Off Page SEO techniques to improve old post visibility on search engine.

Off page SEO techniques that help to improve the Search engine Google Keyword impression and boost your hidden post ranking on google search engine.

What about If I say there is a technique that helps to brings your old post back to google search result page.

Well, we all know that to get a higher ranking on Google is an SEO technique, the game of On-page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

And both work as different from each other but their main role is to improve page ranking in google.

Hold on Here I am targeting Off-page SEO technique, But If you want to learn more about On-Page SEO technique Visit the post link here.

What is Seo and How It Works?

Nowadays Everyone (Digital marketing or Internet marketer ) needs is to rank high on google and get a relevant visitor to their blog.

But most of them succeed to get positive results, Cause they try some different SEO techniques over and over again to rank high on the search engines.

And Others who stuck between search engine page result, Stick to Same SEO technique and that is the reason why they don’t see a positive result.

Here I have a GSTL (Google Spider Trap Link) technique.

This technique I used on my website and I found that In Search console, I was slowly improving more keyword impressions with the targeted keyword.

Off page seo techniques

How I Get GSTL Off-Page SEO techniques Ideas for My Website?

Actually this idea came in mind when I was using media net ad which is a textually based ad networking platform Want to know or want to join it.

When I click on media dot net ad I found a list of different Url which were related to the same keyword.

Now I have Plenty option to get keyword related result, Guess what, my mind totally change now I want to open all URL in new tab.

It was just like a spider trap that spits glue all over to attract visitors.

To find out the best information related to my keyword, this was an amazing tactic to trap the audience which was created by media dot net.

So I found a way, to generate a spider trap link and, well I give a name Google spider trap link (GSTL).

Well, I was also a beginner in this digital marketing and was stuck between the 200 SEO factors technique and don’t understand what SEO technique will do better.

But later on, I come with an idea and analysis that many bloggers and website owner share their landing page Url and Particular post or Page Url.

On their Social media profile to engage visitors to their website or blog.

Definition of a blog.

Actually we all know that from a thousand impressions we get to see half of the user engaged with your post or website.

And from half off users, we get 3% to 4% Click on our website.

Means If you provide a link where users can find more related information to your particular keyword, then you can improve more clicks.

For example:-

I have more than 10 post that tells about dog products, Suppose I link one of my posts to my social profile to engage the visitor to my website.

And get a 3% to 4% CTR rate, but what if I link a Particular Keyword category page URL to my social Profile and trap 3% to 4% visitor to find more related content.

The benefits you get from this technique is you can engage 2% more traffic from your CTR traffic to your other related post.

Means your CTR increase to 5% to 6%, Just guiding your audience to find more Content On your website.

This is why I called this (Spider Trap) Off-Page SEO technique.

How the spider trap Off Page Seo technique help to engage more traffic to your website?

Well, this Spider trap SEO technique is complected with it in itself, Cause it is a broad container of internal link and external link, Suggested Post Url and Page Url.

Which are Connected with each other to Particular Post Or Page Url?

Actually this type of technique is fare to use, and google also force such kind of content to rank high on the search engines.

Mean,s having traffic from this Google spider trap off Page Seo technique not only provides a signal for particular Url to the Search engine.

Note – (Don’t use this GSTL Off-page SEO technique for paid traffic source)

But also force and improve other related keyword impressions from your content to get noticed by Google search engine or other search engines.

How spider trap off-page SEO technique benefit you?

Actually this off-page SEO technique help to empower your content search visibility on google search engine and other search engines.

It also helps to value your social business profile, Means your content will be seen as the most valued content from the particular social platform.

Well, we all want to rank our website post and page to get benefits to find relevant and more organic traffic to your website.

But the cause of plenty of blog post and page publishing per day make difficult to google search engine or other search engines.

To rank any new website Post and Pages on the search engine.

And that is the reason why we don,t see any organic traffic result within 6 months to a year.

But Spider trap SEO technique helps you to get instant traffic to increase your keyword ranking on the google search engine.

As you can see In the screenshot

off page seo techniques

What is Google Spider trap link off page SEO technique?

Well, It is a kind of trap that attracts an audience to get a closeup look to more related content direct from google search list.

For example – When we published and promote content on social media, the particular Post or Page Url to engage more traffic to our website.

And when the user visits your post or page it finds keyword related content but inside content, there are related topics internal link and external link.

This means you have a trap for your audience to attract them with other keywords related information.

If your content reflects the particular keyword related anchor text in your link, the User will click to get more information for a particular keyword.

Note – ( This trick is more useful if you have an attractive and engaging title tag, and Content that reflects the title tag )

Remember that we are forcing search engines to improve content search visibility on the search engines.

Means your content must be, User friendly, free off plagiarized content and (Seo Content).

How does GSTL Technique work to empower Content search visibility?

Well GSTl Off Page SEO technique is easy to use, Cause Here you don’t need to focus on implementing Schema mark up, rich snippet or other 200 SEO factors.

But they are the SEO ranking factor which is used to attract google algorithm to force website posts and pages to rank high on google search engine.

Here is the example with a screenshot.Search console impression

When I used this technique I found that spider link trap technique Impact directly on search console.

Actually, when I used this technique I found that all visitor visit through that particular link was counted as an organic search and see plenty of keyword impression on search console.Off page seo techniques search console result

This tactic hit in my mind and started to create a spider trap link to my old post which were just increasing number of a blog post on my website.

Note- Before I create a Google spider trap link I update my old post just adding more characters and include some internal link on my blog post.

Tactic to update your Old post

Well to update your old blog post is easy, even editing comma to your blog and making it publish named as an update.

But this technique is useless no matter what you edit to update.

Cause google is smarter and it has already indexed your post or page URL structure in search console, your minor changes don’t affect to impress google.

Here are some key points to update on your blog post.

Title –

You can change or replace your post title with another one.

Description – Make Changes in your description adding a new word and removing old description words.

Word count –

Implement more words characters not less than 288 characters.

Heading tag – Make changes in your heading tag or adding Some extra heading tag + 288 characters.

Keyword –

My Best Updating technique for my blog post is implementing More Suggested and related keywords in my Title, Description, In Content, Heading tag.

Actually I love to empower my content keyword density to force more keywords to get in search results.

Means more keyword, More impression means, More chance to rank keyword another related search.

Want to know how to empower content keyword density Here I have a good return post visit the link

Note – Before using this technique, Checkout that your blog is submitted and indexed in search console.

And share this link on Social profile, to attract my audience with GSTL off page SEO technique.

The result I saw in search Console was positive, and all visitors were counted as organic search.

Here are more Suggested Post to read .

Let’s have a look

Search engine Impact on Digital marketing. 

How to improve Webpage Ranking on Google?

How to use this Off-Page SEO technique?

This technique is very simple you have to generate links and with the help of any URL shortener, make URL user friendly.

First, include this google search link ( com/search?q=) with your particular keyword post URL Which you want to rank for.

For example — My post that I want to rank is https://www.example. com/example/ and when I link this URL to google search link.

It will look like this way ( com/search?q= https://www.example. com/example/) to make it a short link I use bitly.

That’s it know you have created Google Spider trap link (GSTL) It time to Promote your GSTL link to your Social media Profile.

By creating eye catching images that attract the visitor to by pass through GSTL Off page SEO technique.

off  page seo techniques

Note- This Off page SEO technique only works on Social media platform, Or Maybe Some Social media platform doesn’t allow this type of link.

Like -Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest ( Cause twitter and Linkedin work as half search engine and half social media but Pinterest work as a search engine)

For better use of this link, you can use buffer or other social media management SEO tools.

GSTL off page technique works better if you promote well in social media and attract visitors from different I P Address to your website.

When did you see the positive result?

After promoting the GSTL link to Social media, You will see positive results within 15days to 1 month, It depends on the competition of the keyword.

And how many visitors you get engaged and let them pass through the GSTL off-page SEO technique.

If you don’t have too many audiences on social media platform you can join Facebook group threads there are many available.

In my suggestion” the blogging association “is one of the best group thread, It also helps you to easily get approval from media dot net add networking site.

How to measure the keyword progress report?

Don’t know how to check out keyword ranking.

Here I have an easy to use tips for you.

Let’s have a look

First go to open your chrome browser, type your keyword on the google search box.

And at the below of search box click or open setting and set up your search display to 100.

search ranking of keyword

Now you will see the search browsers will show 100 URL of ranking pages.

To check your ranking just used control+F for search keyword and at the upper of the search box, you will see a new box opens.

Type your website URL, If your post position is in 100 your URL will be seen if not you will listen to a sound that shows mismatch found.

Conclusion –

This Post is more helpful for them who has stuck their old post below 100 pages or 200 pages.

Note – don’t use this technique for newly published content, it,s good to go with 6 month old published content.

Cause I never used this technique for my new published blog post.

Actually I am working on it, If it works,s better I will update this post with adding new tactics or just released a new post related to GSTL off page SEO technique.

If this off-page SEO technique works for you, Or it looks,s interesting to do experiment please share with others and subscribe to blog to get the latest update direct to your mailbox.

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