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While using keyword tools we only focus on the paid keyword research tool to buy to get an organic search result.

Do you know that plenty of users get to access via free keywords research tools, and find targeted and rich keywords without paying a bit of money?

And find helpful to get going their content search visibility on a Google website ranking on the search engine first-page results on google search.

We all know that without having a rich keyword “Means” a keyword that has a low competitor, High search volume and High CPC.and google rank keyword to make it visible on search engine search list with using this tactic.

You cant expect to find your content or make it visible on a search engine first-page result and get to engage organic traffic to your Website with doing SEO keyword research. 

That’s why every content writer needs to find rich keyword “Means”  to find out those keyword ranking in google for their content, using the Paid Keywords tool or free keyword tool.

In this post, I have mentioned My tactic that I use to get to find a rich keyword for My blog using two free keyword tools.

And the best thing about these tools is they are popular in this digital marketing field and have a great name and fame to google rank keywords. and a great impact to improve keyword ranking in google.

Actually, More of we are friendly with theses free keyword tool and their uses So it will be good to understand that How you can get the benefits to find a rich keyword.

Let’s have a look That How you can use this keyword tool?

keyword tools to find rich keyword

How to do keyword research via utilizing free keyword tools for your SEO content?

More often we have seen that writing great content also Doesn’t perform well on the search result, Cause of targeting a keyword that doesn’t have any search result or it may cause of targeting a high competitive keyword.

That’s why right and rich keyword placement in your content is a great and smart way to keep your content visible on the search result and improve your page ranking on google.

More often you have seen that all keyword tool has its own specific data and some of the tools provide data of search volume, keyword competition, and CPC, which are different from others.

Actually, we can’t get the specific data of any keyword but this keyword tool helps you to get 75 % of accurate data results of any keyword.

Here what I “means ” I used some paid keyword tool to search keyword status data to write content and also used a free keyword tool.

To find out does the paid tool gives an accurate result for any keyword or It Show data which similar to some free keyword tool.

Here I get to find two free keyword tool, which works as a paid Keyword tool, Where one I used to get the idea to find a keyword, which helps me to write content.

And the second one helps me to find Accurate data of any keyword. Search volume, competition, and CPC and the SEO difficulties of any particular keyword.

To use this tool you don’t need to be a techie guy or technical expert, A simple nontechie guy can also use this tool without any hesitation.

Actually, these free tools provide a free platform with a simple interface Dashboard, which is user-friendly with user experience (U X) features.

let check it out.

3 step combination free keyword tool by Google Chrome to find rich keyword.

How top page ranking on google improves via using free Seo keyword research tool for your content.

Before you know about theses tool, you have to understand that In this Digital marketing you will see a lot of free and paid keyword tool.

But here I am talking about the tool, which I used to find rich and low competitive and high search volume keyword to write content to improve my web site ranking.

Which should be indexed fast on the search engine and get the visibility on search engine top 20 pages result.

A keyword tool that I used to do keyword research for SEO:-

Keyword everywhere.


Do you know that both tools have the quality, which helps to do keyword research Seo to get going your content top on google search on the first page or second-page result?

Let’s talk about both tools.

How Keyword everywhere keyword tools help you to do keyword research optimization related to your Niche?

free keyword tool

To write content, which makes a sense to search engine crawler to crawl your content and make it visible on the search engine list.

Right Keyword placement plays an important role in help crawler to understand to crawl your content and improve page ranking on google.

Here right keyword “Means”The main keyword, Suggested keyword and relevant keyword related to your niche to empower your content Keyword density.

1-Main keyword_ Always used between the Title tag and Heading tag

2-Suggested keyword_ Theses keyword should be used in your Heading tag H2 to H6 and If the keyword is user-friendly and doesn’t cause to stuff readability you can use them in your content.

3-Micro keyword_ Don’t guess with name theses type of keyword are more powerful and have a huge impact to get your content viral on any search engine.

And these keywords are used to empower your content keyword synonyms density and make your content SEO friendly optimize content.

Actually, for the great content, you need a great keyword placement, Here great keyword placements don’t “Means” stuff keyword in your content.

You have to Avoid stuffing keyword in your content, cause such stuffing keyword placement gets too penalized by the search engine and your content must be seen as Black hat SEO.

In this condition Keyword everywhere help you to get plenty of Main keyword ideas and choose one of the Main keywords to start your content writing.

Not only you just get the main keyword idea, but you can also get the benefit to find a bunch of suggested keyword and Micro keyword ideas.

In my opinion, I used this free keyword tool to get a keyword idea for my content and to find a micro keyword to empower my content keyword density.

We all know that shining in the search engine first-page result is not so easy but with using this keyword placement tactic you can rank your most of the unique content in search engine first-page result.

Want to know how you can use this free keyword everywhere tool to master your content keyword density?

Go through the link –Keyword everywhere free tool to master your content keyword density.

How ubersuggest best SEO Keyword researcher tools help to get the benefits to find a rich Seo keyword?

free keyword tool ubersuggest

This is an Awesome free keyword tool and known for his smart and user-friendly Dashboard.

And has a great impact on my blogging, cause most of the content keyword in my site researched by this free keyword tool.

While using this tool you will get to notice that you don’t need any other tool to get to find a rich keyword. cause it is all in one keyword research optimization SEO tool.

First, it was known as a keyword suggested tool but now it has updated his features quality and welcome with ubersuggest 3.0.

This keyword tool helps you to find the accurate result of any keyword search visibility “Means” you can target any keyword with a specific country.

And the best thing about the tool is you will get the notification, that what are the difficulties of that particular keyword.

“Means,” the notification tell that particular keyword is low competitive or high competitive and it could be easy to rank or it should be difficult to get going your content on search engine top 20-page result.

And that why it is known as a keyword suggested tool, which helps you to provide all causes of matrix and status to select a right and perfect keyword for your content.

Want to know that How you can use ubbersuggest keyword tool go through the link.

Neil Patel Ubersuggest 3.0: Newly updated features, benefits to building Awesome strategies.

Notable point:- While selecting your Keyword for your content, you should remember that if you are a beginner in this digital field then only target those keywords.

Which has low than 20% SEO Difficulty and 2000 plus monthly search volume and keep your content depth not less than 1500 word.

Cause such keyword content empowers search visibility on search engine

So don’t let it down, just putting your some “On-page and off-page’ SEO effort Make your content “SEO optimized content”.


In this post, you will get to know that How One can use this free keyword tool and get relevant keyword ideas and other suggested keywords using the SEO keyword research tool.

This is my personal thought and experience, which I used to find keywords for my Seo content.

For any query or suggestion feel free to comment on the comment section box.

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