How to make money blogging and be your own boss

Are you searching for How to make money blogging  and make money online in your free time or as a full-time carrier than let us have a look of blogging “How to make money online with blogging free”

I am here, with this Article that how people are making money online with blogging free.

How to make money blogging

How to make money blogging online within your free time.

Yes, blogging is a fulltime carrier you can make it your passion and earn money without any investment of any money.

just you have spent some time on it just writing a minimum of 300 words about your niche.

what you have the knowledge to express yourself with the world and start to make money an online easiest way in your free time.

How to make money blogging and start making money online with a blog.

If you want to become a blogger you have to know about in which field you have to write your article or blog.

which field you have better knowledge and or you can gain knowledge from another way It depends on you.

how much knowledge you have and you can express yourself in writing your article.

know days earn money online becomes easy but it has too many competitors in the blogging field.

That, why it not so easy how it looks that blogging, is easy.many of them start blogging as a carrier.

But after some days they leave it because they don’t have patience with their work.

So if you want to be successful in your field than just start doing with having patients don’t think about the result.

The mistake that you have to always avoid

Note down -you don’t have to copy or paste an article from another website or another blog Google may suspend your blog.

so use genuine way to learn from others article and write down in your own writing

Always use simple language to express yourself

There are not many people who stay with a dictionary to translate meaning about your blog post.

Always use a language that can easily understand Without getting any problem.

Make your own content that you will be safe from copyright keep your title bar with a unique word.

That people think that you have some unique information on your blog or website to read.

If your article is attractive with genuine information for the reader to read.

You will be the best choice for some readers and The member to read your blog post.

they always want some new from your post So always be ready to post a new article daily or weekly.

Write down an eco- friendly post

While writing your content must be clear that people can understand properly what you want to explain them.

Your post must be similar to your blog title, your content explains title meaning while writing or posting your blog.

wright down your own unique content with genuine knowledge and information.

People should have a belief in your post once your post gets noticed by the visitor.

They search down your blog and share with others and comment on your post.

Source of How to make money blogging and making money online with blogging free

1-GoogleAdsense:- you can earn money with Google Adsense where you have to get approved by google Adsence that you are eligible to show ads on your blog or website.

There are more a website who paid for posting their ads on your blog or website.Free blogging platform How to start a blog for free and make money via Google Adsense alternative?

2-Affiliate marketing:- Affiliate marketing is a place where you have to sign up with an e-commerce site and get a product link code.

Paste it on your blog or website and once you sell any product through your link, you get commissions from an e-commerce to start Affiliate marketing as a beginner in 2019?

3-local product:-  you can also earn money online with blogging free.

By selling local customer products or showing their ads on your blog or website with charging a fee.

Be aware of mistakes that create problem while getting approval

You must use a new email id while creating a new blog. It will be best for while applying for Google Adsense approval.

While creating a blog if you use an old email Id. May google will reject your application because you have any use in another website to earn money ore you post your article to any other website or you have used for another use.

Google always allows a fresh candidate for approval. because it doesn’t have too much time identifying your id. If he gets any problem .he will keep your request in pending and I am not sure that it will give approval early or within a month or six months or reject it.

To be a successful blogger you have to write one post in your blog to keep your reader updated with

your new ideas .and post your blog to social media to collect readers to your blog.

How many readers will come it will be best for you. So always write about genuine knowledge .reader automatically comes to your blog to spend some time on your blog.


So this is basic Knowledge of being a successful blogger .than Know are you ready to write some unique post in your blog.

Is this information useful than start making money online with a blog for beginners?

So let us start to create a blog and show your passion for writing and make money online with blogging free. with my new Article “How to create a blog to earn money free”.

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