How to make money online faster through blogging free?

If you are motivated by others and looking for a genuine way how to make money online faster or  How to create a blog for free and make money.

Or How to make create a blog for free and money online then you are in the right place to get going your journey via blogging and make money online free.

But before you start to enjoy your journey via making money online you must have the acknowledgment of some key point of a successful blogger.

Because being a successful blogger only you can dividend of How to make money online faster via blogging which is free of cost to get Dividends from your blog.

Here are the key points. that you have to keep in your mind before you start up the first blog.

  • You have to build a passion to do research for a particular Niche.
  • Strong determination.
  • Being habitual to keep patience.
  • Be habitual for doing and practice.
  • Be creative Mind (Do the same thing but in different manners)

If you don’t have or see the capability in yourself then quit or stay away from this blogging field.

Because it is a long-term journey to get success and find the relevant answer of how to make money online faster or how to create a blog and make money online free through blogging.

Let’s have a look at our main topic.

How to make money online faster through blogging free? for beginners.

The question How to make money online free which flip in our mind is it real or genuine.

My answer is yes, you can but it took long terms of days, month and year to get Answer of the question How to make money online.

To be a successful blogger you need a strong determination and patience to get going your blog year by year and increase your earning sources.

Like – Doing Affiliate Marketing, Selling Digital products and services, through Advertisement and through Ad networks like Google Ad senses and Media net, etc.

You can get or you can say there are plenty of income sources to generate income in the Digital world. Once you start engaging your visitor and audience on your blog.

Before I start to provide you with a relevant answer to How to make money online free with a blog? I want to point out between you.

That there is plenty of CMS content management systems services provider, which provide a free platform to use their services.

You can check out the list of content management system or list of blog sites to start your blog journey via free of cost and make or earn passive income via blogging.

But in this post, I am passionate to introduce you via blogger which is a Google platform and known worldwide to create a free blog and make or earn money online.

And if you are a beginner and trying to create your own blog then you must try once a blogger platform.

blog on blogger online free

Why do I suggest a beginner start their blogging journey with a blogger?

A thing that I notice in blogger is you don’t have to be professional in a programming language to use blogger dashboard, interface, and feature, etc.

Actually, it is made for beginners who want to start their blogging journey and turn in to beginner to entrepreneur and professional in the blogging field.

Blogger is a genuine as Google you can have trust in the blogger platform to join and start your blogging journey.

Actually, Most people are not trusted to use or start their journey via free Sources or you can say services that provide a free platform to use their services.

I don’t mean that every free service provider is not genuine because there are plenty of services that provide a free platform to get going on your blog journey.

But in the free platform, we get some limited features to get going via your blog. And to use Advance features you have to upgrade via their paid or premium features services.

And in these cases, the blogger is a good platform to use. Where you can get free features and templates.

Actually, blogger is also a free platform but there are not any hidden features all features are distributed in open sources.

And the best thing about the blogger is you can get features of Google Adsense which is inbuilt in the blogger features dashboard.

Once you have complete eligibility it automatically notifies you that you are capable to join and be a partner via Google Ad sense to make money.

It is not mandatory that you can only use Google ad sense on the blogger platform you can also make money through other sources.

Like – Affiliate, Media net, other ad networks, selling products and services, etc through your blog.
Why blogger is more beneficial for beginners to increase their blog visibility on the Search engine?

Blogger is a platform where you can speed up your blog post via submitting your blog URL on the webmaster tool.

Also, read –  How to set up your blog setting on blogger.

Via blogger, you can improve your search engine ranking because Google gives a priority to rank faster on the search engine but it depends on your content On page and Off page SEO.

You have to don’t worry about your loading speed, actually, blogger provides templates or theme which are mobile friendly and SEO friendly.

This makes your blog post rank faster on Google or any search engine without any issues.

Must read – How to write SEO friendly and User-friendly content.

Let’s have a look

How to get started via blogger and make money?

Before you start to create a blog on the blogger platform you must have a Google Gmail Account.

If you don’t have a Gmail account you can simply go to the Google Gmail and create a new Gmail account. it is free and easy to use interface.

To start to create your blog on blogger simply search on browser, you will be redirected to the blogger dashboard.
how to make money master through blogging

Where it provides a user-friendly interface dashboard on the blogger platform.

You have to simply put your Gmail Address to sign up to create a blogger blog account. Give a specific URL and blog name, and select a theme that suits your blog.

It’s done you have created a blog on blogger and now your blog is ready for your content.

Why blogger is beneficial to create an account to make money online free?

Blogger has a great platform that is known for its user-friendly blog creation platform.

You can get plenty of dynamic templates to manage your blog site design that looks Awesome and user-friendly.

The benefit of the blogger is you can create 100 blogs via your single or one Gmail account.

And that’s why most of the newbie bloggers use this platform to find out which niche site blog they can run consistently and frequently.

I don’t suggest any newbie and beginner that always run your blog on blogger.

You can use this platform for individual and intermediate once you start you confident high and start to engage traffic on your blog you can move on to self-hosted blog like as other professional bloggers.

And the one most reason is to avoid bloggers is it doesn’t give full access to control your blog.

Blogger keeps the priority to delete your blog whenever it finds irrelevant activities and violent material on your blog.

For more information visit– blogger guideline page.

But it still beneficial to start up as a beginner and get going your blog as a part-time or full time.

How to make money with blogging on the blogger platform?

Blogger is a great and genuine platform to make money without investing any cheap amount.

In this Digital world, there is no limitation of earning you can find plenty of income sources to make money through your blog.

Doing Affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, Media .net, Selling Digital product and services third-party product through your blog, through accepting the donation, and showing third-party Ads on your blog, etc.

There are plenty of income sources to make money for more information read.

But on blogger, it provides a platform where it introduces Adsense features in his dashboard interface which is inbuilt manually.

You don’t need to get to sign up for Google Adsense on your search browser.

It automatically notifies you that you are eligible for Google Adsense approval; you can sign up to be the partner with Google Adsense to make money.

Notable Advice – before you sign up for Google Adsense for approval, you have to complete your blog construction work.

Like – Privacy policy, contacts us, and Pages, etc. Also, read – How to create a blog to get Google Adsense approval in the First Attempt?

Advice- Always remembers that earning via blogging not means it is a one day game or one-day presentation and work.

It took lots of work constantly in frequently manners with strong determination.

You have to work constantly more than 3 months to 6 months until you not start engaging traffic on your blog and start earning via passive income.

But without traffic you can’t earn money through blogging platform your content must me be SEO friendly and User-friendly.

How to write SEO friendly blog post to engage traffic on your blog?

There is plenty of criteria set up by Google or other search engines to find out what type of information or services you have on your content.

With targeting keyword which you placed on your content to get Search engine crawler to find out which keyword related information you are targeting.

And that why SEO friendly post is most important to rank your blog on the search engine to get relevant and genuine organic traffic from search engine.

To get on eye on search engine crawler. Your content word quantity must be more than your competitor.

Who is running their content on search engine first-page results for the same keyword?

Long length word content gives a priority to improve your keyword Density on your content and such content improve your content ranking on Search engine result.

And such posts are the user-friendly post and have a sense of depth information of that particular keyword for your Audience.

Also, read- Top 15 Free keyword research tool which makes your blog content to boost on the search engine.

Notable Advice – Avoid writing content without doing keyword research.

Because targeting a specific and relevant keyword make your content rich content according to ranking factor and earning factor.

I have written plenty of blog post which is related to the blog. You must read to get a more important fact about the blog.

What to do next while starting you’re earning from your blog?

As a blogger, I don’t suggest or recommended to my Audience or visitor to stay alive on the blogger platform.

You have to Move on to buy a custom domain and hosting to be your own boss of your blog.

To buy custom Domain and hosting you can search on the internet there are plenty of services on the internet.

Which provides a Domain and hosting with a cheap Amount for a monthly or yearly basis.

And there are plenty of open-source content management systems that provide free service to use their platform to design, customize and theme to create a Dynamic and Awesome professional website.

Like- Joomla, WordPress, and Magneto, etc.

Also, read – Top 15 best content management system.

Top 20 blog sites to create a dynamic website.

You can also use trending and the best hosting service provider like a Blue host, Host Gator, Hostinger and site ground, etc.

Suggestion- If you are not professional and want to grow your blog as a professional blogger then your site security and site speed are most important to rank on the search engines.

Buy a custom domain and hosting for your blog to make money online faster.

There are plenty of services that provide a free Domain via charging hosting fee or you can buy hosting and get Domain free.

But here I am talking about the two most powerful hosting services which I use for my client to manage their website and blog.

And also provide a 30-day money-back guaranty while getting any issues an error on your website speed or any security reason.

Both hosting services are Site ground and Hostinger.

And both have a great impact to improve my client website to get high uploading speed and keep secure from unwanted entries.

I am still using their services because, why I should change my services if nothing is going wrong to my website.

And now I have started Affiliate marketing of Site Ground and Hostinger. Both offer the same flexibility to join their platform or you can say use their services.

If you are looking to get your site secure and speed up website loading time on mobile devices and improve your search engine ranking.

Then Hostinger and Site ground is the best hosting services provider where you can get or buy hosting via free domain via paying a little bit cheap Amount.

If you buy or sign up to join hosting through our Affiliate link (which is separated in sidebar Layoutwe get paid via cheap Amount for our basic need.


In this post, I have generally mentioned a Genuine Way to get going your blog through blogger any earn or make money through blogging.

You can get the information related to blogging and why one should change the blogger platform within 3 to 6 months?

and the best hosting services which boost your website loading speed on mobile and other devices.

For any query or suggestion feel free to comment on a comment Section box

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