Site ground:Best cheap hosting for WordPress ,Joomla & Magneto with free ssl certificate.

Today in this digital marketing journey people are careful about the hosting platform and their services that they offer to their user.

But kindly some of the brand hosting services providers are trustable, who had the quality in their services and offer their best services to their users.

And one of them is site ground which has a great impact in the digital field and users are truly satisfied with their services and their offer, which are trustable to get.

Actually, there are plenty of hosting who offer more than good offers according to site ground but here the main topic is.

Do they do well and provide an Awesome service to their user, with their cheap attracting offer.

Most of the time this kind of cheap and attracting offer, cause serious issues and user get a penalty with drop-down their site ranking or face other issues like a site not responding, error while loading and low storage capacity, etc.

So that’s why people are serious while choosing their hosting services for a business website, and search for the user who is currently using hosting services and learns from affiliate marketing review and other reasonable information related to hosting.

Note- In this post, all information are Author thought and lots of research result, and work as an affiliate marketer to earn a little bit amount of money for an evening tea/coffee for our office staff worker.

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Let’s have a look at our step by step information guide, which helps you to decide, that How site ground hosting is good to use in the current period.

Site ground best Hosting platform

What is site ground hosting and its journey period in the digital market?

In this Digital world, We get to notice there are plenty of hosting services, Some of them have great name and fame.

some are growing their network and some of them are still struggling with their poor services and looking to get the cache to the user’s eye.

So site ground also took a long time to settle down in this digital field and according to Wikipedia it journey started since 2004 with the help of few university collages friend and known as shared hosting and dedicated server hosting platform.

And also provide some similar services like email hosting and domain registration. and offering this type of service make it unique, cause If any user visit to site ground site.

It will get the benefit to find all hosting and server services related information and using the facility in one place, the user doesn’t need to get to search for other sites to do research.

Actually, you can say site ground hosting as a brand, cause it is a big company located in Bulgaria and more than 500 employees are in this company, who look after it services to improve day by day and increase more customers.

And its data center are available in most of the brand counter and in their city like-In the US- Chicago, In London -UK, In Netherland- Amsterdam and In Singapore- Singapore.

These are the basic information, which I think it will be helpful to get a small overview of this brand company.

What are the Site ground market place and it some basic working services?

Site ground has a great market place and ties up with some brand CMS(Content Management system) services.

Actually, with using Site ground services, you will get the benefit to create your website directly through the site ground dashboard.

Means, Site ground has a tie-up with the world’s largest used content management system Like – Magneto, Joomla and WordPress etc.

So with using this platform, you can easily create your own website by using one of those blog sites for your business product or services.

I don’t recommend to get hosting for a personal blog, you can use a free CMS platform, there is plenty of CMS platform who offer free services to their user with subdomain like-blogger.

And if one of you are interested then also read – how to create a free blog on blogger

Actually, site ground is known for running a database like -Php, Apache, MySQL, WHM/c-panel on its server.

Site groundwork with multiple companies Like- panel, Cloudflare and GlobalSign, etc.

What are the benefits of Siteground hosting?

In this Digital marketing “where the competitor is growing and having a huge competition between ‘SEM vs SEO’ and all need is to start with good responsive hosting services, to stand in competitor list.

Cause in recent time loading speed, Security and uptime has a great impact and user are to secure to pay attention to Avoid this type issues to face.

And that is the reason why brand hosting services manually handle this situation by providing 24*7 customer support guarantee to resolve any kind of hosting issues.

Web Hosting

Here are the benefits you get while using Site ground hosting services:

  • 1- Uptime support – 99.99%
  • 2-Bandwith-offered by the selected plan
  • 3-Security -https secure site
  • 4- load time-714 ms
  • 5-customer support- 24*7
  • 6-Location-Selected by the user.

Actually site ground provides a user interface dashboard, where you can simply buy the hosting and easily connect your domain name.

Here you don’t need to worry about the domain name, cause while buying Site ground hosting plan.

You get a free domain(Depend on the current offer) to access to create an account with any of the content management systems offered by site ground.

Like – WordPress, Joomla, and magneto, etc. remember that site ground has a good remarkable market place and tie-up with such Brand CMS platform.

So you don’t have to worry about CMS platform you get full customer support from Site ground and from the other blog site of CMS platform, which you select to run your business.

Mostly in the running period, WordPress has a great impact in this digital marketing field, Cause of having plenty of plugins.

This helps to design your site with your self as you wish your site look like.

No need to be professional of programming languages and techie guy, A simple guy can also build an awesome website using WordPress plugin.

Here I am not sharing the review it just a thought, why Nontechie people have so belief with this CMS platform to grow their business all around the Locally and globally.

Web Hosting

What is the site ground hosting plan?

SiteGround has three plans and one can sign for any of them with a great discount through our affiliate link.

It is also good to make a recommendation for the most appropriate plan for your audience:

StartUp plan –

Site ground provides a cheap Start plan to the user, who are just a beginner and want to start to run their own website.

If you are a beginner in this digital field than the startup plan is good to start your journey.

With using this platform you get priority to host one website and get the benefits of10 Gb Webspace and you can handle10,000 visitors per month on your site.

Which is a great plan for any start-up business to grow on internet marketing with paying a cheap amount of $3.95/month?

GrowBig plan –

This plan is Awesome Which includes great value for money offer, With buying this plan you can get priority to host unlimited website with 20Gb Webspace and grow your network through 25,000 monthly visitors.

Including the option for multiple websites and the SuperCacher that greatly improves a WordPress and Joomla website speed on search engine.just in $5.95/month.

GoGeek plan –

One can use this plan as a brand business for people with e-commerce and larger sites, With using this hosting plan.

You get the benefits of the unlimited website to host,30 Gb web space and which support 100,000 visitors per month.just for $11.95/month.

Web Hosting

How to buy hosting from Site ground?

To buy Site ground hosting you have to simply visit site ground official Site.

And select a plan which you want to choose Like -Startup plan, Grow Big plan or GoGeek plan.

Once you selected your plan your Next step will be to choose or create your domain.

Here you need to simply type your personal and business domain Name and check the Availability, and create your domain just in a click.

Notable point –

Before completing your sign up process always check out the review, Cause Unlike many other hosting providers Site, ground advertised discount applies to any of the initial periods chosen during the sign-up process.

Being able to get the low price for the one year period is a fact that increases conversions greatly in comparison to other providers where the lowest monthly price applies only for the longest period.

The next step is to full fill purchase information like the- plan, Datacenter” selected by the user”, Period of hosting you want for your business to host on-site ground.

And you can also get the benefits of free website migration services.

And the end of the step read and select the site ground terms of services and privacy policy and move on to click on the “pay now” option to get to purchase your site ground hosting.

To Get current Discount and Available offer, go through our Affiliate link, it benefits you to get currently Available discount through a coupon or directly from the official site.

What do you think are you ready to run your site on the brand hosting “Site ground platform”, need more information to go through our Affiliate link, directly to the site ground official site for better understanding.


In this post I have just simply put up some information about site ground in short description, and why it is beneficial to get going to your business website through site ground Hosting.

For queries or suggestion feel free to comment on the comment section box.


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