugest is known for finding suggested keyword but recently, It has been updated with new features and known as ubersuggest 3.0 SEO tool.

And to Know More about it go through the link, that How It helps you to build an Awesome strategy to increase your search visibility on search engine.

Ubersuggest free keyword research tool to find suggested keyword idea.

How to set up Answer the public to get the search matrix of any keyword?

Here Answer the public doesn’t provide any features to get the accurate result of any keyword “Means” like Search volume, competition details, and CPC.

And to get the search result of any keyword you need to add chrome extension tool Keyword everywhere, as I Have Mentioned in this Article.

Once you set up keyword everywhere as an extension for chrome and add on for Firefox browser, your work is done. it so simple.

And once you properly set up your extension, you have to return to the Answer the public “Home page” dashboard and reload your site in your browser.

Now you will get to notice that you have the matrix of search volume, and competition at the front of a particular keyword, which is shown in the Answer the public dashboard.

Actually Keyword everywhere support to Answer the public, which helps this tool to be more user-friendly with their user.

But these matrices don’t show the accurate result of any keyword, volume, CPC and competitor, You have to check out other paid Keyword research tool or use free keyword research tool like a ubersuggest tool.

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How to find long tail Keywords with using Answer the public Keyword research tool?

keyword tool for relevant keyword idea

This is a great question, cause of its name Answer the public people are to confuse with its name and it works. Actually, the first time when I used this tool, i directly put my question in the Answer the public search query box.

Then I realized that it is a tool that helps you to know those keywords, which are questionable, and as I put my keyword I get plenty of questionable keywords.

And the best thing about this free keyword research tool is, you don’t need to get to premium or pro plan your all work will be done with free access.

Once you put your keyword in the search query box, you will see plenty of keyword ideas in five ways” Means” if you need a question keyword you will see those keywords in a different part.

Actually, this free keyword research tool helps you to find a keyword in different phrases with separate visualisation and data and work in like five different word format.

Which I have already mentioned in the upper paragraph.

But if you are looking to find a keyword with the targeting country, then you have to use a pro plan of Answer the public, to get more benefit of this tool, which costs 99$/monthly for the pro plan.

Here I don’t suggest to use pro plan, cause there is plenty of opportunity of free keyword tool in this digital marketing, why don’t you use some beneficial and free keyword tool.

Like ubersuggest and keyword, everywhere, which are great and trusted tool from the user in this digital marketing.

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How Does Answer the public benefits?

After all, this is a very simple and very beneficial question, as a user, we want to know the beneficial part of any tool, that how it could be beneficial for you as a user.

Here Answer the public stands for a beneficial part that it provides a platform where the user can use those features free of cost.

Actually while using this free keyword tool, you will find a long tail keyword in different phrases and in different visualisation and data like

1-Question,- Here you will see all questions in the long tail keyword, which benefits to get your title idea, Heading ideas and other Keyword ideas for subheading, etc.

Start with- When, Where, How, Will and which etc

Q&A keyword research2-Preposition- Help to get more access with your content keyword density, Actually, you can use this tool to improve your keyword density or choose as your Title, heading and subheading etc.

Start as can, is, without, for, to and near etc.

prepostion keyword finder

3-Comparison – This partition help you to get keyword idea of comparison phrases, and which help you to create comparison content between to fact.

 comparision keyword finder screen shot

4-Alphabetical – It helps to define keyword Alphabetically with image option.

Related – It shows the accurate result of the keyword, which will be related to your main keyword. which Keyword you type or search on Answer the public search box.

Answer the public Alphabetical screen shot

5- Related – It shows the all related keyword for that particular  Main keyword.

Answer the public Alphabetical screen shot

Other benefits of Answer the public free keyword tool-

You will get the benefits of two ways to see your keyword idea.

Visualisation- You can use these features when you want to see your keyword idea in the image.

Data –These features help you to get to see your keyword in data and image but the image is optional, you can hide this image and only see the data.

Note- It will more benefits you, if you have the extension tool on your browser, cause It help you to find relevant Keyword an easy way.

“Mean” you will see all data in front of that particular keyword Like- CPC, Search volume and Competitor.

And the best feature of Answer the public Keyword tool is, you can download  all keyword in an excel sheet with the help of CVC Download, which you get on the upper right side corner.


In this article, I have mentioned some information related to Answer the public, and How it benefits to find a long-tail keyword for your content?

And How you can use other useful Keyword tools to get more benefits from this long tail keyword research tool?

For queries or suggestion feel free to comment on the comment section box.

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