Social media marketing strategy to increase your brand awareness.

Social media marketing strategy is a platform from, where you can engage traffic for your business, product or services website or blog from further social sharing technique platform ‘Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

Actually, Social media marketing strategy is a targeting technique from a social network platform.

Where you can promote a particular product or services and spread brand awareness.

Social media marketing strategy to increase your brand awareness
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Social media marketing definition?

Social media marketing (SMM) is a platform of the internet or digital marketing it works process is to utilize a media platform like social media marketing tools.

SMM provides a platform, where you have to build a campaign for a selected or targeted audience to promote your similarly business product or services and increase visibility on the search engines.

First of all, you have to know that, It has a hugely beneficial platform where it provides a facility to get feedback.

Furthermore, about your business product or service to get instant improvement or what the visitor is looking for from your business module.

You have to also provide a call to action and 24 *7 customer care support.

Where the customer can get intentional about your brand to complain or suggestion.

or you can say social customer relationship management.

Hence, Now day’s social media marketing is in huge demand every businessmen owner’s first choice is to promote.

Their business via social media marketing platform and target selected Audiences to increase their business growth similarly locally or globally.

Social media marketing for business

SMM-social media marketing provide a platform where you can increase your business growth with targeted audience locally or globally.

Which similarly to SEM (search engine marketing).

and generate leads and connect to the user via having their feedback.

You can get an instant result from social media campaign, it Authorized your brand direct to the Audience through social sites.

Its brings remarkable success with driving or generating leads and sales.

Types of social media marketing strategy plans

Choosing a specific social network –

1 step –

First of all, we have to choose a network site for your campaign, where you have started to run a social site campaign to promote your visual sites to engage traffic to generate leads for your product or services profile.

2 step –

This is the most important step where you have set up an attractive business site profile.

Actually, here you have to give a short note about yourself, detail about your product or services to your customer.

But always set up a responsive profile, that what you have different from other products or services.

Such a profile brings brand awareness to engage the customer to get closer to know what you have in your business profile.

3 step-

Above all Giving a pacific reason about your product or services with instant feedback response on customer support.

4 step-

Always be updated or check monthly basis your social media profile photo, cover photo, biodata is completely updated.

How to start a social media marketing strategy campaign?

Hence, Building a social media campaign is not so easy, how it looks like, it all game of planning and building a strategy to grow your business.

First of all, before you start your strategy to build a campaign for your company or business.

Actually, you have to know, what kind of goal and adjective similarly to your business and, you have targeted to achieve and see.

Mostly you have to look after that, What is the accurate progress achieved success report for your business?

Once you build your blueprint of campaign strategy.

You can instantly plan on how to grow your business on social media marketing.

Actually, this provides a foundation, where you can improve your business plan by making changes and increase your targeted audience.

Quick look where you stand on current social preference

First of all, While starting to build a strategy you have to look current preference, where your business stands on which social site area you have to target for engaging the audience.

know your audience needs and location.

While starting a campaign your strategy should be Audience intensive, which platform audience spend time online.

What type of content and information they are searching for and what is their need.

It’s not that post your content or publishing message in your campaign and your work has done.

You have to write or post your content related to your audience’s needs that they are looking for your business sites.

Always be aware of providing unique and genuine information so your audience can interact with your product or services.

Providing a unique and amazing content.

Once you started providing specific content or information related to your audience’s need.

Once you have built a reputation with providing deep information or content related to the same niche.

Your audience will be regular to visit your site. And will be interested in what you have a new update in your campaign.

They need more valuable and content information from your site.

So, always be clear to post regularly or weekly content or information on your campaign where the audience is loyal to trust your site.

Types of social media tools turned into business promotion platform.

Digital marketing works with many multiple channels such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and youtube, etc.

and some other electronic channels such as TV, radio, and sponsorship.

All social media platforms have different working methods and provide different types of platforms.

Where you can target a different set of your Audience such as Social publishing, social networking, image sharing a social network.

Social publishing

  • Blog
  • Youtube etc

Social networking

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn etc

Image sharing social network

  • Pinterest
  • Snap Chat
  • Instagram etc

Here you can find plenty of competition on social media websites on the internet, some of them are in huge demand on the internet and build their name and fame as a brand but some of them drop their hope and leave the competition.

key point of Social media marketing strategy and how it works?

  • Branded channel
  • Closed communities
  • Influencer outreach
  • Co-creation
  • Social selling
  • Customer services
  • Customer feedback

Branded channel

Here you can create a page on social media and build a campaign, and through that,

Once you provide a facility to your customer to voice chat or communication about your business or company directly to your business profile page.

Closed communities

Here you built a small group and joined other people who are available to increase your business to grow through group communities.

Where group member shares each other ideas, knowledge or information in the social media group.

Influencer outreach

Company or business, who had already popular on social media sites and had a huge follower and have a good impression on social media.

therefore they used their reputation to promote your business by giving a positive review of your business or company.


When you launch your business product or services through social media channels.

Which is in huge demand and built a name and fame as a brand and have huge followers and likes on their social profile called co-creation.

Social selling

Here you can communicate with your customer with voice chat or text chats and sells your business product or services in social media platform.

Customer services

In this social media service, it provides a facility o service to your customer as a customer service where you solve the query or doubt with solving their problems with full customer support.


This is the most powerful service if you are running a company for selling a product or service.

Your customer’s feedback shows what types of improving your company needs and how to fix it.

How to target your business by researching the competition?

Social media had many competitors you have to look after other competitors what is going on with their business doing well or not so well.

It brings a sense to what the audience is excepting from social media competition.
Who is doing well?

and, what changes they are doing to grow their business?

It set you on how to improve your Audience leads and business growth.

You can improve your business growth with social listening and with monitoring competitors.

First of all, you have to look at those competitors, who had a specific post or campaign and hitting the mark and booming on social media marketing.

Listen to those popular competitor posts, how they are posting information and use it to evaluate with your own goal and plans.

Benefits of social media marketing

Brand awareness.

This is the most important obvious benefits of social media marketing to increase your audience with brand awareness.

Via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media channels.

Which provides a huge platform, where you reach plenty of people, who had never heard of your brand?

Here you can tell people about your brand and give a specific reason and why it is different from other competitors.

Social media provide a platform, where you can fill the gap of an audience with aware people of your brand.

And increase your visibility in social media marketing channels via your new targeted audience.

Your brand quality

Above all, If you have a good quality brand, people willing to chose your brand over the competition.

On a consistent basis or they can switch to another product or service if they find flexibility according to their needs.

Building a loyal brand

Building a loyal brand is not a night dream but you can increase your brand awareness.

Using a social media marketing platform with a fast result.

hence, If you continently interact with your audience and responding to their question answers in a good time.

It brings your brand awareness from the tribe of a different platform.

5 Mysterious social media marketing platform to increase your brand awareness.

Facebook social media marketing strategy platform

This is one of the big social media platforms where more than 2billion visitors visit on search engines by searching facebook on the internet.

Hence,It is an American online social media and social networking service, which was founded by Mark Zuckerberg on 4 February 2004.

On the social media platform, Facebook is one of the biggest platforms, which reach over 1/3 part of the world population.

Via providing an advertiser an opportunity to engaged with the targeted audience locally or globally.

Businessmen who provide a product or service to their consumer /customer, they promote their advertising with an offer.

It provides a more advanced strategy where you can easily promote your advertisement with a targeted audience.

You can show your ads to a selected field targeted group, language, age, state or country with many other facilities.

How much cost for a facebook advertisement

Actually facebook advertisement prices fixed by several factors, what criteria you chose to promote your business ads.

It all depends on the budget you have set for your business ads promotion.

Instagram social media marketing strategy platform

Instagram is also one of the best platforms .which similarly to other social platforms.

Where you can promote your ads by using an image and videos.

Actually this an image and video sharing platform, where product or service provider promotes their advertisement with the Instagram social platform.

Instagram was launched in October 2010 exclusively for ios and for Android devices in April 2012 and fully upload for all device service and windows app on 10 April 2016.

But It is a facebook platform developed by Facebook and the author is Kevin Systrom, Mike Krieger.

Instagram provides multiple language services in 36 languages to its users.

After facebook Instagram is the second-largest social media platform, where the user is skewed heavily to the 18-29 age.

Towards more of the user are females and minors. if your business profile match to such criteria.

Or you have similarly the business that is related to the younger generation, then Instagram is the best option to promote your business ads.

How to set up the Instagram campaign?

Instagram is very similar to Facebook ads to start login to your company or business profile.

You need a facebook page about your business to run a campaign on Instagram.
Actually facebook pages are especially for business, .brand and organization where you create a page about your business profile.

You can promote your business ads by using three major tools on the Instagram platform.

  • Ads manager
  • Power editor
  • Facebook Ads API

Select one of your tools that are best for both company size and the number of ads you want to promote at once.

Choose your objective which you want to run.

Here you find a different type of objective to choose, you have to shortlist your object, which one is reliable for your business.

Make your ad eligibility on Instagram.

Here you find a list of objects to select for your business on Instagram and you have to shortlist from the option.

• Boost your post.

• Promote your page.

• Send people to your website.

• Increase conversion on your website.

• Get installs of your app.

• Increase engagement in your app.

• Reach people near your business.

• Raise attendance at your event.

• Get people to claim your offer.

• Get video views.

Choosing targeted Audience locally or globally related to your business.

Select which type of criteria you want to list on Instagram ads promotion.

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Language
  • Relationship
  • Education
  • Financial status
  • Generation
  • Home
  • Work
  • Ethnic affinity
  • Life events
  • Interests
  • Behavior
  • Politics (only for the U.S)
  • Connections

Here you find two types of audience defer whom you want to see your ads.

Custom audience

Custom audience means to reach those people who already interact with your business.

Lookalike Audience

A lookalike audience is an audience who is new to your business and similarly to most of your audience.

Set up placement to move forward with Instagram.

This is the most important setting between Facebook ads and Instagram ads .you have to uncheck all the boxes except Instagram.

Budget and schedule for the campaign

  • The daily budget set, your daily budget ads to run continuously throughout a day by setting up a daily budget price to run your campaign.
  • Lifetime budget here you can set up your ads campaign for some specific lifetime period promotion.
  • Set up your ad delivers
  • Link click
  • Impression
  • Daily unique reach
  • Set up a bid amount for your ads campaign manually or Automatic.
  • Setup your delivery schedule standard or accelerated.
  • Name your ads set to identify the latter when you need it.
  • Setting up your ad creative.
  • Choose your ad format –here you have to decide how your ad appears on the ad post.
  • Single image, video or slideshow or multiple images, video ads it depends on you how you want your ad looks like.

Upload your media with using criteria

File type

  • Jpeg format
  • Png format

Text size

  • Minimum 125 characters
  • Maximum 2, 200 characters

Instagram square video ads

  • Image size- 1080*1080 pixel
  • Resolution-600*600
  • Aspect ratio-1:1

Instagram landscape video ads

  • Image size -1200*628 pixel
  • The resolution must be -600*600 pixels
  • Image ratio-1:1

Next and last step- set up your page & links

  • Connect your facebook page and Instagram account profile.
  • Add your website URL.
  • Add a headline
  • Creating a caption with 125 characters
  • Select call to active service for your customer.

Know your Instagram ads are ready to place the order know just click on the green button in the bottom left side corner and start your campaign.

Twitter social media marketing strategy platform

Twitter is a platform where it connects to short messages and people are engaged with talking and sharing news and reviews.

Or simply you can say it is a micro-blogging website services and social networking sites.

And where therefore the user connects with niche and mainstream influencer.

Twitter is American online news and social networking sites which were founded on March 21, 2006.

And launched on July 15, 2006, and founder was Jack Dorsey

It is one of the most popular social media sites with 328 million active user monthly visitors.

As a result Know day twitter is in great demand, where e-commerce stores used to promote their business ads.

And get their brand awareness and promote their product through direct conversion.

Set up the Twitter ads campaign

First of all, you have to decide which type of campaign you want to run.

  • Promoted accounts
  • Promoted tweets
  • Promoted trends
  • Website cards

Nine tactics to set up the Twitter ads campaign

  • Using a relevant and user-friendly attractive image.
  • you have to focus on your targeted product.
  • Identify and target influencers and engage with them.
  • Name you’re your campaign.
  • Set up your campaign dates, budget and funding sources.
  • Now setup your ads group by using optional start and end time.
  • First of all Select a type of bid which you want to set up with your campaign automatic bid or maximum bid.
  • Select your targeted audience where your ads appear for the user.
  • Set up your tweet or customize the location where you like in your campaign.

Hence, Now you have finally completely set up advance tactics to launch and run your Twitter engagement campaign.

LinkedIn Social media marketing strategy platform.

LinkedIn is a professional social media platform where you can engage with the user who is more than 30+.

It is a good business sharing platform for those businessmen, who run their business B2B employment-oriented services.

Actually, LinkedIn was found on 28 December 2002 and officially launched on 5 May 2003.

And was founded by Reid Hoffman (chairman) Jeff Weiner ( Ceo).it was developed for services that operate via websites and mobile services.

Linked in is known for providing social services and but know available in 24 multiple languages.

Its purpose was mainly used for professional networking B2B, where the user includes employer posting jobs and job seekers posting Cvc.

Linked started with slow but know it is one of the most popular social media platforms where it covers all business modules.

It was professionally designed to get all employers and job seekers to get on one platform directly B2B.

In May survey report LinkedIn user member reaches are approximately 562 million in May 2018.

Youtube social media marketing strategy platform

Youtube is one of the best free sharing website platform, where people upload views and share videos.

Finally, It was manually used to sharing video platforms, where people use this platform to share information.

But know day’s people are using this platform to promote their business by providing useful knowledge about their product or services.

But, Youtube was launched on 28 February 2005 and co-founder were three former PayPal employees, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim.

And Google bought this site for US$1.65 dollar in November 2006.

Youtube provides a platform where the user can become a partner with Google and earn revenue by giving ads promotion on their video content.

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