What is a search engine that stand for website of google?

As a beginner, the first question hit in your mind that What is a search engine and how does it work to make content visible for a particular keyword and How anyone can Improve ranking on the website of Google.

Actually google search engine webmaster has google’s algorithm to define keyword and keyword synonyms .

Related to Seo content to make it visible when any user search on the website of google through targeting a particular keyword and search terms.

Google webmasters algorithm work in different factors of group seo: For example – White hat SEO, Grey hat SEO & Black hat SEO.

But the SEO that impacts directly to improve web page ranking is On page SEO and off page SEO and Known as a content optimization SEO factors.

There are Google 200 ranking SEO factors Which impact to make content visible on the website of google’s search engine results but 20 out of 200 are known for well-optimized content.

Do you are beginners and get stuff between 200 ranking factor rumors, then this post will help you if even more time you have tried to improve the ranking of a website.

Seo content are empowered to rank on the top on google search engine rankings, which Means well SEO optimized content has the priority to improve ranking or web page rankings on google.

What is search engine How it works

What is the meaning of SEO?

What is the meaning of Seo? In the Digital marketing world, there are different type of defination and descriptions of Seo.

But all-purpose are same to make content visible for page rank in google search engines and for google search users.

SEO, define the purpose of webpage content with targeting keywords,Synomnys Search terms ,Search Intent , and one word or multiple words pharses.

That users use to Search queries or enter the website name and keyword to Google search engine or other search engines to find interesting Stuff direct from the website of google search engine.

What is Search engine optmization|What is Seo|defination of Seo|

Seo is also known as search engine optimization and it used to make or optmized Website seo content & website structure user friendly and search engine friendly.

It is used for content optimization and if your content are well SEO optimized google search engine webmaster crawler crawl your website and index it to listing in google search console.

And make SEO content visible for a particular keyword related search terms, When a user searches or enter website URL or search targeted or suggested keyword for particular content-related information.

During the process of crawling search engine crawlers crawl the whole website insight data structure ,Internal link ,Backilink .

Image Alt tag ,Title tags ,Meta tags, Inbound links, Back links ,sitemap and anchor text  with targeting particular keyword & keyword synonyms.

And indexing web page content in the search engine google webmaster or other search engine.

To make it visible in search listing to serve information with finding the Search terms and search intent that user search on the website of Google.

How does Google search engine work?

Google search engine has a direct impact on Local Seo and Global Seo ( SEO  blog On-page SEO and Off-page SEO ) to make SEO content visible on the search engine list.

Where on page optimization is known for well-optimized website insight structure and data structure to make it user friendly and search engine friendly to let’s google browser or other browser renders your web content easily?

And the other side off-page SEO is known to provide a social signal and other off sources that hit the particular content and provide a search signal to the search engine .

That helps to boost blog traffic and improve website page ranking on the search engine list.

Seo is defined by on page SEO and off page and both play an important role Where on-page SEO improves the website user experience and lets it Optimized for the website of Google.

The web site of Google stands for machine learning & for the better human experience.

But after all, its a machine that works with some search metric, Which is known as a Google algorithm.

Each search engine has a different search algorithm but their main purpose is to find the intent of a particular keyword pharses matches data stored in SEO content.

During the crawling prosses, It not only searches the intent of a particular keyword, but it also matches the particular keyword related suggested keyword and keyword synonyms to define SEO content.

How to do website search engine optimization?

If you are a wordpress content management system user then you can use Yoast SEO plugin which is a helpful plugin to optimized your whole website in an on page SEO manner.

But in a simple way, search engine crawlers start crawling your website on page SEO content structure from the title and end up with the HTML closing tag.

So to Optimized your content, your first intent should be to show the intent of your content “Means” adding your main keyword in Title, Url structure, Description, first Paragraph, between the subheading, In the middle of a paragraph and at the ending paragraph.

Your keyword in subheading must reflect the intent in the paragraph and to this, you can use suggested keyword and synonyms to improve page ranking in search engine results.

Cause website of google crawl and index content with matching keyword, sub keywords and keywords synonyms and pharses in your SEO content.

And index it for search engine listing by category wise and make it visible during user search for particular keyword related information on the website of Google.

So that is the reason why most of the SEO expert advice that main keyword implement in your web site content is the most important factor to improve Serps page rankings on google.

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What is Seo and How it works?

How improve SEO & rank top on google search?

Seo is an on site and off site effect of search engine optimization, and as I mentioned before some key points of SEO optimization in the paragraph.

Website of Google Algorithm looks after Some other fact of a website, for example, a website structure, Page speed,  Mobile friendly website, user-friendly website structure, and https, etc.

Actually google Algorithm has 200 ranking factors to rank any website SEO content on the website of Google.

But we can’t focus on all the seo factors cause some SEO factor is automatically driven by the content management system, for example, website structure and layout, etc.

How google search sites before showing results?

Website of google serves information with targeting keywords, Sub keywords, long tail keywords, and keywords synonyms match content to their website search users.

It depends on the user intent to search phrases and synonyms of any particular keyword match content.

That’s why when we search for any keyword we not only find particular targeting keyword related information, also get some suggested keyword related information.

Cause google search engine shows the best result for a particular keyword and suggested keyword matching information Which users used to search on the website of the search engine.

Actually, While google crawler crawls any particular page content, it checks out all keyword and suggested keyword synonyms and index it to a sperate category wise.

And make it visible when any user searches or type particular keyword and keyword synonyms to find the information directly from the website of Google.

That we call as as a organic search or organic traffic source.

How to do website search engine optimization?.

In the Digital SEO marketing world, everyone wants to know how to improve SEO that helps to increase web page rankings on google.

Actually there are different types of strategies that website owners use to optimized there site, but all strategy doesn’t give a positive result even some time its bad effect on your website.

Well, there are some focusing strategies that never changes and the website of google gives priority to rank the website if it is in SEO optimized manners.

Here are some search engine optimisation tactics that users can use to optimized their website content in SEO manners.

7 Factors of group SEO for Search engine ranking.

There is 7 Most important fact of a group of SEO or seo strategy that helps to improve your SEO content and make it visible on the search engine list.

Let’s have a look

Crafted Url

Craft a user-friendly URL before publishing your content with implementing your targeted keyword, cause such kind of user-friendly URL help to improve and convert the content into an SEO content.

Which are user-friendly and understandable to google crawlers to get index fast your web page content.

Description –

We all know that description is one of the main parts after Title tag and URL, which has been shown in front of the visitor from the direct website of google.

So while writing your discription always mention your main keyword one or two times with a user-friendly compiling description.

Which show the exact intent of your content that visitor gets while visiting your website.

Title tag

Title tag always has a great direct impact on visitors, so writing a compelling title brings the opportunity to attract more visitor to your website and also help to improve page rankings on google.

H tag

H tag always helps to recognized search engine crawlers to match the intent of your SEO content and also helps users to find interesting stuff in user-friendly manners.

H tag helps to separate your content in heading formats, and such kind of content is not only well-optimized by google but also improves your content user experience.

So while writing your subheading always mention your main keyword and sub-keywords, if you want to improve your page rankings on Google search engine.


Nowadays image visualization has a great impact to improve content user experience in your text-based content, Cause users to love to see visualized content with images,  Pictures, infographics, etc.

And so for that providing a particular address means Pointing keyword in Alt helps to get visitors from the image search user.

For example, Pinterest is a search engine that is known for image searching people love to search information through targeting keyword.

And that’s is the reason why you have to address your images, pictures with targeting keywords to get a search on any search engine search list.

keyword density

Improving your content keyword density not only helps to improve your targeted keyword ranking, but it also helps to get the benefit to get search listed from other keywords.

Means Google doesn’t only show your content in search results if your content shows the intent of some other keyword related to your main keyword.

Google Push your website to get search listed from other keywords, So that is the reason why keyword density is the most important part of your content.

Suggested keyword

A suggested keyword is related to your main keyword which you can use to improve your web page user experience and also such kind of suggested keyword increase your search visibility on the search engine.

So while writing your content dont forget to implement suggested keyword in your subheading and in the between content, but always remember dont stuff too many keywords that bad effect on your content user experience.

These are the basic tactic which you have to look after before publishing your content publicly and for the search engine of Google.

Actually google search websites Which are well SEO optimized content and direct show the intent of particular keyword related content to pagerank in serps.

And Google Puse those websites on the top of the ranking website of google search engine.

Conclusion :

In this post, you will get to learn basic knowledge of what is search engine? How to do search engine optimization and how one can boost the web page ranking on the website of Google.

If you are a beginner and dont know what are the basic process of search engine this post will help you to that how you can easily rank your website blog on the search engine.

For any query or suggestion feel free to comment on the comment section box.

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