How to use chrome extensions on mobile | Chrome extension android.

Using chrome extensions on mobile is easier just you need to complete some easy task.

We know that how important is google chrome addon to make all desktop work easy using powerful google chrome browser extensions.

But more of browser extensions are always in use, Means there are plenty of useful extensions available on google extensions store.

Which are helpful to use in your mealtime for your documentation, Social media management, and other office work, etc.

But the problem was google addon was not available or you can say it was not easy to use browser extensions on mobile or android devices.

And most of the android users who where techie guy finds the way to use chrome extensions on mobile.

But some of the users are still finding the way how to use chrome extensions for android.

Well if you are one of them searching for easy to use tips and tricks to enjoy your all favorite Browser extension on your android devices.

You are at the right place to know how you can install browser extensions from the google extension store to your android mobile.

Chrome extensions on mobile

How to use Google Chrome extensions for android?

Quick note – To get chrome extension android to be installed in your mobile devices, we will use a play store to install browser extensions.

That helps you to easily use all your mobile chrome extension as you used google chrome addon on your desktop.

Note – Before you get started I want to “head up” that to get a good experience from the installed browser extension.

Make sure to update your play store, cause if your play store is updated you will get the latest version.

Let’s have a look at how you can use the best chrome extensions on mobile android device.

Like Grammarly, Semrush writing assistant, Seominon SEO tool, keyword everywhere keyword research tool, Nimbus screenshot capture, etc.

Well to get all favorite chrome extensions on mobile we will use or you can say install two browser extensions from the google play store.

Kiwi browser and Yandex browser that offers to access google chrome extension store.

Let’s have a look

How to install the kiwi browser to get chrome extensions on mobile?

First, before you install the kiwi browser from your google play store make sure that you are using an updated version of google play store.

Kiwi Chrome android browser

Next in your google play store search for the kiwi browser and make it install.

Once you have installed the kiwi browser open it and at the upper search bar write down or copy and paste chrome://extention and click to search.

Kiwi extensions android browser

You will be redirected to the developer mode or chrome extension development mode.

At the right side upper corner, you will see a developer mode button which will be in default disable mode, just Enable it.

As you enable developer mode, you give them permission to kiwi browser to access google extensions store to use chrome browser extension on mobile.

Well as you enable developer mode at the bottom.

You will see a “find the extension” option click on it or on the top of the search bar search “

Kiwi chrome android extension browser

As you search It will redirect you to the mobile chrome extension dashboard.

Well, you have completed all tasks to make your android device to install and use all google extension store in mobile.

Where are plugin in chrome google extension store?

If you are using desktop it is easy to find all your plugin or extension ( Here Plugin and extensions are similar words) at the left side upper corner below the search bar.

You will see an App option with a square colorful dot. just click on it.

And you will redirect to the chrome app dashboard page and from that dashboard select webstore and click on it.

As you click you will be redirected to the chrome extensions store/plugin store.

Now you can easily search and install all favorite extensions or plugin and make your work done easily.

And to find chrome webstore Extention from the mobile you have to open your wiki browser and click on three dot feature options.

Which you will see at the right side upper corner and select extension or you can search ” chrome://extention “.

It will redirect to the google chrome webstore, Here at the left side upper corner you will see a search box,

Select from available extensions to install from the Extention dashboard or you can search in the search box to install.

You can also use this method to manage all extensions install or uninstall.

As you used to manage chrome browser extension on Desktop.

Let’s Move on to our next browser extension

How to install chrome extensions on mobile using Yandex browser?

The one useful browser extensions we have discussed in the above paragraph.

Now let talk about how you can use Yandex browser Application (App).

Actually, it also works as a similar to the wiki browser app.

Well, both browser Applications work as google addon chrome to access google extension store.

Allowing a browser application on your mobile make easier to use your all favorite extensions on your android device.

How to use Chrome extensions on mobile yandex  browser

First, move on to install Yandex browser application that helps add extensions to chrome on your mobile device.

It,s simple to open your google play store and search for the Yandex browser.

Click to install, and once installed the Yandex browser application on your android device.

Open it and type or copy & paste ” ” in the upper search box option and click to search.

It Works as Similar to KiWi Browser.

You will be redirected to the Chrome extensions dashboard.

Now you can type your favorite extensions from the upper left side corner search box or you can select available google chrome addon from the Webstore dashboard.

And click to download extensions file folder or add to manage your all extensions open your Yandex browser select the three-dot feature option.

Here you will see all Yandex feature option select extensions and from here you can manage you’re all google chrome add ons to install or uninstall from your mobile device

Well, it is easier to use then wiki browser extensions but both browsers are good to use your favorite chrome extensions on mobile devices.

How to use google chrome extensions android using a chrome extension store?

Well, there is another old method you can use instead of installing the Browser Application on your mobile.

How to use Chrome addons android.

With the help of desktop google chrome addon store, you can use your all favorite extensions on mobile, just with taking a few easy steps.

Let’s have a look

First, move on to your desktop and open chrome web store if you don’t know How to get to your google chrome webstore you can read the above paragraph.

Now in the chrome web store search phone to chrome and click add to chrome.

And next search “phone to chrome” on your mobile google play store and install.

Quick note – To use this tactic you need a Gmail id to link each other to get to access google chrome addon on your mobile device.

Once you have installed a phone to chrome in your chrome browser you will see the following message.

“Google Chrome to Phone extensions is installed (you can manage your installed extensions by clicking extension in tool menu ) “

Now Move on to grant permission to phone to chrome to access your Gmail account.

Just sign in creating your user name and password and hit on allow the button to your google to access to configure.

Next step moves on to mobile devices and opens the installed “chrome to phone” application.

And click next to configure your email account to access the app and click to next.

Now you will be redirected to the dashboard option Submit your email to get a link to connect your Mobile devices.

To know more about How to connect Google Chrome to phone? Visit the link Here

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