12 easy way to make money online Within a year.

On this Internet world you will get to see plenty of ways to make money online and earning Method but to make money online is not too easy, it took lots of hard work and patience to stable an online platform of earning for the long term.

In this Tutorial, You will get to see 12 best ideas of making money online platform, which is in trend and has a great impact on Digital Marketing World.

Here I am not in favor of freeway to make Money online, but you can use a free platform to earn passive income.

Have a look, the genuine and easy ways, that make quick money and have the best passive income sources.

Best practice of Way to Make money online 

Make money online by writing a book.

make money writing e book

In this digital marketing world, the best way to make money is by Writing an ebook, which is a risk-free and unlimited earning passive income platform for a long term period.

Actually, In this internet market, You will get to see plenty of Writer Writing an ebook and earn money for the sale once they published.

If we look after the past writer’s opportunity to make money, you will see there was no such a good platform, to publish the book and convert it to sell, and it was too hard to get a publisher to publish a book.

But now there are lots of online publishing platform, Which make easy to get your ebook Publish directly to your targeted audience.

Well, here I am talking about the free platform to make money So you can get to “Amazon Kindle Services”, which provides a platform to the Writer to publish their ebook.

And the best thing about the kindle services is it provides a customization platform, where you can customize a book cover and fix your sell rate and Much more facility which are totally free.

You can also use the Instamojo publishing platform, but as brand promotion, Amazon will be the best choice.

Word to Notice:- Self-publishing your ebook is a good way to get all authority in your hand but to self publish you need to pay first to publisher house to publish your ebook.

So it’s a good one to start with kindle free services until you not get to start making money or passive income from your ebook.

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Best ways to make money Creating Niche blog site

creating a blog

Building a blog related to interested Niche is one of the best genuine ways to make Money online, Basically, it took lots of effort and patient to build a blog website for passive income.

But it has the way of plenty of income sources, and the best thing of this platform is it,s evergreen and as your site goes old it brings you More opportunity and offers to monetize your blog and earn more revenue.

Actually, there is plenty of content management systems, which offer free and paid platforms to create your blog website.

But as a beginner or as a startup you can start with a free platform to practically understand the features and SEO optimization process.

And after having 30 plus content in your blog site, buy a Custom Domain and Hosting and transfer or import your blog content to WordPress, Here referring WordPress to use, cause it is one of the best CMS platforms, easy to use and worldwide 60 % are WordPress user.

Word to Notice:- To get a custom domain and hosting you need to pay money, which may cost between 50$ to 70$ for a limited period for a month year or 2 years it depends on the present time offer.

Once done stop writing content and start promoting and publishing on Social media sites to attract visitors to your site and get to engage more traffic to your website.

And once you start getting a visitor to your site, its time to Monetize with Google Adsense, Media Net, and Chitika, etc, Start joining Affiliate program Like Share sale, Amazon, Click bank, etc other Affiliate platforms, start to promote sponsorship Advertisement.

Actually, once you start engaging traffic, your money-making opportunity also Starts to begin.

Creating a YouTube video is the best ideas to make money

make money online with youtube

If you are looking to free a way to make online, Without paying a penny, Creating Youtube video is one of the best free income sources to get money online.

And the best thing about youtube is that you don’t have to be a techie guy to get startup.

Actually, according to all Ways of Making Money Online, Youtube video creating and publishing is the Simple way to start up,

And to startup you need a Google Gmail account, channel Name, video creating Accessories, It has a simple process to processed to create your youtube Account.

Once you start publishing your video content, and after reaching 1000 subscriber and completing 4000 Watch hours, You channel has the ability to get monetize by the Google Adsense.

Actually google Adsense is the first choice of any youtube creator to start earning some passive income, but their more options to generate revenue like, creating a review content, promoting business, paid advertising and sponsorship, etc.

But to earn money from Such a brand promotion you need millions of subscribers and viewers, and for that, you have to create unique video content, which should be helpful and entertaining content for visitors.

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Earn money online on Fiverr –

online money with online services

Fiverr is one of the biggest online digital communities, where people are engaged for Providing useful services in two different ways.

Where one Stands for completing the task in a suggested time period and second Stand for providing Work task to do online for there business product or services.

Actually, Fiverr is a great platform to get online work at home and has plenty of categories to choose your Work to complete.

And it provides a simple dashboard, Where you need to sign up to register from your valid email address and once the registration process is complete it will send you an email in your valid email box to verify your account.

As you verify your email it will redirect to your Fiverr account, where you have to create a profile related to your interest, you can also mention your past completed task in your profile.

Fiverr is the best free online earning Source, and provide an opportunity to generate lots of money Just putting some effort,

Here more of the user is working as a part-time job, but plenty of users are working as a full-time carrier job and being their own office boss.

Quick ways to make money selling Pictures and Photos-

sell photograph and make money online

If you are well interested in taking beautiful pictures and photos of beautiful places, restaurants, dishes and other types of the photograph then there are lots of opportunities to make passive income with selling them.

It seems a crazy idea to make money in a quick way, but it’s true that nowadays photographer visualization has a great impact on digital marketing.

And have lots of carrier options in these fields, If you have a blog or website then it will be the best opportunity to create a platform where you can sell pictures.

Otherwise, there are plenty of publishing platforms, Where you can sell your photo and pictures and earn passive income.

Actually, this Money making online Strategy is in huge demand As in It sector, Industrial, corporate, World wildlife Adventures and business platform to empower their brand visualization with photos and images.

There is plenty of online image and photo store, Where you can easily sell your photo and images and earn passive income.

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Be Consultant of stock dividends and make money fast.

Stock dividends

If you are an expert in doing market researcher and well expert to understand the market Analytic, then this platform is a good beneficial platform, which lets you get rich fast.

but you can’t get to see positive results always, Actually, you will get to see plenty of Who is interested to buy stock dividends and make extra money, but not having a deep knowledge of marketing they hire a consultant.

Which are experts to run their stock exchange for them and Provide a beneficial part of incoming?

Actually, to Provide an online consultant service it will be best if you spend some money or you can say, with paying cheap money you can create your self hosted website

Where you can share upcoming Market research information and how would be a better option for the people Who get your services.

It’s not easy but to get to see positive results you have to attract the visitor and get the people to your online official site.

And if you did better practice to promote your self in the Social sharing platform and Within a six month to a year you get to see people start visiting your online office.

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Earn money online being an Insurance policy consultant or advisor

insurance adviser

Insurance policy consultant is in huge demand people are too serious about having a policy but they are not too sure Which policy will be good to buy.

So in that condition, People love to get a piece of advice from the best insurance policy consultant, and the best thing of being a policy consultant is you get the benefit to the Sell insurance policy.

If you sell insurance, you will not only make money when you’ve closed a deal, but some companies will also give you an additional commission when your customer renews his insurance.

Actually, it’s is similar to being a Stock dividend consultant, where you charge a fee to provide recent market information and Advice to buy stock, which benefits in features.

Here also you have to create your online office by buying a self-hosted site to provide a communication platform to get the customer to your site.

A quick way to make money with Social media.

Social media monetization

Do you know that there is plenty of users who earn millions of dollars without paying a penny and converted into celebrities?

Most of the time we have seen that some viral content With new faces in Social media, Which become celebrities even in an hour, day or month and become million-dollar income sources.

Actually, this type of content is Magical Content and suits some special people, but if you have good followers then you can monetize your social platform.

There is plenty of income of Sources like promoting products and services through an Affiliate link, being an influencer, and Sponsorships, etc.

Which helps you to generate passive income from your Social media platform.

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Make extra money with Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is in trending and people are earning through referring their Audience to e-commerce site.and for every purchase done through your Affiliate link you will get paid with some percentage of commission.

Actually to start an affiliate marketing is too easy no need to be a techie guy or IT expert to start an affiliate campaign, You have to Simply register with affiliate programmer which you want to join and get to start.

How to start Affiliate marketing as a beginner in 2019?

Just you need a CMS (content management system) where you can Write a positive response review about the product which you want to sell through your affiliate link.

But if you have a website then it should be a great opportunity to engage more customers to your site and generate more revenue through an affiliate link.

You can also use social media sites to drop down your affiliate link and encourage your Audience to buy By providing information about Upcoming and ongoing offers, discounts and upcoming events best selling products.

Become an influencer and make money from home.

Social media influencer

Being an influencer is one of the greatest ways to earn Money Online or you can say millions of dollar project, yes it’s true, but to be an influencer at least you have 10 k (10 thousand) followers on your Social Media platform.

Actually, influencer Word is for the one who has the engaging list of followers, to promote and share any product or services directly to the targeted audience.

Nowadays in this digital world to get success, all business profile need is to leverage and generate leads to engage more traffic to their business profile.

And for that, they need an influencer who can handle their product and services to promote and share on social Sites and engage traffic to their site.

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Become a backlink creator services provider and get money online

earn money with creating back link.

This one of the best income sources platform to make money the easy way, If you are familiar with this digital field then you are already aware of backlink work.

But for a new user, it is key sources to rank any website, Actually, it is every website need and nowadays you will get to see plenty of websites that search for a backlink services provider.

It is a not difficult task to complete but too easy to make money online, Without having any extra knowledge or expert in languages.

But the English language is must Cause backlink services provider Work is to do website research with targeting keywords, related to a particular site for which you want to create backlink.

And write a compelling request or writing a positive comment with adding your website URL, Which makes senes to the site owner to approve your comment.

Just done, Actually, there is plenty of e-commerce upcoming Site Who needs and do research for Such kind of Backlink services provider to get their business start-up on the search engine.

Noticeable word: To get the fast result to make money fast and engage more customers to your site, you can invest a little bit amount to Facebook advertising or other advertising sites to promote your business profile of services to get on the eye with your targeted audience.

Make money online with creating Web 2.0 Sites.

web 2.0

If you are looking to earn passive income for the long term then web 2.0 is one of the best options to start now.

Actually, Web 2.0 is known as to where users create a Niche related website on content management system (CMS), like blogger, WordPress, and, etc.

In this digital world, there are plenty of Content Management systems, which provides a free platform to use, you have to simply create a free website on each platform, How it is possible to you.

And create a list of 2.0 Site and once you have a number of sites, you can start services to sell do-follow backlink.

You will see plenty of website users searching for do follow the backlink to get listed on search engine first-page results.

Or you can use Fiverr platform, where you have to build the business profile of your services and charge for giving Do follow the backlink to the customer.

Actually, there are plenty of users who are giving such services and make money online without spending a penny of the amount.

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In this post, am sharing the ways of ideas to earn money online and how other people are making money with these ideas.

So, if you are looking to start an online journey to create a platform to make money online, you can try one of these ideas given in this article which suits your eligibility.

For any query or suggestion feel free to comment on a comment section box.


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