15 Powerful Social media platform to Target your Audience.

Day by day social media platform is growing Network on Digital Market and people are engaging via the social network on their daily routine good morning period till good night.

And that brings great opportunity to the business marketer and Affiliate Marketer to promote their product and services on the social media platform.

To get going your business on the Digital marketing platform and increase your brand awareness via social services on publicly.

Know days we found business owners use many social media marketing tactics to increase their brand awareness.

And many product and service providers used particular social media platform experts.

Who can look after their social media daily performance, how it is working, were their ads appears, Audience needs, etc.

But how do we know this type of social media platform is good According to your business.

and where and how you can know which is the best social media platform to get to start up.

In this post, you can find the best social networking service, related to your product or services to promote to increase your brand awareness.

Therefore you have to aware of, types of social media while choosing a social media platform for your business promotion.

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Types of social media platform to engage with your targeted Audience

  • Social Media Networking Platform–(Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+), etc
  • Microblogging platform – (Twitter, Tumblr), etc
  • Photo image sharing platform-(Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest), etc
  • Video sharing platform-(Youtube, Facebook live), etc

These are the social media platform where you have to select, which social platform is good and profitable according to your business.

And you can easily promote your business with targeted Audiences locally or globally, according to your product or service.

Social media list to promote your brand and Startup

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In the Digital World, we find plenty of social media platforms, where you can promote your business product or services.

Cause know day people are more familiar with social media on the internet.

And we find plenty of social media platforms, which are providing social services, where people are engaged via sharing multimedia.

But know a competitor is growing too fast on the internet, and we find plenty of websites providing social media services.

And that is making a huge crisis on the internet, and so, it is not easy to choose, which platform is good and responsive to your business.

Here are some lists of social media platforms, which are trustable and in huge demand on the internet.

But here I am just talking about or mentioning some of useful social media platform, which is in huge demand in people around the internet world.

Facebook Social media platform

This is a platform which known among people around the internet world and has plenty of active users.

Many users are born and growing younger in facebook generation and teenagers, older age are active users.

Where they share what’s going on their life and daily update with a new thought.

Facebook is one of the most widely used social sharing platforms around the internet world.

Where people use this platform to communicate and share their thought, images, video click.

And chat via relatives, friends, neighbors and unknown friends locally or globally.

Which are far away from their reach, but they communicate with each other easily.

Facebook provides a business platform, where a businessman can promote their product and services.

Increase their visibility and brand awareness to the target audience, age, group, language locally or globally.


Facebook was founded by a student of Howard University Mark Zuckerberg and his roommate friend Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes.

It’s an online social media platform and a social networking platform.

And it was launched on February 4, 2004, in America and based in California (United States).

Active user

Worldwide approximately 2.23 billion monthly active users are on Facebook.

And more than 1 billion users are active on face per day via sharing their activities.

January 2018 statistics show that first place leads of the Facebook user are from India 270 million and second place is held by the united state (U.S) 210 million active users.

Research –

Know days business owners or business marketers are avoiding facebook to use for their brand promotion.

And searching for other social media platforms after leaking a news facebook data scandal.

That faces book sell user information and data to the other third party. https//www.bbcnews.

Twitter Social media platform

It is the second-largest used platform, which is known for blogging and publicly user is active with sharing short messages.

The active user used this platform to communicate with sharing the short message to the targeted user or publicly.

It also provides a platform were business marketers use this platform to promote their business profile, product or services.

And engage with a user about their needs like social media news, Actress interviews and tweets, celebrity activities, technology-related information, upcoming gadgets review and upcoming motor vehicle review, etc.

Plenty of information, tweets, celebrities’ movement, product, and services information, etc are available on Twitter via daily updates.

And providing such a platform twitter is one of the lovable social media platforms on the internet world, after Facebook.

It also provides flexibility to register and unregister users, were register users can read and write comments/tweets.

And UN register users can only read, that what is going on Twitter and it also provides a multilingual language to their user.


Twitter is American social networking which provides a platform were users get engaged with doing social networking, news tolerating and microblogging.

It was founded by American citizens Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Bizz Stone, and Evan Williams.

It was founded near about 14 years ago in 21 marches 2006 and officially announced to launch on 15 July 2006 in America.

First, it was started with some fix limitation to tweet not more than 140 characters but on 7 November 2017.

It welcomes with new updates and doubled it for all languages except China, Japan, and Korean.

Active user

The latest update of the Twitter user is approximately 68 million to 69 million users.

Via more than 336 million monthly active user on the world-wide internet in the survey report.

Quarterly in 2018 after facebook, twitter second-largest active users on the internet worldwide.

Mostly the United States is leading with 72.3 million active users and holding first place and second place of twitter users are from Japan.

Which are approximately 50.9 million active users? India is on 7 positions with 10.1 million users on the worldwide internet.

YouTube video sharing platform

YouTube is a video content sharing web-based networking service, were used this platform for uploading and watching videos.

Actually, it is a subscription-based channel, where users subscribed channel to an updated video related to their interest.

To use the service of the youtube platform, the user needs to sign up and register for a channel.

If the user wants to create a channel, the user has to give a channel name and start to upload video content and make it publish or save it as a private video.

Youtube has a strike rule for copy write content material after a 3-time warning.

It suspends your channel to 3 to 6 months or suspends for a lifetime. For more info YouTube user guideline.

Youtube provides a platform where the user can upload videos or watch the video by using specific keywords.

Here you don’t have to target audience with age, group, gender, locally or globally.

The audience automatically engages with your channel, when they search for a specific keyword related to their interest.

The best thing it provides a platform of suggested video content related to your keyword in the sidebar.

YouTube offers a wider variety of user-generated videos like corporate Industries, social, industries and film industries, and News, etc.

It also provides a user-based platform, where the user can create a channel and share, promote a video, video clips, music videos.

Education and technology-related video etc. except copyright material.


Youtube is an American society was founded by former PayPal employees, Chad Hurrey, Steve Chen and by Javed Karim.

According to Alexa ranking, youtube is the second most website based and Mobile app social networking service.

This social networking services launched on February 14, 2005, near about 13 years ago.

YouTube was bought by Google Inc in 2006for 1.86 billion.

Youtube user uploader hold the copyright (Standard youtube license) and also provide a creative commons content.

Which is free to used content material and you can share publicly.

Active user

YouTube Active users are approximately 1.9 billion monthly visitors and the daily active users are across to 30 million-plus.

That is a great achievement for any social media networking field services.

80% of users are from outside the U.S and 62% of users are male. And 50 million video content creator is on youtube.

Linked in Social media platform

LinkedIn is a professional web-based and mobile app social networking services sites.

It is especially Design for professional communication for B2B, B2C, and carrier job, etc .and worked as a freelancer.

Its main purpose is to connect via other business Associates, client, and colleagues, and engage with other prospective users.

It provides a platform where the user can share, click, comment and connect via other users.

It has a text limitation where a user can write not more than 13 00 characters.

But publishing capabilities don’t have any or no limitation of words.

Linked in is a register-based platform, where the user has to sign up first to enter in linked interface dashboard through Gmail or Facebook.

It provides a paid services platform via Additional features, where the user can see how many users have seen their profile. And also see their accurate location etc.


Linked is generally known as professional social networking sites and provide a website and mobile app-based services.

It is American social networking services, which is located in California.

This social networking service was founded by PayPal employ Reid Hoffmen, Allen Blue, Konstantin, Guericke Ericly, Jean Luc Vailant.

It was founded on December 28, 2002, and was officially launched on May 5, 2003.

Linked earning sources are from allowing companies or industries to advertise on linked in the site.

Linked was acquired by Microsoft in 201 6 for $26 billion dollars.

Active user

LinkedIn users are across 200 countries via 500 million-member reports in 2017.

The United States holds first place with 128 million users and second place held by the united kingdom via 35 million.

And third place held by Brazil across to 25 million registers active user.

Pinterest Image search engine

Pinterest is a web and mobile app-based social networking company, which works via a software operating system.

And developer according to discover or collect information from the World Wide Web.

And It provides a platform where the user can share and upload using separate pinboard Images, photos, GIFS video clips, and videos.

It is well popular worldwide via sharing Art and craft, fashion, style and e-commerce images.

It is one of the fastest-growing social networking sites, where users are joining this platform to publish their ideas.

And business marketing-related information and engages via other visitors on the worldwide internet.

It provides a platform, where registered and unregisters user can visit but only register users can upload and share on their pinboard.


Pinterest is known as a web and mobile app-based social networking site and founded by Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp Ben Silbermann.

It was launched in March 2010 and it provides his services to 27 countries.

Its interface is too different from other social media Networking sites on the worldwide internet.

Where the user has to pin pictures and upload their own recommendation to their pinboard.

Active User

Pinterest across to approximately 200 million active users monthly which show how Pinterest is growing his popularity on the worldwide internet.

70% female users and 64% active users are under the age of 34 and day by day it is growing.

And that’s why product and service providers are more active with the Pinterest social media platform.

United state holds first place with 38.62 %, Brazil holds second place with 7.65 % Active user.

And India holds third place with 4.85% Active users, which is great for any social media Networking Services.

Instagram Social media platform

Instagram is growing its network worldwide on social media networking.

And his performance is mind-blowing people are engaging and sharing Instagram to their relatives, friends, college mate, roommate, etc.

Encouraging them to join and share with others and connect via following each other.

Upcoming day’s Instagram will be the one the most popular social media platform on social media networking services.

Instagram mostly active users are in the age group of 13 to 34 or you can say young generation social media.

Where the user is Active via sharing journey/tour and travel information and images, video clip uploading and colleagues events, program, etc.

And it is mostly loved by celebrities, where they promote their upcoming events, upcoming and ongoing activities.

Even Instagram is growing its popularity by providing a platform.

Where business marketers/industries and company to promote their product and services.

It also provides features, where the user can edit and filter their images and photos and organize them via tags and location information.


Instagram is web-based and mobile app social networking services that are owned and developed by Facebook.

It was created by Kevin systrom, Mike kireger in Burbn and it was launched on October 6, 2010.

It was founded in America in 2010 and after it launched for publicly rapidly fire in his popularity.

And founded the first 1 million registered users in only 2 months and after the end of the year reach across to 10 million active users.

This is a great achievement for any social media networking services.

It works with operating system ios, Android, Windows 10 and mobile application.

And it is Available in 36 multilingual languages worldwide.

Active user

After launching Instagram near about 8 years, it is a rapidly growing popularity on the worldwide internet.

Know Instagram active user 1 billion on the internet worldwide social networking services.

Most Instagram users are from the USA via holding the first place via 89 million active users.

And the second place is held by Russia via 28 million active users of Instagram.

Snap chat Media platform

Snap chat is one of the growing networks in the social networking platform it welcomes different features.

Snap chat provides a platform where users engaged via sharing images, video clips, photos, etc.

It operates via special principal features, where information, pictures, and images are available for only a short time 24 hours.

It provides a platform for a business marketer and industry/company to promote their product and services ads on short-form entertainment.

Snap chat is one of the best application web-based services which give a new direction for social media networking services.


The snap chat was created by the former student at Stanford University Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown.

And Developed from Snap chat Inc. And known for photo sharing, Instant Messaging, Video chat, and Multimedia.

The snap chat was; launched in July 201 1 via its operating system.

And publicly publish on all operating system in September 2011 near about 7 years ago.

It provides 22 multilingual languages on worldwide internet.

Active user

Snap chat active user followers are near about 400 million and almost 150 million users are active in snap chat social network.

And according to snap chat Inc users open applications 18 times during or between 24 hours.

The latest reported show the static and video sharing daily active users are from North America withholding first place via 80 million.

And second place held by Europe 61 million active users daily.

Google + content platform

Google + is one of the internet-based communication, this provides a facility to share the post, photo, images, and status, etc.

It provides a platform to share a post in a different type of relationship into the group or in a circle.


Google + first welcome via social networking site then, later on, it started with new features to sign up Google products or services.

It was launched in June 2011 with including features ability to post photos and status.

And was owned from Google LLC, and required a register-based platform.

Google + was created by Vic Gundotra, Bradle, and Horo Witz and was launched on June 28, 2011, and 7 years ago.

After Google + launches it reaches 10 million active users in 2 weeks and in a month reached 25 million.

And the end of the year Google + reached 90 million active users on the worldwide internet.

It provides 37 multilingual languages and Active user are 111 million in 2018.

Active user

Google + is a worldwide social networking services provider and the registered users are approximately 2 billion.

This is one of the big Achievement and static in social networking services platform on the worldwide internet.

And it monthly registered active users are approximately 345 million.

According to age static 28%, an active user of Google + is between 15 to 34 years.

And the top 5 list Active user is from USA, India, Brazil, U K, and Canada withholding serial wise.

And the top 5 countries based on the estimated number of the user via 2 billion monthly active user devices.

Flickr Image platform

Flicker is a Canada social networking site known for Accessed and upload Image, photo and video hosting services.

It provides a principle feature to upload, share and embed personal photographs to the online save community.

Bloggers and websites use this social network to host images and do photo research.

Flicker provides a platform were Unregister users can access photos and videos from flicker.

But to upload or to use a flicker interface users need to sign up and register.

Flicker welcome via additional principal features to the registered user and grant the ability to add or comments with other flicker users.

And it also provides 3 types of account Free, Ad-free and Double.

Flicker is one of the social media services to photography revolution for sharing and hosting.

And organize your photo and images to the worldwide community.


Flicker is a professional social networking site, this provides a social media hosting service.

It was founded by Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake and it was launched on February 10, 2004.

Flicker was Acquired by Yahoo in 2005 reportedly $25 million.

It welcome via 10 multilingual languages, Chinese, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Korean Portuguese, Spanish and Vietnamese.

Active User

Flickers don’t announce any feature report but according to the Yahoo report, an active user is 90 million monthly bases.

And it has 75 million registered Active user photographers according to the 2014 report.

Tumblr Social media platform

Tumbler is an American social networking site and most of the features are similar to Twitter.

And provide a platform for short blogging or microblogging and a short message.

Probably users are engaged via tumbler via sharing text, images, videos, link quotes, etc. Or you can say, it is a short blogging platform.

It also provides a following and follower platform, were users follow other users related to their interest.

And its interfaces are easy to use and each and every time the user login to the tumbler interface it shows a different background image when the page is loaded.

It provides a platform where the user can sell and promote their products and services to other users.


Tumbler is one of the fastest-growing network on the worldwide internet with its different interface features.

After twitter people mostly engage with tumbler social networking services in the microblogging field.

And allow millions of people to share their thought, quotes, and images, etc .and follow other users related to their interest.

The tumbler was founded by David Karp and Marco Arment on February 19, 2007, near about 11 years ago.

It is also called as a ‘tumblelog’ System of microblogging and was owned by Oath Inc.

And Known as Microblogging social networking services.

It official parent was Yahoo Inc (2013-2017) and Oath Inc (2017-present) time.

Marco Arment on of the co-founder of tumbler left company via having a busy schedule via Instapaper.

And tumbler was owned by Yahoo on May 20, 2003, for $1billion cash and in June 2017 yahoo and tumbler placed into oath Inc subsidiary.

Active user

July report 2018 united States holds first place via 33.22% Active user and the second place hold by the United Kingdom via 5.67% Active user.

And Brazil holds third place via 4.44% Active user.

Research source of information says that probably tumbler Active user is across to 30 to 50 million per day.

Reddit short blogging platform

Reddit is a web and mobile app-based social networking sites and it is known for sharing a link to Article and media etc.

It provides a register user platform, where the user has to register to share or submit their content on Reddit web page.

Reddit is an American social media networking services, which provide a platform rating to the content and discussion-based platform.

Where the user gets the rating to their content and voted up and down with their related members.

When they submit and share publicly their content such as link, text post, and images on Reddit.

It covered a variety of topic books, music, science, movie news, and many others, etc.


Reddit is an America social networking service, which is known as social news, media aggregation and social media.

It was founded by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian both were roommates and students of the University of Virginia.

Reddit provides a platform where the user can contribute to translate in 89 languages via using Crowdin Features.

And It also provides a platform where the business marketer can promote their business ads using banner ads and promoted links.

Reddit provides an optional registration, where the unregistered user can watch and read and registered users can submit content, comment, and upvote, etc.

And was launched on June 23, 2005, near about 13 years ago and was founded by Steve Huffman, Aron Swertz and Alexis Ohanian. And global ranking is 18 in 2018.

Active user

Reddit is one of the best social media platforms that jumps in mind to use and his rising static shows.

That it will be the best one of the best popular websites on the worldwide internet in upcoming days.

According to the latest Reddit Announcement that user increasing day by day.

And having a high majority performance on social media networking sites. And know active users are across to 330 million.

It has approximately 138 k+ active users and an average of screen viewers are approximately 14 billion.

Reddit is increasing by 30% in the last six years.

Quora Q&A Platform

Quora provides a platform where the user can question and answer for a specific keyword and write a comment and engage with others.

It is also a good platform to promote your blog or any type of business product and services.

In this social questioning answering platform, the user engages with others by providing useful information or link to get more information and solution about the related keyword.

Day by Day people is being aware of this platform, where people get information with the searching keyword, joining a community and find related information on the Quora dashboard.

It is one of the greatest platforms were users to provide a solution and answer and add more information to go through the link.

And that makes Quora users get more visitors to their blog or website and increase their visibility on the search engines.

It is also the best platform for a blogger where they can find out that, what are people searching for and it brings an idea to target your audience.

Via providing useful information and providing the best method and idea.


Quora is a social networking service which known for great interface were user find the popularity and engage via other community members.

It provides a social networking service which is known as an information exchange website and Based in California, Quora Inc.

And its welcomes via ios and android system on September 29, 2011, and September 5, 2012.

It was founded by Facebook former employee Adam Dagelo and Charlie Cheever.

And in 2017 Charlie Cheever stepped down as co-operator of the company via taking charge of an advisory role.

It provides 8 multilingual languages for their users (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Hindi, Indonesia, and Portuguese).

Active user

According to Quora Inc India is holding the first place 40% Active user and the second place held by the US via 20% active user and U.K, Canada, Australia have 2.3%, Active user.

Actually, Quora started with the slow process but throughout rapidly fire on social networking sites on the worldwide.

Adam D’Angelo announced in March 2016 that Quran reaches 1 million active users monthly.

Viber Social media platform

Viber is a cross messaging social media networking platform.

It provides a platform for instant messaging, chat, video calls, text messages, and multimedia, etc.

Viber is free of cost and free to use It allows the user to connect via wi-fi and 3g network to access this application.

And It is an app-based platform, where the user has to install this application and it operates via application to application base.

The user has to connect via that user who had downloaded this application for instant messaging.


Viber is a multinational company Rakuten (Rakuten Inc.)And it was developed by Rakuten and was launch on December 2, 2010.

It was created by Talmon Marco and Igor Magazinnik.

And the company was modified by changing the name Rakuten to Viber in July 2017 via the new logo.

After co-founder Marco, who stepped out and left in 2015 and Djamel Agaoua become the CEO of Viber media.

Rakuten Inc paid to purchase Viber for 900 million Dollars.

Active user

According to Rakuten Inc, Viber active users or application downloaders are across 1 billion worldwide.

Which is a great static performance for any application based messenger or instant messaging platform?

Mostly Viber users are from across the worldwide and 193 countries are using this application base platform according to Viber.

And in Russia, Active users are 70 million and in Africa 55 million according to the 2016 update.

WhatsApp Social media platform

Whatsapp is across social media networking services that provide a platform.

Where the user can send messages, voice calls, video calling, image, and share videos.

GIF, video clip, and other media documents using the WhatsApp application.

What’s app application welcomes with the operating system for ios, Android, and run in the mobile and desktop computer.

And it provides services for multiple countries according to having a wide range of active users on the worldwide.


Whatsapp was launched in February, 24,2009 near about 9 years ago and it was founded by Jan Kaum and Brian Acton and Both were former employees of Yahoo.

And created by WhatsApp Inc. and after launching it was rapidly fired on social media market via the Active user.

Whatsapp was acquired by Facebook in February 2014 for $19.3 billion dollars.

In January 2018 WhatsApp welcome via new application WhatsApp business.

And in September 2018 WhatsApp introduced a new audio and video calling feature for a group.

Active user

According to the report on February 2018 WhatsApp active user was across 1.5 billion users.

Which is great improvement according to 2014, the active user was just 450 million monthly and daily active user were 315 million.

Whatsapp is grownup in a wide range on the worldwide internet and the largest application is used and shared by Saudi Arabia.

And it provides his services in the world across 109 countries.

WeChat Social media platform

We chat is one of the most popular apps and had great popularity in social media networking services.

And it some features are similar to other cross social media platform but it provides multiple features.

Some of those features make it popular in China because some of the features billing payment wallets via mobile payment facilities.

And these facilities are available for Chinese cardholders, only for China country.

It is a Chinese multimedia social media app-based service, and it provides a facility for their user to use this app.

For messaging, social media, text messaging and mobile payment and many other social service facilities.

And its operating system is ios, Macs, and Android.

According to Forbes We chat is the most popular and famous all over the worldwide internet.


Wechat is one of the popular applications which was rapidly grown up and stand up alone on a worldwide social media platform.

The application Wechat was developed by Tencent and it was released in 2011 near about 7 years ago.

It is a cross-platform which is known as a messaging text, media sharing and instant messaging.

Developed by Tencent Holding limited and Initial release on January 1, 2011.

First, it was Known as “Weixin” by Tencent CEO Mahuang and created by Zhang Xiaolong.

We chat got full support by China government (12th fifth-year plan) Development of e-Commerce Market in China (2011-2015).

We chat is lovable in the worldwide country for its various types of features.

And such a feature doesn’t provide any cross-platform social media services.

And it also provides Multiple Account features Personal and Business Account.

Active user

We chat is known and have great popularity according to social media services in the worldwide for providing various type of features.

And now Wechat’s active user is across to 1billion monthly (Mau) worldwide according to Tencent CEO Pony Ma.

Mostly Wechat Active user is from South East Asia, Europe, and the U.S according to Mathew Brennan Wechat consultancy China channel.

83% of the China Population Use Wechat and users jumped to 93%.

Information and static are web-based research (Wikipedia and static website)

While using social media platform you have to know, how social media platform is beneficial for your product or services.

How Social media platforms embrace your daily activity on, how to grow your business, improvement in your audience activities and many more.

Via using social media platform you can increase your brand awareness via a particular keyword research tool.

And target your Audience according to your business product or services.

It also benefits your business by targeting audiences locally or globally and engages traffic to your product or services.

conclusion –

Here in this post, I have shared all the information what I find Doing Web research and mention my thought about how you can target your Audience locally or Globally,

And find out which social media is the best platform to start up for Affiliate marketing or for your brand awareness.

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