How to do long tail keywords research to improve content search visibility?

Yet long-tail keywords synonyms have their own impact and trustworthy to use it and make your content visible on search engine first-page results.

But as I say it is trustworthy, It means more of the competitor are already using such kind of tactics to improve their website ranking.

That’s why while finding long-tail keywords idea you must focus on those keywords, Which has a great impact on the search result.

And for that you need to do Seo keyword research, Actually, there are lots of free and paid keyword tool but it’s difficult for a beginner to start up With a paid keyword research tool.

Cause,it seems to be costly and Some times it takes a month to understand its features, Which benefits your business to grow online in Digital World.

But if you are interested and have enough money to spend on a long-tail keyword generator tool, then you can to try out with Most popular and trusted paid tools like – Ahrefs, Buzzsumo, and Semrush.

Actually, there are plenty of paid tools in this digital marketing Which help to find out long-tail marketing keywords.

But even you can use their free services with limited keyword research or for limited period .but there are also free keyword tool which helps you to find out best long-tail keyword.

Want to know about those freemium and free keyword research tool. Don’t worry, In this post, you will get all the information in a short description.

About those keyword tools Which help to increase your website search visibility on Google search engine or other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, etc.

But before you have to know the types of keyword and how to find those keywords Which makes sense to your content.

Let’s have a look

Best practice to find long tail keyword

What are long-tail keywords synonym and How Does it effect on the search engine?

As you enter in Digital marketing to grow your business profile in the digital world, you will hear a synonym of Word called a keyword, and lots of information Avaliable on the internet.

What is a synonym? ,What is search terms? How to use keywords synonym to implement it in your content? How to grow your business with Seo tools? etc.

Actually, there are plenty of Queries and information left behind and are available in the search engine from Digital marketing expert.

And after all, at last, we get to notice that it is an Intent of Search terms to find relevant information for particular keyword synonyms (Any Product or services)

Here is Some Intent of keyword synonyms that User Use to do keyword research.

Types of effective keyword and long-tail keywords to get benefits to SEO your business.

Effective keywords synonyms identify –

Are those keywords synonyms identify define your product or services branding and most commonly used by the customer to get that particular product or services directly through searching that particular keyword.

Like –

The keyword synonyms identify defines any product exp – Best I phone to use.

The keyword synonyms identify and customer, age, group exp – Best I pad for children.

The keyword synonyms identify geo-target particular place exp – Best I pad that provides an English translation facility or Best I pad mostly used in Us.

The keyword synonyms identify the intent of targeted Keyword exp – Best electronic product for sale.

Long-tail keywords synonyms for uses –

Long tail keywords are that keyword Which is mostly used for brief search and has more than two-word phrases synonyms for uses  ,Made by effective keywords.

And are used as the main keyword for Product, customer,geo-targeting, and intent or you can say theses types of keyword mix part of effective keywords.

These are the types of keyword help google search engine or other search engine crawler to crawl your Website insight Content Audit and features Like Onpage SEO and off-page SEO, Seo content and Site Structure, etc.

Actually, according to SEO expert Search engine Work within 200 SEO factor Method to empower any Website search engine ranking.

Want to know what are those SEO factors you can read one of the best SEO expert Backlinko (Brian Dean ) blog post, which implements all those 200 SEO ranking facts.Google’s 200 Ranking Factors: The Complete List (2019) and pointed out the most important SEO fact Which one should be used before publishing their content.

Here are some search term keywords Which are similarly used for a particular keyword.

Exact Match Keywords synonym.

These keywords are those type of keyword Which are directly use for one-word phrases in the search term and known as a short-tail keyword.

And has high search volume, high CPC and high Competitor percentage for that particular keyword and not too easy to rank with this type of keyword. Example (i phone, i pad)

Phrases match keyword synonym

Such keyword are Long tail keyword synonyms Which works on word phrases and has three to a five-word combination of word phrases synonyms.

And has (Low or high) search volume, (Low or high) competitor With high CPC.

Example ( Best i Phone to buy, Bestselling I pad in the US)

Negative keyword match types content synonym (Suggested Keywords)

Theses keywords are those keywords Which have different search result in different Manners for any Particular keyword search terms.

Means Some times when we search or type any keyword synonyms on the search engine, you will see a different result in different manners Like – Information about any Product or Services.

Such keyword are Misunderstood keyword content synonym Which omitted by the search engine cause of not having an exact match keyword synonyms result.

Example – keyword for (Name, Place Name, etc)

You will see different results While searching with this type of content synonym for search and for that while using this type of key phrase content synonym to search always used long-tail keyword.

Like if you search for any Name you have to implement Why it is known for example – Neil Patel for a digital marketer, Answer the public for a keyword research tool, etc.

Notable Point – If you looking to grow your digital (Product or services) business online, you have to implement key phrases for what your Product and services content synonym is known for and a particular place (locally or globally) to your business profile.

Types of key phrases synonyms Used in Short term and long-tail search term

  1. Suggested keywords – These keywords are those keywords synonyms which we can use instead of main keywords
  2. Main keyword – Mostly theses keyword synonyms are used in a respectful manner like- in Url structure, Title, Meta description, Heading and image Alt tag.
  3. SEO keyword – Theses keyword synonyms are higher ranking in the search result, which Means those keywords which are highly competitive keyword synonyms and has great Search volume.
  4. Google LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords- Theses keyword are the latest search interest keyword which we get to see at the bottom While searching any key phrases on the search engine.

Here are Some effective Long tail keyword synonyms generator tool. Which make easy to find out those keywords Which help to increase your search intent.

Even you don’t need to try or test other paid keyword research tool, all wishes will fulfill through theses free Seo tools. just you need to give some effort to do research.

Google exact match long-tail keywords Synonyms generator tool.

Google Autosuggest long tail keyword finder-

google Auto complete keyword research tool

This tool has it’s own impact and known as autosuggestion tool, actually, It provide a platform where user can find out more than 100 long-tail keywords synonyms idea with different suggestion keyword synonyms.

But this Auto suggested keyword doesn’t provide features Where you can analysis search volume, CPC and Competitor list.

And to get metric you can use other keyword research tool to find detail information related to any particular keyword.

Like – Google adwords , Keyword planner ,Google suggest auto complet .

Actually, this keyword tool service provided by Keyword tools dominator, Which is free of cost but to use this tool you need to go with sign up Process you can do 3 free research.

And the best thing about this tool is, it provides an easy to use with a simple dashboard and suggests more than 100 plus keyword synonyms in one search terms .and feature to download those keywords in CSV format.

Google Autocomplete tool for long-tail google keyword synonyms for uses –

google auto keyword generator

As the name shows, It is one of the simplest ways to find long-tail keyword synonyms related to any Niche, actually, this is a niche-based search term tool.

Which we used while typing or searching any niche keyword synonyms for a search result on the google search engine.

And google omit all similar and related keyword synonyms in a long format or you can say in long-tail keyword format, basically, this keyword is an auto manipulated keyword.

This shows the intent of search term and it benefits more When you ad Keyword everywhere chrome extension on your search browser.

Cause google auto-complete doesn’t provide any detail information of any keyword and to find rich long-tail keyword it necessary to add on keyword everywhere chrome extension.

Synonyms google LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Long-tail keyword search term-

LSI google suggested keyword

Google LSI Keyword is known as Latent Semantic Indexing but I used in my wording Latest search Intent keywords.

Actually While searching any Niche related keyword synonyms google on the search box or voice search at the bottom of the web page we get to see some different search terms for particular keyword synonyms.

And it shows 7 or 8 related keywords synonyms, which are the LSI keyword or you can say google recommended an Auto-generated keyword within search terms.

Seo keyword tool for the long tail keywords finder

Keyword everywhere –  long-tail keywords Analysis tool

keyword everywhere for long tail keyword

keyword everywhere has its own impact in this Digital marketing world and well known from beginner or entrepreneur to how to get benefits from this tool.

And to Use this tool for long-tail keyword you have to set up your keyword everywhere account (How to use keyword everywhere).

Next search for a keyword synonyms on google search box and open one of the top-ranking sites, once done right click your mouse and select inspect this page.

You will see that all keyword synonyms appear on keyword everywhere dashboard and on the right side bottom there is a search box.

This helps to find out word phrases, you have to simply select 3 or 5-word keyword phrases synonyms and click to search.

You will see all searches of long-tail keywords that particular content synonyms rank for, it also helps to empower your content keyword density with this method.

It is one of the best tactics I used to find out long-tail keywords for my content for a brief and detail information visit the link.

How to use Keyword everywhere to improve Content keyword density.

Ubersuggest – Long tail keyword suggestion tool to increases synonym.

ubersuggest for long tail keyword

To find a long-tail suggested keyword the best keyword suggestion tool I used is Ubersuggest, Cause it helps to find out a low competitor and high search volume keyword.

And the best thing about this tool is, easy to use and more trustable to find out accurate search volume, CPC and competitor Backlinks data.

Which is helpful and easy to use instead of other free keyword research tools to find new keywords and keyword lists.

Actually, ubersuggest was known for keyword suggestion tool, but now it has been all in one SEO tool with awesome features Which you get to see from paid or you can say from premium research tool.

Want to know more about this tool in brief and detail information visit the link.

Ubersuggest: Best free all in one Seo tool to empower website ranking.

Answer the public long-tail keywords Synonyms research tool

 Answer the public long tail keyword generator

I think most of we familiar via this tool, that how it works but if it seems new to you, you can read the full guide of answer the public through the link

Answer the public is a keyword visualization tool via an awesome dashboard, Where an old man looking for you to type to visualize your keyword synonyms.

And provide a 5 different Different format long-tail keyword phrase synonyms.

Actually, it is a tool, which is known for its own features and the best thing is, you can’t see such kind of features in other free keyword research tools.

If you want to know in brief information about this tool visit the link.

How to use Answer the public keyword visualisation tool to get long tail keyword idea ?

Freemium long-tail Marketing keyword synonyms tool

Such a freemium tool provides a platform where user can Use it with sign up process and some tool doesn’t frustrate to their user With Sign up process.

And Provide a user-friendly dashboard with easy to use features.

Semscoop – long-tail keyword synonyms generator tool

semscoop for long tail keypharses

Need to sign up

Semscoop is a freemium keyword synonym research tool but you can access your email and get 5 keyword research within 24 hours.

And for that, you have to simply sign up with this tool to get access, and once you have done you will get to see a dashboard.

Where you have to type your keyword synonyms and you will get 50 suggested keywords with using it free platform and the best thing about this tool is.

All suggested keywords synonyms will be in a long format keyword via search volume, CPC, and competition details.

Actually, it is a long-tail keyword generator tool.

If you get this tool helpful for you or if you want more keywords to find out, you can use their premium package.

Keyword Io long tail keyword search tool

long tail keyword generator keywor tool i o

This tool has a great impact to find short tail or long-tail keyword and most of the digital marketer believes that it is an alternative of google adword.

Cause google adword and keyword Io work with google autocomplete and that’s why both show the same result in detail information.

Actually, Google AdWord is not easy to use for the non-techie guy but it is the most effective keyword tool to find keywords for ads targeting for the PPC campaign.

keyword tool Io is very simple to use, you have to simply log in with your email address and it will redirect to the dashboard.

Where you can type or search your keyword with targeting specific language and country and click to search.

And it will show all auto-completed suggested keywords but remember that it is a freemium tool that doesn’t provide full detail information. but help to find a long-tail keyword idea.

Keyword keg – long tail keyword pro tool

keyword tool by google keyword keg

This is one of the best keyword tools, which I like most and to use this tool you need to sign up and once you sign up it will redirect to the keyword keg dashboard.

Actually, this tool has different features where it shows detail information about any particular long-tail keyword.

Suppose that if you find full details information of any keyword Like- World volume, World cpc, World competition, World value of the particular keyword.

Even it shows the on-page SEO difficulties, off-page SEO difficulties, keyword power and much more details information, which benefits to easily find out your rich keyword.

But it only shows 10 suggested keywords in free format, but that is enough to find a long-tail keyword.

If you need more detail information you can purchase their plan to see a more suggested keyword with detail information.

Long tail keywords impact

Loing tail keywords Help to improve your content serps on search engine ,No matter what type of used you used this long tail keywords tail.

It help for all internet marketer  – Get Keywords idea for your blog ,Paid search ,Cost per click ,Ad group and for Seo content strategy to see organic traffic on webmaster.

Find More Keyword Match Interesting Stuff Through Contextual Advertisement

Conclusion –

Most of the time I thought to use a paid keyword research tool but my first tactic was to find out the way to get with a free keyword tool Which helps to generate a long-tail keyword idea.

Actually here long-tail keywords idea not only stand for your main keyword to place in Title, Description, and Url .you also need to find a long-tail keyword to improve your content keyword density.

And such a kind of long-tail keyword has special strength to empower any content Seo strength and improve Search visibility or serps on any search engine.

For any query or suggestion feel free to comment on the comment section box without any hesitation.

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