How to Write Seo content that improves website google ranking?

Do you ever think that More than million of Seo content blog posts are published per day, but some of them hit on search engine ranking, And Some of the high Domain Authority sites rank their blog post within a week?

What do you think, Having a high domain Authority site, can make any blog post easy to improve Google ranking, or it is the impact of Seo content.

Which are well SEO optimized content and their site structure capable to get Google crawler or other search engine crawler to easily recognized what type of information related site it Is?

Actually, if you want to make your business profile to improve on the internet world, then you must focus on two facts, which are always important to grow any online business.

1- Writing an SEO content, Means content that is well optimized via readability to get More readers to engage and spend more time on your site. (For Audience )

2- SEO optimized Site Structure to improve google ranking. (For search engine Crawler)

Both tactics are important and play a great role to get any Site content to empower their search visibility on any search engine. Like Google .bing and yahoo, etc.

Best Practice of SEO content

Seo Conntent

Here are some important fact, One should focus on While Writing a Seo content to improve Google ranking or other Search engine ranking.

Let’s have a look

1 – Create content for the targeted audience.

Create Seo content

While writing content you have to focus on the targeted audience, and for that, you need to do research within three steps.

Rich keyword research-

search your main keyword to the search engine and other Social sharing platforms to find out what Audience are searching for and what type of keyword or what type of word phrases they use to search.

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keyword tools to empower your content Search visibility.

You can take the help of a social media platform or CMS platform Like Tumblr, Reddit, Mix, and Quora, etc, to find out, What type of keyword Audience use to get information.

And find out those keywords which are mostly used within the search term and create a Seo content that fulfills your Audience wishes.

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Audience research –

Seo content for Audience need

Doing Audience research is one of the most frustrating works to do while having a new blog and looking to get more visitors on your site.

Actually having a huge competitor list on any topic bring more opportunity to the Audience to find out the best site to get their information.

And once the Audience gets the stuff helpful from your site it converts into the regular reader and looks more from your site to deliver.

But to find out your Audience, you have to make your Seo content visible on the platform where the audience engages to find out interesting stuff.

And for that, your content should be Available on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, etc and also available on Social media platforms Like facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, Mix, Quora, Twitter, and Linkedin, etc.

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Relevant Topic research –

While writing an SEO content you need a trending topic, and for that, you can take the help of (google trend) Which helps you to find out What topic related content will be helpful for your Audience.

There are other platforms Like Pinterest and Quora, Which help you to find out the Most valuable topic related to your keyword Which are in trending.

2 – Seo content that helps the Audience Need

As I mention in the upper paragraph there are lots of content published every day but Google ranking only improves if your content is helpful to the Google user.

Actually, you have already heard about bounce rate, Google is too smart and it only focuses on those content, Which has a low bounce rate.

This means if you have high-quality content which fulfills the Audience’s wish, and the Audience stays connected for a while time until they don’t find out what they need.

And such kind of engaging content always has a low bounce rate and higher google ranking and in other search engine rankings.

So Always write content that makes sense to the visitor and offer the best stuff quality content to engage more traffic to your site.

3 – Write a Seo content Via good readability.

Readability is one of the most important facts, One focus while publishing content to engage more visitors on your site.

Quality content with good readability is always seen on search engine first-page result, Google loves such kind of content to deliver to the visitor.

Actually while searching on google for any key phrases, there are lots of quality content, which suffer to improve their google ranking.

Cause of having a low readability content and high bounce rate.

What, if you do plenty of research to provide brief information and none of the visitors engages on your site, Its frustrating.

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4 – Seo content Via Brief information

Brief content help to empower your content search visibility on the search engine, Cause such kind of content is engaging content.

Audience love to get all information in one place and stay tuned for a long time, which help to slow down your bounce rate.

So always focus to write content with brief information, which has a sense to your Audience.

Actually, there are two types of content

Short-form content – 300 Words to 800 Words

Long-form content – 800 Plus Words

Both are valuable but in different manners.

Suppose that if you write content about any mobile devices then you will only focus to write the content of those particular devices.

And your content must be in short-form content but your content is valuable to get google ranking Cause you provide brief information for particular Mobo Device.

But when you Wright about particular brands Like Samsung Devices then you will focus on all particular Devices that Samsung has known for.

And for that, you need depth information of Samsung product and long-form Seo content to empower your google ranking.

5 – Seo content via images

Writing a brief content is not enough to engage the visitor on your Site, Nowadays Pictures, Screenshot, Infographic, and Images are too causal to use to make your content user-friendly.

Actually, images and pictures visualize your content in front of the visitor, and screenshot and Infographic help the user to understand the content purpose with good readability.

And after Pinterest (Work as an Image Search engine) Popularity, It has been the most interesting part to optimize Seo content via images.

Cause visitors love to use Pinterest to find interesting stuff With images, Infographic, and Pictures.

And Google too is highly focusing on ranking those content, Which is well SEO optimized content with Pictures, Images, screenshot, and Infographic.

6- Avoid using Duplicate Content

Your content is a king of your website but it needs a platform where the visitor can find your site. And for that, your content must be unique content.

More often it has been seen that high quality and Well SEO optimize content fail to empower their google ranking Cause of having a Duplicate content.

Actually, Google doesn’t pay penalty as removing your content from the search result. But it let down your google ranking behind, and if you are ranking behind then there is no chance to an engage visitor on your site.

So that why Avoiding a Duplicate content Make free your Seo content to improve your ranking on any search engine.

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7 – Improve internal link 

Internal link Is Best practice to keep your Audience stay More time to your site and improve your Pageviews and keep engaging on your site.

And it is the best practice of On-page Seo, It Seems crazy that how it helps to optimize on-page Seo.

Actually, While Any search engine crawler Crawl any website Seo content, it looks more friendly to the internal link Cause link already has submitted and indexed by the search engine.

But While interlinking to your Main content, You Must check out link are Working properly, Cause having an error link on your site its bad effect to your ranking.

And also make difficult to Search engine crawler to crawl and index it on search console to appears in search ranking.

8 – Suggest other informative sites via an external link.

External linking is one of the good effects of your Site and also helps to improve your content user experience.

Actually, Internal link and External link both have a Great impact on Site structure. Well, Internal link redirects to another Content, Which you Prefer your Audience to Sicky on your Site.

But the external link is what you prefer your Audience to visit other Sites out the door. So It is more important to

Link trustable Site Which is good for Audience and related to your Seo content, Cause external link flow trust from your Site to other redirecting Site.

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Conclusion –

Here in this post, I have pointed out Some Important points for Seo Content, Which help to empower your website Google ranking and other Search engine ranking.

For any query or suggestion feel free to comment on the comment Section box.

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