Website |How long Does new website take to rank on search engine?

This is a question that every website owner, beginner or entrepreneur looks around for to judge search engine Algorithm.

How would search engines react while indexing your particular page and how much time a new website takes to rank on the search engine?

If I say its myth that no one knows how Google search engine or other search engine ranks any website or blog to get organic traffic from search engines.

But we still judge the Search engine Algorithm that it gives a priority to DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) which make sense of ranking factor. How long Does it take to rank website on search engine

What is the Myth of the website to rank on the search engine?

  1. Search engine ranking factor DA (Domain Authority)
  2. Search engine ranking Fact of PA (Page Authority)

Mostly we can figure out that new websites ranking get impact from Backlinks.

Yes, High Authority backlinks can make your websites ranking better on the search engine. But it is not sure that creating backlinks can rank your websites on the search engine first-page result.

Note (Best and easy method to rank on the first-page result in a fast way then you have to use a search engine Ad network and run a campaign)

Ranking website through Keyword

Do you think that ranking through keyword can rank your website on the first-page result?

My answer is yes, you can rank your website within a year on the Search engine first page or less than in a year. But it not still easy to do and not impossible that you can’t do it.

Here are the explanation and method that how you can rank on the search engine. But for that, you need patience and clear about 2 Myth of search engine ranking.

  • Within a 6 month or year you can rank on the search result.
  • Within a 2 to 4 week, you can rank on the first-page result.

It all depends on keyword selection and their placement, that you choose or select keyword to rank on Search engine result. Here what I mean to say, Let’s start with,

First Myth- Targeting low competitor keyword for website.

Choose or target a keyword that has no competitor or low competitor on monthly search volume. And such kinds of keyword ranking improve in search engine top result within a 2 or 4 week.

But such kind of keyword ranking doesn’t provide any type of Authority just you can get the satisfaction that you are ranking on the first-page result.

Second Myth- Targeting high competitor keyword.

If you are looking to target any keyword which has a high competitor and high search volume.

Then you have to keep patience to see your result on the search engine first result it may take 6 months to between 2 years.

It depends on your content and on page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and off-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Because such competitor keyword brings high Authority to your site. If you’re looking to get going your site through earning sources.

Like -Affiliate marketing and ad network etc or your own product to sell, then such kind of keyword become more beneficial for your sites.

And to get ranking on the search engine first-page result for a particular keyword you have to build your site Authority. Like – DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority).

How to build a website DA and PA for your sites?

There are two types of methods to build a DA and PA for your sites.

  • You can work hard and write great content via targeting particular Keywords, Doing On-page SEO and off-page SEO (like Social shares) and attract visitors or Audiences to visit your sites through your unique content.
  • You can use third-party support Like (Putting email to the competitor for Backlink) or you can say convince other high authority competitors to provide or give a link of your web page on their sites.

Note-able – After getting backlink also you have to do on page and off page SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Here backlink also means off page or you can say it also comes in off page SEO.

The fact of website Search engine result –

Actually, we don’t know the real fact of the Search engine that how it works to rank any web page or Websites on the search result.

But we can understand that it always ranks those websites which have some unique quality and details information for a particular keyword.

For the user who is searching for the best result on the search engine via targeting particular keywords.

Does the search engine take 6 months to between 2 years for every keyword to rank? No, once you build a brand or you may say DA and PA Authority for your websites.

Within a 2 week or 4 weeks you can rank your website seo content on the search engine. Actually, it takes time to rank on the search engine if you have a new website and want it to make a brand.

And that s why most of the professional bloggers, Business Analysis, and Digital Marketing Analysis always recommended or give a suggestion to keep patience and improve your website performance.

All results will start in your favor once you start listing on the search engine’s first-page result.

Does Social Shares impact on website search engine ranking?

This is the most genuine fact that social share doesn’t impact on search engine ranking.

but it still has the power to give a signal or you can say show the path to search engine this content has the quality to improve in listing on search engine ranking.

But on the Social share, you have to find out your own Audience related to your product or services to share.

If you don’t target your Audience on social share and share as it is .it may be harmful to your site’s cause of having a bounce rate.

And this is the most common issues which are faced by newbie and looking to increase visitor on their sites.


In this post, I have much more listed the fact that I thought to rank on the Search engine. But in some cases maybe I wrong for the Myth of search engine ranking.

Actually, nobody knows how exactly search engine Algorithm work to rank any websites.

But according to some Digital marketer scientist and research Analysis, the fact of search engine ranking Depends on Detail and brief content for a particular keyword.

For any Query or suggestion feel free to comment on the comment section box. And let me know the other fact of Search engine ranking.

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