Keyword everywhere cheapest tool to empower content keyword density.

keyword everywhere has a big announcement Now it will be a paid keyword research tool and to use this tool you have to purchase a credit, which will cost $1 for 10,000 keywords but it is not too costly that you cant,t purchase.

From 1, Oct 2019 keyword everywhere data will not be visible on the dashboard, if you are a regular user of keyword everywhere then you can click on k icon on your browser.

You will get to see a purchase plan option, you can purchase a credit score by using a Debit card /Credit card and Paypal.

Here is the Keyword everywhere Official Announcement :

Visit the offical site news link of keyword everywhere update

Keyword everywhere, keyword tool, which provides plenty of opportunities to plan to improve your content Keyword density via Word phrases and synonyms.

Which helps to improve and empower your web page rankings on google and other search engines

Mostly we have seen that most of the users are not too serious about this keyword tool and run to a paid keyword research tool.

And more of the entrepreneur and professional bloggers find this keyword research tool helps to find a rich keyword to master their content keyword density and improve their fast indexability on a search engine first-page result.

Actually, a cheap keyword research tool which is available on google chrome store, has a great impact on digital marketing.

Cause it provides a quality keyword key phrases as a suggestion keyphrases of synonyms to empower your content keyword density.

If you are a beginner and moved into this Digital Marketing world, No matter which purposes you select like – for business products or services and looking to get a most valuable cheap Keyword research tool.

Then this tool Which is Available on google chrome store will be the best option to use and try to find relevant keyphrases.

But to use this cheap keyphrases research SEO tool you have to understand the basic and insight features.

It will help you to find the rich key phrases and the hidden features of this cheap keyword research tool.

There are plenty of users who don’t get successfully access or you can say use this cheap keyword research tool and run or you can say Move on to a paid keyword research tool.

But most of the success full bloggers are well known about the hidden features of this Keyword research tool to find keyword ideas.

And which you will learn and understand in this Article, that why most of the professional blogger still use this tool to find keywords, to empower their content search visibility on the search engine.

let’s have a look,

What is Keyword everywhere & How to improve Content Word synonyms?


keyword everywhere for keyword research

Actually, this is a  cheap keyword research tool, which provides plenty of keyphrases finding an opportunity to find rich keyphrase synonyms and suggested keyphrases ideas in his simple interface dashboard.

To use this cheap keyphrases research SEO tool dashboard you don’t need to be a techie guy or you can say a technical minded, it just about a present mind game.

This is a cheap keyword tool by google Chrome extension and Firefox extension tool, which provides a cheap service to his user to find relevant and rich key phrases synonyms to empower their content strategy through improving keyphrases density.

And to use this tool you don’t need to sign up to get to access with cheap keyword research  tool “keyword everywhere”

You have to download this cheap tool from Google chrome Store on your chrome or firefox browser and your work is done.

But to operate “keyword everywhere” features you need an API key, which you will get while you sign up with your Gmail account.

And once you provide a Gmail to “keyword everywhere” official dashboards it will send you an API key to your mailbox which you have to provide to get API key.

You have to simply copy your API key and click on the “keyword everywhere” “icon”, which will be seen to the right side of the upper corner of your browser.

as you click on the icon you will see an update feature option, click on it and paste your API key in the validate box and click the validate button.

Now you have full access with this cheap key phrases research SEO tool and ready to master your content keyphrases density and to find relevant key phrases related to your product or services.

How to use and set up keyword everywhere SEO tool features?

As I mentioned before to use these key phrases research Seo tool you don’t need to be a technical or professional, all features are very simple to set up.

Let’s have a look

You have to simply go to your browser dashboard and click on the “keyword everywhere” icon and once again inter to the update option, or setting option click on it.

As you click you will see plenty of default features you can change settings according to your interest or you can leave as a default.

Here is step by step guide to set up.

1-step- choose your specific country which you want to target or leave it to default as a global.

2-Step- choose a currency that will help to understand your keyphrases cps value in your own selected currency.

3-Step- enable and disable matrix features

  • volume -Highlight volume box with the tick, and set up a matrix of search volume for a specific keyword
  • CPC- High light CPC box with the tick, and set up a matrix for CPC, which you want for any keyword.
  • Competition- high light the competition box with a right tick, and set up Matrix for targeted competition for the particular keyword.

Step- Check the supported website in which you want to spy the key phrases from the specific platform, you can leave as default or you can target your website.

Where you want to keyphrases research tool to perform to find or show the full details of specific keyphrases like-CPC, volume, and competition on their platform or dashboard.

but to get full benefit to each and every website platform, which are provided by this cheap research tool to his user then you have to leave it default.

you can check this example images that,

Keyword every where website support

How it makes it easy to understand the value of this cheap research SEO tool helps to find keyphrases matrix in the specified website.

  • Search console
  • Google search
  • Bing search etc.

Step -5 – Miscellaneous setting

It provides a miscellaneous platform to his user to get their work done easily, you can set it default or you can choose your own.

but to get the benefit of this research  SEO tool, Leave it as a default, cause it helps you to all default features in one place no need to get back to “keyword everywhere” miscellaneous setting to click on or off or to get that features to enable or disable.

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How to spy your competitor content Insight synonyms using keyword everywhere hidden features?


Keyword density checker in content

Does keyword density matter to increase your Seo content visibility on the search engine, My Answer will be yes, cause,

We know that or some of we don’t Know that the Search engine is not a human been nature it,s an Algorithm that has the accessibility of machine learning and just only runs through some fact.

  1. key phrases in h1 to h6 heading
  2. key phrases power in content or you can say keyword density. Actually, there are two types of keyword density on your content which spy by the search engine crawler.
  • Main keyphrases density, which we placed in the H1 tag
  • LSI key phrases density or you can say keyphrases that we see at the end of the particular page on the bottom.
  • Seed keyphrases density which has a great placement in your content.
  1.  Internal link on or inbound link
  2.  Backlink,
  3.  Broken link
  4. Redirect link
  5. Image link etc.

These are some fact which gets to learn from other sources that how search engine Algorithm spy with a crawler in your particular content and insight website.

Let’s begin to know about the hidden features of the keyword tool to spy your competitor on-page SEO Keyword density.

cheap Keyword research Seo tool or you can say a keyphrases research tool provides a platform, which is a hidden insight into the features.

To use these features you have to simply put your competitor URL on the search browser and open it on your browser dashboard but you have to remember that “Keyword everywhere” is only available for Chrome browser and Firefox.

As you open your competitor page you have to right-click on your Mouse, you will see a “Keyword everywhere” icon to analyze a page to check keyword density.

You will see a new interface dashboard, and at the upper side, you will see the address URL and title tag of that particular website page.

On this cheap research tool dashboard, you can master your content strategy with targeting your competitor’s full on-page insight detail.

let’s have a look

How to use Keywords everywhere to mastering your competitor on-page strategy?

Once you open your competitor insight keyphrases density you will see plenty of keyphrases details view, which has been placed on your competitor’s particular web page insight on-page.

With using this hidden feature you will get two benefits which are very important for SEO base to get your blog content search visibility on a search engine first-page result.

  • You will see plenty of suggested key phrases ideas for that particular Niche with a matrix of search volume and competition.
  • You can spy on your competitor strategy of keyphrases placement idea on H1 to H6 heading tag on that particular content.

How to spy on competitor keyword synonyms density?

When open your competitor page to analyze keyword synonyms density you will see a row box where plenty of key phrases and at the front of that Keyphrases you see a “found in” option, which shows that in what area that particular keyphrases has been placed.


How to spy on competitor strategy

T= Title, D= Description, and H1 to H6 heading.

And at the front of “Found in” you will see a “Density” option which shows how many several times that keyphrases have been placed in that particular content.

Here strong density means that you have to target those key phrases which have high volume in the search result.

Actually, when you see in your search console performance report you will see plenty of key phrases that have a great impact on search results And that keyphrases are key phrases synonyms density.

So that why you have to always look after or spy to your keyphrases, which has high search volume and low competitor.

Actually, you don’t have to move for another keyphrases research tool to find or check out search volume and competitors.

At the front of the occurrences option, you will see the global search volume, global CPC and global competition for that particular keyphrases.

It depends on you that how you can manage to improve your keyphrases synonyms density and empower your content visibility on the search result.

How to spy long-tail keyword synonyms density on keyword everywhere?

How to spy long tail keyword

We all know that how long-tail; is growing his impact to rank any content on a search engine first-page result. And to find the long tail keyphrases synonyms you have to do a lot of research.

But you know that using this cheap keyphrases synonyms research tool hidden features “Analyze this page” you can point the long-tail keyphrases.

Actually, while you analyze your competitor page keyphrases density at the right side upper corner you will see a keyphrases option box.

And at that box, you will get 6 options to get or find out your relevant key phrases synonyms.

  • Show all keyphrases
  • Show only one-word phrases
  • Show only two-word phrases
  • Show only three-word phrases
  • Show only Four-word phrases
  • Show only Five-word phrases

You can select one of those options, it will show the full selected key phrases, which has been placed on that particular competitor content page.

Mostly 3 to 4 word long-tail keyphrases synonyms are more beneficial to get going your blog content on a search engine first-page result.

How to spy long-tail keywords list using a keyword research tool?

strategy to plan for content writing

As I mentioned before in the article, if you want to find long-tail keyphrases then this cheap keyword research tool is the best SEO tool.

But to use this cheap keyphrases research tool, you have to do some simple research through targeting your competitor strategy.

Semantically Analyzer of keyword related search term.

  • First of all you have to find out the top 10 competitors for that particular key phrase of synonyms and open all sites in your browser dashboard.
  • One by one Analyze competitor keyphrases density with right-clicking on that page using “keyphrases” option, which I have mentioned before for “long-tail keyphrases density “
  • .With doing this, you will find plenty of opportunities to select long-tail Keyphrases with their CPC, volume, and competition.

That’s done Know you have plenty of key phrases synonyms to master your content strategy with the right placement of Keyphrases density in Title, Description, and insight in your content.

People Also Search for a  keyword research tool for a long-tail keyword.

Actually, you will find plenty of cheap keyword research tools to find relevant long-tail keyphrases but you will love this cheap keyphrases research tool instead of other cheap long-tail keyphrases research tools.

But the problem most of the users are aware of this tool features just only use to see the suggested keyword on the search queries browsers.

And don’t use the hidden features of this beneficial tool.

If you are a beginner and don’t have enough money to spend on any paid tool, you can use this tool to master your content strategy by targeting long-tail keyphrases.

But if you are using the paid tool then it is beneficial to find out long-tail key phrases and check it out in your paid keyphrases research tool for more research process.

And find out that is “keyword everywhere” is pleasant and beneficial for you to find relevant keyphrases.

How to use Chrome extensions android browser for keyword everywhere?

Well if you are willing to use keyword everywhere extension to your android phone then it is too easy, and you are at the right place where you can get the right step by step direction to install it on android phone.

Actually most of the user are desktop user Which is easy to use as a chrome extension but for Chrome android phone chrome browser don’t provide extension features.

But using the Chrome mobile extension browser, Which is available on google play store you can easily use keyword everywher on your android phone.

Let’s have a look

Here I am using Chrome extensions android browser which let you easily use any chrome extension on your Chrome android devices.

How to Use Keywords Everywhere on Chrome extensions android using the KiWi Extention browser?

Here are a few easy steps that you have to take to allow an extension on your Chrome extensions android browser.

First, visit google play store , search and install the Kiwi browser – Fast & Quiet, Which is easy to install.

Kiwi Chrome android browser

Next Open the wiki browser and at the right sidebar, at the upper corner, you will see three-dot click on it and enable developer mode.

As you can see in Image

Kiwi extensions android browser

And at the left sidebar click feature option and at the bottom, you will see a wiki website Click on it to find your exciting Chrome extension android on any mobile devices.

It will redirect you to the google chrome web store or google chrome app store, where you can search and find a chrome mobile extension to install in Chrome extension android browser.

Kiwi chrome android extension browser

Now install your keyword everywhere extension on your Chrome extension android device and give permission to make changes to all data that you visit the website through chrome android.

Just Simple, Now you can easily find out all keyword everywhere running data processing feature on your Chrome extension android browser or select other extensions to install from Google Chrome Store.

Note ( Extention is always available for desktop mode so whenever you visit any website be sure to open it on desktop mode.

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In this article, I have just pointed out the tactic which you can use to find your competitor Keyphrases synonyms density.

And how you can find a long tail keyword using hidden features of “Keyword everywhere” Keyphrases research tool.

All the information in this article is my own self, which I mentioned as an Author and why I find this cheap keyphrases research tool to find the best relevant key phrases to improve my content keyphrase density.

If this article will help you can share with other users and sign up to our newsletter to get relevant and genuine information into your Mailbox.

For any query or suggestion feel free to comment on the comment section, it will help us to improve more quality content to our user.

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