Neil patel Ubersuggest 3.0: Newly updated features, benefits to building Awesome strategies.

Lately, Neil Patel has updated Keyword suggestion tool ubersuggest 2.0 to ubersuggest 3.0 and added a new feature of Seo tool.

And adding these features “Neil Patel ” one of the best award winning Digital marketing expert has Kept his promise to ongoing with bringing this free SEO tool ubbersuggest 3.0

Neil Patel Ubersuggest a free keyword research tool that brings an opportunity to bring value to your content while updating or sharing your content on search engine sites.

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In this article, you will get to understand that how you can use this Mix keyword tool and SEO tool, ubersuggest 2.0 and ubersuggest 3.0 to Mastering your competitor strategy to improve your search visibility on the search engines.

Here what I mean if you are a beginner in this digital field and want to grow your blog/business to get to see on a search engine first-page result, then ubersuggest free keyword suggestion and Seo tool helps you to grow your business with spying your competitor strategy.

Actually, Newly updated features ubersuggest 3.0 SEO tool is similar to Buzzsumo free service in some cases like checking competitor insight social influencer shares and ranking competitor site list.

But ubersuggest has plenty of differences, which impact in many factors, which we understand and discuss in this Article with using ubersuggest 2.o and ubersuggest 3.0.

In these digital marketing industries, Neil Patel welcome with all in one Seo tool, which provides a free platform to his user to find relevant keywords “Means” a keyword that has a low competitor, low SEO difficulties and high search volume on search results.

Here I am not mentioning the value of any particular keyword cause it seems different, some high volume keyword value doesn’t have any value “means” 0 CPC rate.

And I don’t think it matters one, who want to increase their brand visibility on the search engine but for Making money online, then CPC And CTR have a great impact to increase the revenue from ad networks like- Google Adsense and Media .net, etc.

Let’s have a look at how Neil Patel Seo tool benefits you to build a dynamic strategy

Neil patel SEO tool 3.0

How you can or you can Say How to use this beneficial tool to write a pillar content with empowering your content keyword density?

Ubersuggest: Best free all in one Seo tool to empower website ranking.

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Neil Patel ubersuggest keyword suggestion tool.

As the Name shows Neil Patel ubersuggest, it is one of the Digital marketing expert “Neil Patel” Italian guy free service, who provide this SEO tool to help their user to find relevant suggestion Keyword to master their ranking strategy through targeting a relevant keyword.

Which has low SEO difficulties and high search volume on the search engine and makes it easy to rank on google search engine, Bing Search engine, and yahoo search engine, etc.

Let,s Have a look, that

How to use Neil Patel ubersuggest to get the right keyword overview for content?

In this digital marketing, you have met up with plenty of keyword tools and may use it but ubersuggest has some uniqueness which we called user-friendly dashboard.

Here user-friendly” Means” A tool that has a simple interface dashboard and features that are simply operated by the user without having any technical knowledge or you can say no need to be techie guy to use this free keyword research tool.

And to use this SEO tool-free platform to find a relevant and rich keyword, you don’t need to go through the number of formality Like- sign up/register, your name, email id, and password.

Just simply opening this site “Neil Patel free keyword research tool” you will redirect to the dashboard and your tool is ready to work.

Here are some beneficial features of ubersuggest, which we get to use to find “or” you can say “to do” Keyword research for any particular keyword.

Neil Patel (Digital marketer) the owner of ubersugggest, known as a free keyword research tool Has described the benefit:

 neilpatel. ubersuggest features

Features that you get while using this free SEO tool:-

1-Domain overview
2-Top Seo pages
3-keyword suggestion
4-Content ideas
5-Backlink Data

Actually, these part of ubersuggest features is the ranking factor to get going your business product or services contained on search engine first-page result.

Means once you get a command on these features to build a strategy, you can improve your business brand to grow online on Digital marketing.

Here I am not only sharing about the ubbersugest services overview but also sharing content that, how you can use this tool to build an awesome strategy with using data Analytic of ubersuggest.

which has a great impact on mastering your business content through targeting and spying on competitor insight strategy.

I don’t know what “Neil Patel” purpose was to get this free tool to his user, cause to get such kind of facility and to use this type of feature, we need to pay to the services provider.

And which is costly, and if you are the beginner, and just started a business product or services to online Marketing in this digital field then it may be painful or out of reach to pay to get to access with this SEO tools features.

Neil Patel Ubersuggest: Mastering your competitor strategy with Suggested keyword?

I have already mentioned about

Nil patel ubbesuggest how to find suggested keyword

Ubersuggest features at the beginning of this Article and those features will help to master your competitor strategy.

but before you have to know the value and impact of this free SEO tool, you have to keep in mind Seo is the beneficial part of the content and doing proper way on page SEO is the main ranking factor of any content.

This helps to satisfied the search engine Algorithm that the content is well SEO optimized to get to list on search console through crawler.

Here I mean that you can use this tool to improve your ranking on search engine with doing on page and off page Seo.

In on page Seo, you have to spy on competitors ranking keyword, keyword density” here to check keyword density you can use keyword every free tool, Title and meta description.

And in the off page SEO you have to keep spying on your competitor Backlink and social shares influencers, which are having a great impact to empower your competitor ranking.

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Ubersugest 3.0: Mastering your competitor through spying Domain overview:-

While Doing Seo “Means” on page Seo and off page Seo, these two factor has a great impact on Domain Authority.


Neil patel ubersuggest Domain overview

We know that having a great domain authority is not a one day game, to high up Authority of your site you need to have quality content and a backlink from high Authority site.

With using ubersuggest 3.0 Seo tool, Domain overview features you get an overview of that particular domain like-

1- Organic keyword that particular Domain rank for.
2-Paid keyword
3-Total traffic
4-Paid ad cost

In this Domain overview, you have to only focus on the ranking Keyword. Actually, Domain overview provides an opportunity to find keyword ranking through country wise.

and if you get an overview of the keyword, then it makes simple to build an awesome strategy to target country wise keyword to rank on that particular country.

to get the country wise keyword details you have just click on the country flag icon and it automatically scrolls all keyword are ranking on that particular country.

If you are mastering a strategy you have to target your competitor ranking keyword and to do that you have to use Keyword overview features of ubersuggest 3.0.

Mastering your competitor strategy on ubersuggest through spying keyword ranking:-

To target your competitor keyword ranking you have to simply type or paste competitor URL on the ubersuggest search box and click to enter or search.

It,s so simple now you have to simply spy your competitor Domain overview page and scroll down your page on ranking keyword overview, you will see the all ranking keyword, which drives traffic to that particular Domain.

To see more results of ranking pages history click on the view the page that drives traffic to this Domain, it automatically shows the full ranking pages overview to that site.

Know what, you have already scroll down all insight ranking keyword and now you have the opportunity to find and target keywords, which you want to rank.

And build a strategy that How you can defeat your competitor with SERP Analysis of that particular keyword, which you targeted to rank.


Here you can use ubersuggest 2.0 keyword suggestion features.

How to use Neil Patel ubersuggest 2.0 old feature Keyword suggestion tool?

Nowadays to get rank for any keyword on the search engine is not too easy, especially when it is a competitive keyword but using the suggested keyword it makes an easy path and provides priority to get a chance in percentage to get ranking.

but still easy then a competitive keyword, which are one-word phrases keyword and that why more of the scientist of Digital Marketing and blogging always suggest to use the long tail keyword “Means” More than two-word Keyphrases.

To use these features, you have to simply type or paste your URL on the ubersuggest search box and enter or click to search.

Neil patel ubersuggest find keyword suggestion

you will get a list of suggested keyword overview and at the left side, you will see a keyword ideas overview layout box.

Where you get to know about suggested keyword ideas Like- particular keyword, volume, CPC, paid difficulties (which stand for ad network ) and SEO difficulties (stand for an organic result).

And at the right side you will see a keyword overview layout box, and in that overview box, you will get to know the competitor list of ranking for that particular keyword.

you can also get the benefit of insight overview of social shares, which create a benefit to find social shares and influencer to get going your content viral with using social media platforms.

Actually, you can get an idea that which social site impact to improve competitor ranking and overview of Domain Authority.

and the ubersuggest SEO tool describes the value in a short description that, the keyword is competitive and the chance of ranking percentage.

But you are targeting high domain Authority sites and competitive keyword then you have to understand the value and importance of backlink.

Which provide value to search engine to get high listed on a search engine first-page result and that means you have to build a strategy to get quality backlink from high Authority site.

Here you can use ubersuggest backlink overview features, which will be available in the upcoming futures day.and is incoming soon queue.

How to get benefits of ubersuggest 3.0 to spy on competitor ranking keyword density?

Neil patel ubersuggest check competitor ranking keyword density

Keyword density is the most important part of on-page SEO, Actually, keyword density provides more value and work as a pillar and support to the main keyword to get search visibility in the search list on the search engine.

And each particular keyword website has a valuable keyword density on that particular content, Actually, this type of keyword are those keyword which smartly Mentioned in the content to improve the keyword density.

you can use ubbersuggest 3.0 to find a suggested keyword to improve your keyword density.

To use this feature you have to simply open-top pages from the menu bar which is mentioned in the front page of uberrsuggest 3.0 dashboard.

As you open these features you will see a top traffic pages list, and at the front of the title and URL, you will get a to see view all essential visit drop down option.

You have to simply click on that view all drop-down menu option, and get to know the hidden keyword density, which has a great impact to improve the ranking for that particular Main keyword and domain.

and the best thing of this free keyword research tool is you can get an instant overview of any keyword like- search volume, CPC, SEO difficulties, and paid difficulties, etc.

No need to get to redirect to other pages, all information databases are available in the same place with the same dashboard.

you can use this Keyword to improve your keyword density into your content or you can use as the Main keyword for your content to get to rank on the search engine.

but to target your main keyword you have to first target your country, where you want to rank your site.

Here you can use ubbersugest 3.0 keyword overview features.

How to use Neil Patel ubersuggest 3.0 to find a targeted country keyword?

Neil patel ubersuggest 3.o country wise strategy

If you are running a business product or services with targeting a specific keyword, then you have to target those keywords, which benefit you to rank your site on that specific country.

To get targeted country keyword you have to simply paste or type your keyword on the search box and point out the country, which you want to target.

you will see the accurate result of search volume and the overview of that particular keyword and suggested keyword.

Notable point- each country has different search metrics it depends on search phrases and language used by country for that particular keyword.

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neil patel ubbersuggest targeted country

Neil Patel New featured Seo tool recently launched ubbersuggest 3.0:-

Recently ubbersuggest welcome with some interesting features, Actually these features were already mentioned before in the menu bar.

But they were incoming soon queue and recently “Neil Patel” owner of ubbersuggest had announced that all features are running smoothly with new updates on Neil Patel ubersuggest dashboard.

Old features of Neil Patel ubersuggest 2.0:

2-Keyword ideas
3-SERP Analysis

Recently announced features Traffic Analyzer which you will get to know about detail overviews in three parts.

New Neil Patel Ubbersugest 3.0 Seo tool:

1-overview “New”
2-Top pages “New”
3-Keywords “New”

and I have already Mention these features in this article that how you can use this free Seo tool features to Mastering your competitor strategy and get to ready to bang bang on a search engine first-page result.

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In this post, I have mentioned a tactic that you can use to build an awesome strategy to get going your content visibility on a search engine’s first-page result.

All the information are my self own and the strategy that I used to empower my search visibility on the search engine.

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For any query or suggestion feel free to comment on a comment section box, your comment helps us as an inspiration.

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