Best free SEO tools that help to keep blogging journey alive.

Do you know the importance of SEO tool, I think if we have a blogging journey then most of us are familiar with these SEO tools, that how it benefits to get your work done easily.

Actually, blogging has a great impact in this Digital field, No matter What purpose blogging Is?, Some are passionate to build a brand through blogging, and we can also get to see a business purpose blogging field and Some of there are as an E-commerce business field.

And e-commerce is in the young generation, Actually, there are plenty of blogging behavior in this Digital  Marketing World, But all purpose is to reach their audience and get the benefit to build a Brand Name and fame, Income source and generate revenue.

But here blogging is not a day game, it took lots of effort of hard work and patience until the success kisses you. but there are lots of stories of unsuccessful bloggers and businesses, who can’t get to see the success taste from this Digital field.

So that,s why if you don’t want to be listed in unsuccessful categories then you have to keep on eye on some useful SEO tool.

And that is the purpose of this Article to introduce you some useful SEO tools, Which are free to use and has a great impact to empower your brand visibility to get to reach out to your targeted Audience through Organic search.

Note – “All these SEO tools are self-used and free to use some are freemium SEO tools but free access also helps you more to get the benefits.”

Let’s Have a look!

SEO tools

Purpose of providing free SEO tools in Digital marketing

In this Digital marketing, you will get to See plenty of SEO tools, Some are paid, Some are freemium and Some are totally free to use their platform.

Here free platform Doesn’t mean they don’t get any benefits. Actually, these free tool services providers get the benefits of Name and fame and also get the target Audience to their business profile.

I think now you get to know in short Description, that why these SEO tools are free to use.

And in this Digital marketing, nothing is free, free services provider get the benefits of targeted Audience and such Audience help them to build a strategy for upcoming freemium or paid services or products.

Let Me introduce Some of the free and freemium SEO tools, which make my blogging journey live.

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Best SEO tool to find rich and low competitor keyword

Here finding a keyword is one of difficult task but has a great impact to empower your search visibility on Google Search engine and other search engines like yahoo, bing and Yandex search engine, etc.

To get organic traffic to your business profile but here Some paid tools also have a great impact to find rich keyword Like – Semrush and Ahrefs etc.

But here Some free and freemium keyword tools have a great impact to find rich keyword but to get them you need to do some research, Let’s have look how you can use those keyword tools.

You can get your targeted keyword, with using three keyword tool, “these keyword tools help to find me a right keyword ” you can use it or try your own strategy.

1 – keyword tool to find rich keyword ideas.

Official site – keyword everywhere

free keyword every where SEO tool


This is a great free keyword tool that welcomes with chrome extension and Firefox add on, I think most of us are friendly with this free keyword tool and important.

But if you are new to this tool then one should have this tool as a chrome extension, Actually, this keyword tool helps you to get the benefit to find rich keyword ideas.

We all know that while writing a content keyword has a great impact, and to get the right keyword for your content is a difficult task.

And here keyword everywhere provides plenty of Suggested keyword idea in one place, Actually, with using this tool you can empower your content search visibility on the search engine.

Want to know more about this free keyword tool check out Here keyword everywhere free keyword tool to master your content keyword density.

It is good to use keywords everywhere but you need some supported keyword which makes you get the right keyword.

“Means” You can’t find the exact result, you need to do some research to find the keyword idea.

Here you can use One of my favorite keyword tools

2 – Semscoop freemium SEO tool

Official Site – Semscoop


seo tool semscoop screen shoot


This tool has lots of impacts to make my blogging easy, Actually, this is not a popular Seo tool but with using this tool you will get to know that how one can build a strategy of content creation with plenty of keyword ideas in one platform.

Actually, it not only provides the idea of a keyword but also provides an insight into content Word value, Seo Difficulties, Domain Authority, etc.

And the best thing about this tool is you get the benefits to target Global wise keyword”Means” you can get your specific targeted country keyword.

Semscoop is a freemium SEO tool,  you can use this tool with free access for only 5 keywords within 24 hours and get to see 50 suggested keyword ideas,

But if you need more from this tool you can upgrade to the paid version and get the benefits of more features to use.

The best feature of this SEO tool is, you get the benefits to Know, that How many words content you need to empower your content visibility on the search engine.

But as a free tool, you can’t trust their matrix, you need a trusted tool, Which can provide an accurate result of keyword competition, search volume, and CPC, etc.

And to get the right keyword data you need a paid Seo tool or you can use one of my favorite keyword suggestion tool ubersuggest, Provided by one of the best digital marketing experts “Neil Patel”.

3 – Keyword suggestion free SEO tool

Official site – Ubersuggest

free keyword seo tools ubersuggest

This is one of the best trustable Seo tools, Which not only helps you to get the right keyword data but also provides insight value of that specific keyword “means”you will get to see the top 100 ranking site list at the right sidebar.

Not only show the right keyword but also guide with a short notification that how much accessibility you have to get to rank on the top 20-page list.

Actually, this tool has a newly upgraded version called ubersuggest 3.0, Now this tool has a great impact to target your competitor strategy, you can also get the benefits to find the competitor ranking keyword.

Its Amazing SEO tool, if you want to know more about this tool to build an awesome strategy then follow this suggested post – Neil Patel ubersuggest free tool to master your competitor strategy.

4 – Grammarly writing Assistant tool.

Official Site – Grammerly

grammarly writing assitent

This is a freemium tool That provides a user-friendly writing Assistant, Actually, this online tool is a lovable tool by the content Marketing industries and has a great impact to improve your content grammar mistakes.

It welcomes with free and paid services and most of the users, use it free services cause in free services also you get the benefits to correct all grammar mistakes. and make it more user-friendly content.

5 – optimizer tool

Official site –

image resize tool

Image, Pictures, and Infographics have a great impact to make your content More user-friendly and it is one of the best methods to keep your idea in brief visualization in front of your Audience.

Image resize is a freemium online tool, but in free use, you will get the benefits to compress 20 images within 24 hours.

It provides a platform where users can get the benefit of Image resizing, Bulk resizing, Image compressor, Pdf tool and convert tool features in one place.

And the best thing about this tool is .it is a fast loading site and don’t have loading issues while uploading Images to compress or Bulk resizing.

6 – Seo checking website Analysis SEO tool.

Official Site- Seo Analyzer

seo tools for website analyzer

SEO Analyzer Ubersugest

As we Know that SEO is one of the facts, which has a great impact on making your content visible on the search engine indexing list.

And to look after that your SEO report is good “Means” your content is well Seo optimize with the Title tag, Meta description, Image Alt tag, Heading (H1) and Subheading (H2 to H6 ), etc.

You need an SEO score checking the website,” Mean” An online tool that checks all insight SEO value of your content and guides you to what to optimized and what are missing attributes and tags.

And to get the SEO score you will get see plenty of Best SEO checking Websites but in My opinion, I find SEO Analyzer Which has a great user-friendly dashboard.

Which provides a free platform to his user to get the SEO Scorecard in-depth insight website Analysis.

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7 – Plagiarism checker SEO tool

Official site- Small Seo tool

plagarism checker seo tools

While having unique content you don’t need this, but While using plagiarized content, then it is necessary to have such a tool.

Here plagiarized content Doesn’t mean “Copyright content”.Actually while writing we do plenty of research and placed it our own wording, but Some time, Some of our content matched with other content.

Which are already indexed by the search engine in his cache? So while publishing your content you have to once at a time to check out that your content is free from plagiarized content.

Actually, you will get to see plenty of best plagiarism checker tool, but in my opinion, I always suggest to try with Small SEO tool.

but if you want to know more then visit the link – 10 best free plagiarism checker SEO tool for publishing content.

Cause, first of all, it free to use with some limitation and has great loading speed with plenty of features in one place Which help to get the benefits of other features Like Given above in the screenshot.

8 -Website Analyzer or Duplicate Content Checker SEO tool

Official Site – Siteliner

siteliner duplicate content analyzer tool

This tool provides a whole website Analysis report, where you get to see plenty of features like, Duplicate content, link error, redirecting links, Alt tag and much more.

And the best performance of this site is you will see the full indexing report of the robot text file that which page and post have indexability on the search engine.

I think it confused between plagiarism checker and Duplicate content checker, but here plagiarism checker stand for to check out particular post plagiarized content and Duplicate checker is known as for providing a full website insight value and it’ copyright Material.

Here I suggest at least one time you have to check out Siteliner Website Analyzer or duplicate content checker, Cause it not only shows the matched content you can also get the benefits to find out link error and robot text file Analysis report.

And the best thing of the tool is you will get to see your keyword power in your content, Want to Know more about this Website Analyzer tool, visit the post-Siteliner best duplicate content checker site.

9 – SEO tool for Backlink finder

Official Site – Mozbar

mozbar backlink checker seo tool

Backlink has it own important, Most of the blogging expert thought is that having a great backlink help you to engage more traffic to your site and also help you to empower your search visibility on search engine first-page result.

But here you need a quality backlink, and for that, you need an SEO tool that helps to find genuine Site and protect you from a spammy site.

Most of the time we get a backlink or create a backlink from the spammy site, which are already having spam content and penalized from search engines.

So While getting or creating a quality backlink to your site you can use the Mozbar extension Seo tool and get full site details.

Actually, this tool provides a platform where you can get the benefits of keyword research, page analysis, and link data from inside the browser.

10 – Seo tool for insight strategy.

Official Site – Buzzsumo


Buzzsumo SEO tool for insight strategy

This is a great tool, that I prefer to other users that one should try this tool and get the benefit to mastering your competitor strategy.

Actually while targeting a competitive keyword, then you need high-quality strategies, Means strategies that let your competitor down toward you.

And to build such kind of strategy you need to know whole competitor insight strategy like, social shares, Backlink, and words of content that have been used by your competitor.

So to get your competitor insight value, then here Buzzsumo helps you to master your content strategies through targeting competitor strategy.

Want to know How to Master your content, just go through the link.Buzzsumo 2 in 1 SEO tool to mastering your competitor strategy

11- Keyword ranking checker SEO tools

Official site – Rankfinder

keyword ranking finder

Once you had completed your task “Means” publish your content its time to wait and see that where your content has been ranking.

Here has been ranking “Means” that your keyword content doesn’t performance similar in all countries, Your keyword has different results with country wise.

So get to see the accurate result of your keyword you need a rank finder tool, which helps to find your keyword ranking.

Actually, there is plenty of keyword ranking checker online tool, Which keeps you update for your particular keyword ranking.

In my opinion, I used rank finder, Which let me know the Accurate keyword ranking result, and the best thing about this rank checker tool is having a user-friendly dashboard.

And to use this tool you have to place your keyword in the search box and select the targeted country and your current country location.

But Here it only shows the list of top 100 pages result, and the best you get the feature from this tool is? You will see an increase or decrease in the ranking performance report of any keyword.

“Means” If you search any keyword and find that keyword in 21 number in the top 100-page list and after a week or month you come back to find same keyword result.

It will show the result in an increase or decrease value in percentage of your keyword, which helps you to get to see the keyword performance.

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Conclusion –

In this post, All SEO tool is used from self Author and had well experience with theses SEO tool, Actually, there are lots of SEO tool which you get to see in this digital marketing field.

But here in this post, Some are free to use and some is a freemium tool, but you will get the full benefits of important features with free access.

Why this tool? cause as a beginner it is not a good idea to get access and start up with paid services and some of we cant effort for paid SEO tool services which are too costly.

For any query or suggestion feel free to comment on the comment section box.if seems post is helpful to you please share to other friends.

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