Search engine of google Impact on Digital marketing?

Well, the search engine of Google is one of the biggest search & enter query website which is used worldwide, first it was an information-based search engine.

But now the search engine of google has a direct impact on online marketing business to grow online through SEO (search engine optimization ) and SEM (Search engine marketing).

As we know that the search engine of google discovers millions of a website to provide helpful information to the website of google user through targeting the user search intent.

Well, there are plenty of search engine service tools to search or enter a keyword in the search query box and get the relevant information directly from your location.

Like- Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, MSN and Ask etc search engine to use.

Search engine of google

What is the search engine of google and how it response while user search or enter query?

Well, search engine of Google is similar to other web based search engines but mathematical they have different shorting algorithms to present user based search results.

And have automated tools of software application for example robots, bots, or spiders Which help search engine to shorten the best Seo optimized web based Seo content.

To present relevant keyword match content on the search result on the website of google users through targeting matched keyword, phrases and synonyms.

Actually, while user search or enter any keyword on search query box search engine algorithm matches the key point of keywords search intent for a better result for the user.

Search engine of google is a platform of web-based tool Where user requests for text based, video-based, Image-based and voice search based information directly from the search or enter query box.

And google search engine is known for providing the best accurate keyword match content during search result and that is the reason why people from the worldwide trust search engine of Google.

How to participate in the search engine of google

Search engine of google has a search console that provides two different platforms to his user.

1 – User for a search query for relevant information.

Google search engine provides a user keyword-based search intent information, User can find different types of information in four different formats.

1- Text-based content
2- video-based content
3- Image-based content
4- voice search-based content

Well, all information that google provide are SEO optimized based content,” Means” Information that values your keyword search intent.

And helpful to get to find exact match keyword content on the website of Google.

2 – User to participate with their content to get listed on the google search engine list.

Another part of the google search engine is used for Internet marketing/Online marketing /Digital marketing and work in as two different formats.

1-Search engine optimization (Seo) free marketing

Content Marketer uses their website content to get listed on the top search result on the engine of google and for that, they optimized their content in SEO manners.

Seo is the main part of any content to get ranked on google search engine first-page result.

Search engine optimized content easily crawled by the google search engine crawler to crawl keyword match data of the website content and store it on search engine search console.

Actually search console is the dashboard of a search engine where particular website content are stored.

Well, search engine optimization is the best and free platform to grow business profile in internet marketing and get genuine visitors on your business platform.

But SEO is hard to go with positive results, it’s not easy to find your business profile on the go,  you have to keep your content well SEO optimized and patience to grow your business profile slowly day by day.

2-Search engine marketing (Sem) Paid marketing.

Sem is a platform to get instant targeted visitors to your business profile, well it is a paid platform, It is profitable two both new commer on online marketing or you are already having a business profile in online marketing.

Actually google provides a platform of ad networking known as a (Google adword) Which is helpful to promote your business profile in the digital marketing world.

And grow your business instantly no need to keep waiting for positive results like doing (search engine optimization).

You can take advantage of targeting global search, gender, age etc, to get search on search engine with a google ad network.

But as I mention before its not a free promotion platform, you have to pay to run your advertisement through google adword, and it may be too hard and costly if you dont afford too much money to run your business profile ads.

And that is the reason why most of the business profiles want to rank their business on the search engine of google with SEO optimized content marketing.

How google search engine algorithms works?

Actually google algorithm is too complicated to understand and always make changes and updates in Algorithms for shorting web-based content to make it visible on search engine first-page results.

But some of the SEO facts never change for example page title, content length, URL structure, meta description, Heading tag and content keyword density.

Well, the search engine of google Algorithm work with different mathematical formulas to make any particular keyword related content visible on the search result of google search engine.

Google Search engine algorithms work with finding hidden key elements in the data structure of website content,All search engine has a different mathematical Algorithm to shorten the content.

To make it visible on top of search engine first-page result or you can say they are unique in each other performance.

Means if you are ranking on the top first-page result on google search engine then it doesn’t mean that same ranking result you can see on other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex, etc.

It might be a different result from each other search engine, Actually, search engine algorithms are constantly Modifying mood with undergoing through modification and revision process.

And that is the reason why most of the SEO expert advice that SEO is not stable it’s an ongoing process with some different minor changes.

What are the key elements that the google search engine focuses on?

Google search engine is a machine learning tool and text-based content optimizing the search engine and uses the underlying HTML data structure.

Actually search engine crawler crawls the text content and shortens the images, videos, and infographic etc flash site material.

Cause flash material are useless for search engine and are not understandable of content relevance.

And that is the reason Why, While using a flash material, we provide a key element on the address bar as a property of the keyword related content.

Means all the key elements that the google search engine sees will be inside your text-based content to make your web page content visible on the search results of Google.

Like Title, Meta Description, Meta tag, Heading tag, Alt tag, Keyword, Keyword in Content density and Comment Tag, etc.

Actually Flash site material are used to get good user experience on your website but Such kind of flash material doesn’t improve your content visibility on the search engine.

Search engine of google’s impact on the Digital marketing world?

Nowadays IT (Information Technology) sector has grown up in higher division and world digging up all digital and digital marketing aspects.

People are using search engines to find relevant keyword related information.

And Such a kind of people search makes a huge Digital aspect market place for online marketing Which directly stands on the search engine.

Which make sense that search engine has a great impact on Internet marketing or you can say in Digital marketing world.

Having a huge crush of business to get listed on search engine result now it has been too competitive to grow your business profile on the Internet marketing world.

Why search engine for marketing?

As we know a search engine is known for to search query and suggestion website but know it is used to find information about the digital aspect and for online marketing.

Well, there are (SMM) Social media marketing platforms to do business marketing but you can’t get the relevant visitor to your business profile.

But the search engine is known for bringing genuine engaging visitors on your business profile that help to do and grow more business.

Actually now day Marketer are using different Seo tactics to get listed on search engine first-page results with targeting specific keywords.

And SEO is the one and only option to improve your business profile website to get listed on search engine first-page results.

There are plenty of business Profile Which has grown up with selling products and services directly online through internet marketing to a genuine audience.

How it Could be happen

Well if your business profile is ranking on the search engine of google or other search engines’ first-page result then genuinely day by day you will get a more genuine visitor and audience.

Who can purchase your product or services directly from your website?

Actually visitor from search engines to your business profile are called an organic visitor and such visitors genuinely convert in to sell.

And that is the reason why now more business profiles focus on SEO and hire an SEO expert to improve their business website Web Page rankings on google search engines or other search engines.

Seo impact on the search engine of google

SEO is known as search engine optimization which is used to improve ranking on the search engines of google, As we know that search engines only see text content.

So website those have a user-friendly web page with proper navigation to easy to use and find information from your SEO content.

Which are well optimized with keywords that help to search engine to index easily and help you to boost your website ranking on search results?

Here user-friendly means content that are written in good readable manners.

For example – Content with heading and Subheading helps to define the keyword that reflects the purpose of the topic of content.

And also such kind of content are understandable with the user from beginning to the end of the content.

Google as a text-based search engine your content must be well SEO optimized content to get positive ranking results from the search engine.

Here are some basic Seo steps that you have to focus on.

  • Title
  • Url
  • Meta description
  • Heading Tag
  • Image Alt tag
  • Keyword density

This are the basic elements that google search engine or other search engines than google use to focus while indexing your SEO content.

Means You have to keep them flexible by pointing out keyword and sub keyword phrases in those elements.

Cause Implementing your main keyword and sub keyword reflect the purpose and the type of content Indexability.

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Impact on internet marketing or digital marketing.

Well Now days trending Marketing has been dropped out,People are looking to go through the search engine to find interesting stuff direct from the official site or from the third participant.

And the cause of having a huge search in different niche related categories on the search engine brings a trustable value to every marketer do business.

Google search engine is trustable for organic traffic, if you get 100% visitor on your business website then it means more then 25% user convert in to sell.

So it has been huge opportunity for those marketers who had a high ranking on the search results and get on search results when users search or enter any stuff related keyword on the search engine search query box.

And that is the reason why the search engine has a direct impact on digital marketers to grow there business and do profitable business from locally or from world wide.

So search engine has a huge space of marketing if you are one of them and want to grow your buisness then get listed on search engine with doing SEO.


In this post, you will get to know about What is a search engine, Impact on digital marketing, How it works, and how to get listed on the search engines.

Having a business and not yet listed on search engine then it to difficult to grow your business.

Search engine is one of the biggest platforms to the marketer which is totally free to use to get handpicked customers and convert them into the sell.

For any query or suggestion feel free to comment on the comment section box.


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