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Definition of a blog defines the Purpose of content declaration standard vocabulary of a language, What is an delivery by the SEO blog to the web browser.

And according to (Wikipedia) blogging definition of a blog (a truncation of “weblog”) is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (posts).

Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order so that the most recent post appears first When web browser renders a web page.

But in simple language definition of a blog is, It is a method to store and display your information, Ideas and make it visible for the browser to display your Seo content directly through a web browser to the visitors.

All stored contents are a visual or text-based blog where visual-based content delivers to the human languages and text based content are for machine language (HTML, CSS, and java, etc other marks up languages) for search browsers.

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Meaning of a blog | Definition of a blog |

Blogging meaning is to stand for to define blog in different Manners in particular information, ideas, Infographic, Pictures, Videos, Images Podcast, audio of content to make it visible on the internet to let your blog visible to the internet user, who are seeking information related to your content.

To create content you need a platform, where you can write down your information, ideas based content that can be visualized by the different browsers.

First, there was the only blog run by a web developer who creates their blog by themselves known as manual blogging but now there are different types of content management systems which makes it easy for anyone to create a website and start there blogging journey.

What is the blog stands for | examples of a blog | Definition of a blog Website?

Blogs stand for different manners Means,  the blogger used to blog about business, Product or services, personal blog, Affiliate marketing blog, etc.

Actually there are different types of blogging meaning but all blog purpose is to write down information, ideas on their blog to engage more visitors and grow their blog audience rapidly.

What are the examples of the blog | How to define Definition of a blog |

  • Personal blog.
  • Business blog
  • Niche blog
  • Micro Niche blog
  • Affiliate blog
  • Niche Affiliate blog
  • Micro niche Affiliate blog
  • eCommerce blog

Actually there are plenty of blogs like food & recipe blog, Diy & craft blog, fashion blog, etc all blogs are particular examples of niche related blogs.

examples of niches to make tons of money fast

Are blog free | how to create tons of money making blog | Simple Definition of a blog |

If you are looking to create a blog then you should know that there are two types of blogging platforms, One is a free platform to use with a subdomain and the second one is a paid platform with a personal custom domain.

Its depends on you if you want to create a free blogging platform then there are many content management platform or blog sites Which provide a free platform with subdomain .for example https:// (Subdomain).

And if you are willing to use a paid platform then there are plenty of platforms available to create custom domain blogs for example –

Note – If you are looking to make tons of money fast then a paid blogging platform is the one way to start up and earn money from different sources.

For example, Displaying ad network Google AdSense, Contextual advertising ad network, Affiliate marketing, and Through Paid sponsored post, etc.

list of free blogging platform

What is a Definition of a blog Blogspot & how to use google blogging platforms for free?

Blogspot is a google product and known as a free platform,Actually, google is the first blogging platform which was available for free to use.

And to create a blog on blogspot you need a domain name and a google Gmail account to create your blog how to create a free blog? Best Practice to do blogging for a beginner.

Visit the link where I mentioned full A to Z information that how to create a blog for free.

What is an custom domain blog platform?

There are different types (Content management system) available to create your own Seo blog website just you have to simply purchase a domain and hosting services to host your site.

If you are a beginner and non-techie guy then you can use the same hosting company hosting and domain, there are plenty of hosting companies.

That provides a platform to purchase the domain and hosting For example Site ground and some hosting provide a free domain for one year if you buy one of their hosting plans for example hostinger.

Recommended hosting for wordpress Site ground

Web Hosting

For another website hosting hostinger is the best hosting company.

Do you don’t know how to find the best hosting visit the link Who is thing hosting company?

Can you make money blogging Definition of a blog

Yes, you can, if you target a particular niche related blog then you can easily earn passive income direct through your blog.

No matters what type of blog you have or it free subdomain blog or it is a custom domain blog there are different ways to make money online through your blog.

Note– Custom domain has a priority in google search engine and other search engine but Sub domain dont looks trustworthy.

The best way to make money through a subdomain blog is to get through the social media marketing strategy, which means you have to find a list of Social media to create an account and join an affiliate marketing program and promote their product and services through social media platforms.

And attract visitors on your blog and convert those visitors to purchase products and services.

What is the Definition of a blog & Important of Niches?

If you are looking for to create a particular niche related blog website, Then Niche is a very important task to define blog content in particular manners.

Particular niche defines the purpose of your blog and makes it easy for your audience to find particular niche related category wise information.

Most blogs contain links to websites you think your readers would be interested in, or to a post on someone else’s blog that pertains to what you’re discussing in your blog.

Bloggers can even hold “conversations” between their blogs, with each blogger agreeing or disagreeing with another blogger’s posts.

What is blog posting on website?

The website is a container, Which includes all website structure data in machine learning languages to make web browser to render your web page and make it visible to the user.

But users dont type particular URL to find the information they search query on search engine browser with targeting a particular keyword.

Some Interesting Suggested link of keyword  tools





So that Why blog post on your website help user easily to find out keyword related blog post, Its depend on you what type of particular niche related keyword post you have.

Actually, website blog posts are known as SEO content “Means” well SEO optimized content.

Visit the link What is Seo How it works? to understand the basic funda of search engine optimisation.

Ideas for bloggers to keep in mind before starting a blog

In Simple language there are not any boundation on posting content on your blog, you can post what you want, but if you are looking to your post to be visible for other users.

Then you need a platform where users can easily found your blog post content and for that, you need to submit your website URL on Google search console or other search engine console to index.

Your website URL and show that particular blog post on search engine page result, whenever any visitor types and search or enter your content match keyword on the search engine.

Note – All search engine has the term, condition, and rule, Your blog post content must follow their guideline and Irrelevant Content rules that create violence are prohibited on all search engine browser.

What should I write about ? or What are the examples of blog post?

Blog writing is an art of mindset and known as content marketing as I talk about before in paragraph anyone can blog about anything that you want to write.

Its a consistency base blog writing skill, you have to write blog consistently to improve your blogging skill and that also helps to improve page rankings on google.

There are different types of top blogging & example of the blog post, you can write down whatever you want, but remember that if you are writing content to make it publicly then avoid writing irrelevant content.

Cause such content are not indexable in search engine browser and if by mistake your content gets indexed your content will be not visible in the search engine to the 100-page ranking list.

Other contents are well visualized by the search engine browser, You can share any topic related information including your own opinion.

There are short-form content, Long-form content, extra-large form content (essay) even personal notes are visualized as a blog post.

Actually there are different types of famous blogs about Jornal writing, thoughts on digital marketing, Movie reviews or particular product and services related information, Videos, Audio, Images whatever visualized content you want to post.

Even you can create a blog about discussing forum blog and conversation blog and lets other users access with sign up process to start comment and discussion.

Top Names of the blogger in google blogging field to follow and their examples of a blog

There are a different type of blogger in google from a different niche but here I am posting Some Popular blogger names and their beneficial post related to blogging, Which help you to understand Basic to advance knowledge of blogging.

Harsh Agrawal Known as blog scientist

An Indian blogger which has great name and fame, His blogs content are helpful to those users who are beginners and looking to create a blog.

In his blog post, you will get basic to advance blogging aspect and Money making blog tips through an ad network or affiliate marketing Which is helpful for beginner to entrepreneur.

And his most blog are easy to read and understandable even if you are not a specialist in English languages,  never minds all words are the simple word which are easy to read and understand the whole content without eye blink.

He also provides a video-based content to his user to properly understand the senses of content.

Blog name –

Youtube Chanel – Shout Me Loud

Neil Patel is known as a digital marketing expert 

Neil Patel is well grown up Marketer in Digital marketing and has plenty of followers around the world.

His blog are also written in simple words that let the user understand easily, Actually, you can say he is a content writing expert.

To his blog, you will learn all digital aspects that improve your marketing knowledge and SEO fact to improve your blog web page rankings on google.

And also the creator of a free All in one Seo tool ubersuggest 3.0 & Keyword research tool Ubersuggest 2.0

Blog Name –

Youtube Chanel – Neil Patel

Brian Dean is Known as a Seo expert

Known as a Seo expert and a king of an Infographic. Do you know these different types of tactics to write content which is a good example for a beginner to start up their blog?

In his content you will learn plenty of Famous blog posts of Seo expert, Like -How to do Seo, 200 Seo ranking Factor and How to create a backlink, etc.

And the best thing about his content is you will not only see text-based content also you will find beautiful Infographic based content to easily visualize the author’s senses of content.

Blog Name –

Youtube Chanel – Back Linko

These are the famous blogger in google to learn basic blog creation to advance blogging Knowledge, Once you follow or read or watch their video Content you will realize.

That Day by Day you will you have improved lots of skill of all digital marketing aspect like about Seo, Backlink, keyword tool, SEO tools, etc.

And kind of interest to move your SEO content web page rankings on google and find your blog content on google search engine top 10 Page result.

Conclusion :

In this post, I have mentioned all aspect related to blogging, which makes easy to understand the full detail Definition of a blog and information about blogging.

And also you will get to learn of the module of the blog and how to create tons of money-making blogs.

For an example of the blog, I have also mentioned the name of the blogger blog that has great impact on beginner to advance level blogging interesting stuff.

And some Affiliate links which make it easy for you to create your own custom domain blog website.

For any query or suggestion feel free to comment on a section box, I will be glad to hear some interesting comments from you related to this post.

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