12 Alternative best free blogging platform for beginners

If you are here, then it means that you need some useful tips and tricks that which alternative free blogging platform or blogging medium.

It is good to start up to create a blog a blog for beginner and become a professional blogger using the free blogging medium.

I feel proud to be your mentor to guide you that how you can find the best free blogging platform to start up with using the free blogging medium.

I also turn around some difficulties, which face while starting a blog for beginner an entrepreneur.

In this post, I have not compared any free blogging platform that, which will be the best CMS(content management system) platform is good to start up.

Only just explain why one should use a blogger platform and how to find the best niche for your blog to start up, according to your interest field.

I always recommend new entrepreneurs and beginners to start their journey via free blogging platform blogger .com or weebly.com.

Which is free of cost, where you can start your blog journey and build confidence.

If you are a beginner and looking to find out or doing web-based research to find, which platform to use them without hesitation.

You can start your journey with blogger.com or weebly.com .you have to just sign up via Gmail id and go through via step by step and create a free blog.

Best free blogging platform or blogging medium?

Here is the list of the best free blogging platforms of blogging medium with some basic information.


It provides a free CMS (content management system) platform, where you can use the wix.com platform to start or create your free blog.

And write your content, it is known for providing services like Website builders, Business Management, and Web hosting, etc.

Wix was founded in 2006 more than 12 years ago and was created by Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahmi, and Giora Kaplan.

It provides free and paid services, where free services have a limitation to use his service.

but paid services provide an ultimate power drag and drop page builder tool to redesign your theme and templates.

And make a website design look professional and awesome.

It provides a storage capacity of 500 MB with 500MB bandwidth.


Yola was founded by Vinny Lingham(co-founder and former CEO) and Bren Viljoen (Co-founder and CPO).

Yola is a South Africa (Content Management System) Services provider which is Known for website builders and website hosting.

And it is similar to other content management System Services providers like (Wix, Weebly, and Webs).

Yola provides a (content management system) CMS in different features.

  • Free services
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Premium

Yola Free

service provides a facility that you can only get 3 pages to write for each and every post.

And give a facility to use basic web builders tool to customize and build your website easily.

Yola Bronze

It is a paid service from yola, you have to pay some cheap amount to get bronze premium.

And get unlimited bandwidth including 2 GB storage and free domain via a private register in $49.95 a year.

Yola Silver

Provide many extra tools and additional features according to bronze services.

It includes 5 GB storage and unlimited premium style and creates an awesome website via using drag and drop tools.

In the silver feature, it provides a tool from which you can remove any third party ads of owner credit brands from yola sites.

With the normal cost of $99.95 for annual to use silver Awesome features services.

Yola Gold-

Yola gold has known for its Awesome features for search engine optimization.

which is similar in some features to the WordPress Yoast plugin.

It provides a platform for keyword placement and also provides a full site search optimization and traffic reporting Analytic etc.

Yola premier

It is a one-time process, where you find plenty of tools and features and also provide all benefit of yola silver.

And include features of web developer HTML 5 designs and professional 5-page websites. It provides a storage capability of 1 GB with 1 GB bandwidth.


Weebly Founder where David Rusenko, Dan Veltri, Chris Fanini and was founded on March 29,2006, More than 12 years ago.

It provides a content management System and Known for Web builders and web hosting.

Weebly provides a free and paid platform, where you can easily sign up and create an awesome website.

It drags and drops feature is comfortable to use, Where you can easily create a new awesome website and run on the search engine.

But it provides a drag and drop option had a great future which converts your website into the mobile site.

Even it is similar to blogger.com similar to blogger.com where you have to buy a custom domain to use other features.

It also provides unlimited storage like blogger.com provides for his user.

Actually, Weebly also provides an Awesome feature tool, where once you have to sign up for it premium plan to become a registered user.

And you can build a more interesting website with its website builder tools. But it doesn’t provide such features to free version users.

But the free version had good and enough feature to those users, who are an entrepreneur.

You can access anytime to premiere version and become a registered user.

Where you can find plenty of tools to build or create an awesome website without being an expert in coding and programming.

Weebly provides a features tool, where you have to don’t worry about for your SEO reach it Automatically optimize your blog post.

It provides a storage capacity of 500 MB with Unlimited bandwidth.


Webnode is an online website builder system and development by westcom, Ltd.
Web node was launched in June 2006, providing services CMS (content management system).

It free 100mb storage, 1 GB monthly bandwidth and 100mb file size limit and page builder and templates. And it provides the user a simple interface features.

Where user can create a website via using drag and drop tool to make your blog photo Images and much more to look awesome.

And Provide free service but via having an offer for limitation but it also provides paid service where you can get more storage bandwidth and extra feature.

It also provides a platform to run a personal business and E-commerce website.
Webnode’s best feature is you can easily operate with smartphones online.


Webs hosting service, company -Free Webs, co-founder were two brothers’ Haroon mukhtar Zada and Zkiy mukhtar Zada.

And was founded in 2001 and provides a free and paid web hosting service.

The web is a hosting site where you can use this platform free you don’t need any money to start your blog.

But if you need your own domain name you have to buy a custom domain to make your website look professional.

It welcomes with site builder product which is known as site builder 3 which provides drag and drop option.

The best part of it is you don’t need to be an expert on any type of coding or expert in technical designer or programmer.

It also provides a professional design theme to make your website look dynamic pages like, contact our services and about us, etc.

You don’t need to do extra work, just used site builder 3 tool drag and drop and customize your website.

Webs also provide a feature, where you can optimize your search with SEO booster and more customizable themes via a simple share option.

You can easily track your traffic and visitor which using the status tool.

The user can access the premium package via a free custom domain and find awesome features to create your website to look professional.

It provides to his user 40+ MB storage and 400 monthly Bandwidth.


Medium is an online publishing service where it provides the user to host their content.

It was launched on August 15, 2012, and created and founded by Evan Willams.

You Can create Your account as a registered user and host your content.

It provides free service you have to just sign up with your Google account or facebook account.

A medium is a place where you can read and write articles it also is known as the best platform for blogging like WordPress blogger Webbly and many more others.

If you have a passion to write article news story etc and publish it publicly.

Actually, it provides a channel communication where other users post their article story news on the medium platform and people are engaged with reading and writing for Each Other post.

And provide a platform where the user has to write an article, news should be long and then 140 characters.

It is the best platform to create a website and start blogging either you are an entrepreneur or professional.

Angel fire

Angel fire provides both free and paid service. Where free service has some limitations in his features.

But after assessing it paid service you can control all features to create an awesome and professional website.

It is one of the oldest service providers, which was launched in 1996 by Lycos which also owned tripod.Com.

Angel fire is known for hosting service where it provided webmail email service for the Lycos domain.

But all these features are for the only premium user only and it is completely recoded in HTML5.

And the best thing about the medium is, it provides a drag and drop features interface tool.

Where you can easily customize your website according to your interest.

You don’t need to be an expert in HTML coding, or programmer and also provide free domain name when you buy one of the premium plans.

It provides approximately 200 templates to make your website look professional.

And it also provides a storage capability of 20 MB with 1 GB bandwidth.


Tripod.com and Angel fire is owned by the same owner Lycos and was founded in 1992 and officially launched in 1995.

It was created by college’s classmate Former student Bo Peabody, Bret Hershey, and Dick Sabot.

Tripod provided free service, where it offers free blogging tools and hosting via basic features.

Includes additional disk space, shopping craft, free domain name, and pop / IMAP email.

It also provides a drag and drops features, where you can easily or simply customize your website and pages with a professional look.

With using drag and drop option you can drag your photo album, social feeds, and e-commerce widgets, etc.

It also provides a mobile-friendly website, where you can customize your website layout for a desktop computer, tablet, mobile, and other small-screen devices.

And provides a 20 MB storage and 1 GB monthly bandwidth for his user


Ucoz provides free and paid service to the user and it is known as a content management service provider.

It provides a platform where users can run a website as a blog, online shopping, web forum, etc.

Ucoz was launched on 29 October 2005 and it provides a free web service and paid web service.

It is the website that was format and development by the combined experience of several developers and Company uCoz media.

It provides a storage Cafe capability of 400mb with unlimited bandwidth and file size limit not more than 15 MB.

As other free website uCOZ also provide a page builder facilities and advance Tech templates but the best thing is it provides an ad-free blog for free service.

And all other free features IMO similar to hosting web hosting and website building site.


Jimdo is a free hosting web hosting service provider and its founders were Matthias Henze, Christian Springub and Fridtjof Detzner and launch on 19 February 2007.

It provides a web service platform under some domain like other web hosting company website service provider.

And It is known for offering free web hosting service and paid service Jimdo pro and Jimdo business paid service. Jimdo provides website builder for Android and iOS.

It provides his free user with 2GB bandwidth and monthly file size limitation 10 MB to 100mb MB with 500 Mb storage capacity.


Blogger is a Google product that was developed by Pyra Labs and owned by Google in 2003.

Actually, the blogger was the first website which welcomes with free blogging interface and was launched by Pyra lab on August 23, 1999.

Blogger is the best blogging site for beginners and provides a platform where you can use various types of templates and facility to customize the theme.

And also provides a mobile-friendly feature that automatically customizes post, it provides hand by service.

Where you have to set up a default or custom option to make a blog look mobile friendly.

It provides a mobile operating system Android and IOS and provides the facility to users to edit their blog, save in a draft or publish through blogger apps.

Free domain registration and facility to monetize your blog and earn revenue from Google AdSense ad.

It provides a storage capacity of 100 MB with 1 GB/day bandwidth.


WordPress.com is one of the famous website, which provides content management system CMS.Where user can sign in and create a free website.

But the most 60 percent website in the world is running on WordPress. org which is paid the service provider.

WordPress.com provides free service to his register user and was launched on November 21, 2005, and created and owned by Automattic.

It shows the third party ads on your blog if you use free service wordpress.com.

WordPress.com provides 3 GB storage with unlimited bandwidth and file size limit for his free register user.

And also provide features with the facility to customize your website template to create your website as a professional look.

It provides a facility to upgrade free service to a paid premium to get your website registered with your own domain name.

Those are some free blogging platforms, where you can choose an alternative to find which is the best free blogging platform to your startup.

Use full tips and tricks blog for beginners.

How you can find the best niche and keywords to start up your blogging website?

If you want to find a niche to start up your blog or looking to create a blog for the long term.

Then you have to understand your passion through your content writing skills.

Yes, if you are a beginner and looking to be a professional blogger then you have to questions yourself.

Which niche type of content you can provide for your users? Is your niche content beneficial for others?

Always remember always select those niche, in which you have the passion to gain information and serve content.

To find a perfect niche to start a new blog, you have to do some experiments and research.

Here Research and experiment do not mean that you have to work out on the laboratory, it is a simple work that you have to do yourself.

You have to do research for 2 particular things first is your Niche and second is keyword research.

Niche blog for beginner

Even I found this trick to find a particular niche to start the carrier as blogging.

Because I also have to face this problem, how to find a particular niche, while I was a beginner and looking to start up through blogging medium.

While selecting a niche, you have to first find out 10 niches in which you have the interest to write content.

Why I told you to select 10 niche cause as a beginner, we have much more confidence that you can write 10 plus content for a particular niche.

But Actually while writing content mostly you can write 700 plus word not for each niche only for 2 or 3 Niche.

And those 2 or 3 niches are optional niche from which you have to select one of them and start your blogging website.

If you find difficulties to choose, which one is the best niche then you can take the form of writing long term content?

Then go to the blogger dashboard on the right side you get a drop-down option to create a new blog.

Just create a blog for that 2 or 3 niches which you find optional, after creating a blog write 300 plus word daily.

For each and every particular niche and try this method for one week you will automatically find your perfect niche.

Cause in which niche you have interested you gain more information to Write and in which you don’t have interested avoid via excuse.

These are the simple tactic to get or find out perfect Niche to startup via a free blogging platform and create a blog.

For more deeply information to start up via blogger .com you can read my post on how to create a blog on blogger.com it is one of My best posts for a beginner.

Keyword research for a blogging website

Keyword research is one of the most important parts to rank your blog in the search engine’s first-page result.

If you are a beginner you have to do plenty of work to find the best keyword to write content and rank on search engine top 10 results.

But here I provide best and tips and tricks information about some tool which is free and easy to use.

Keyword everywhere

It is a chrome extension tool and set up on chrome browser.

When you search any particular keyword on chrome browser you find information in below and in the sidebar.

Where it shows keyword search volume, car, and competitor, you have to select one of those keywords.

Always remember to use those keywords which have high CTR, it gives your blog Authority to rank on the search engine.

After selecting a perfect keyword related to your niche, the next step is to go to the siteliner.


Actually, it provides free and paid services, but you have to only use free services.

You have to paste your keyword on-site liner search result, after pasting your keyword you find more than 10 suggestion keyword.

Find 2 suggestion keyword which has high CTR and high volume ranking and know you have two keywords. The next step goes to Google trends.

Google trend

Actually, it is a free tool of Google where you can find which keyword is in a trending topic.

And it also provides features where you can compare the particular keyword and find which keyword has the best search result.

You have to compare your both keywords and find, which keyword has the best result; and you can use that keyword for your content writing.

So these are the two important points of Niche and Keyword planning, where we find it difficult, which starts with how to?

I think you have got it that how to find the best Niche and keywords for your content.

Now have a look best free blogging platform blogger, which provide features, where you can write free blog content via lifetime hosting.

There are two types of blogging Medium for a blogging website.

  •  Fully blog CMS is a platform, where you can write unlimited words there is no limitation of the word. Freely writes how many words you want. Exp- (blogger, Weebly, WordPress ), etc.
  •  Microblogging it is a platform, where you can write only in limited word, which will be required by the blogging platform which you choose for your blog. exp-(Twitter, Tumblr, Quora)

I always recommend the new beginner to start their journey via free blogging platform blogger .com or weebly.com.

This is free of cost, where you can start your blog journey and build confidence.

If you are a beginner and looking to find out or doing web-based research to find, which platform to use than without hesitation.

You can start your journey with blogger.com or weebly.com .you have to just sign up via Gmail id and go through via step by step and create a free blog.

Why do I suggest you start up with a blogger blogging medium?

If you want to move from beginner blogger to professional blogger.

Then blogger is a best free blogging platform, where Nothing is difficult to understand, means all things are done handly for example -theme customization, create a page and many more,

But it is too easy to learn beginner. Even it has a great platform via a cool interface to work, No need for extra coding knowledge.

If you want to use third-party service, you can easily copy and paste in your HTML theme Header section or in the footer section.

You can create a type of niche blog not more than 100 blogs and Handel it from your one Google account.

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In this post, I have not compared any free blogging platform, that which content management system platform is good to start up.

Only just explain basic information of some best free blogging medium platform that makes it easy to understand to create a blog for beginner.

Chose which platform is best for the blogging website according to your interest?

For any query or suggestion feel free to comment on the comment section box.

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